When should I switch alliances?

Hello everyone, first time poster here. I’ve been playing E&P (is that how I say it?ha!) for about 4 months. I only joined an alliance after 2 months and it was a random one (I know nobody). In our alliance, we face off against 2-4* titans. I am the strongest member of this alliances as I almost always do the most damage and I’m almost always the top scorer in Wars. But we have Titans that Escape because only about 7 to 9 people are active in this alliance.

My top team has a power of 3100 and I have 6 teams around 2500 (lots of 3* heroes that are fully leveled).

My question is, am I getting the best rewards by being the strongest player in a weak alliance, or would I be better off joining another alliance team that was more active, even if I wasn’t the strongest player?

Thanks for any feedback!


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No, you’re very definitely not gettting the best rewards, even being A+, because you’re maxing out at 4* titans.

Ideally you want to be in at least loot tier 9, which gives 3 rolls for ascension mats. That’s A+ on a 6*, A on a 7*, B on an 8*, or C on a 9*.

Here’s how titan loot tiers work:

Here’s a similar discussion too:

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We are a 2.5 month old team. We are fighting 8-9* titans. We are looking for a new member. WAR: Optional

Line: ghostnamepbj

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Not counting the loot topic being in an alliance is half the fun of the game imo.

if you feel that your alliance lacks the dedication, teamwork or just friendship you’d like to have, then you should definitely switch alliances.

There’s no shame in trying out several alliances before settling for one.
But you should stay at least for a week to see what their everyday business is about, how they participate in titans and wars etc.

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You should leave when you start wondering if you should leave. Strawberry Cheesecake! is looking for active members. Hit the titan war is optional

You should switch alliances often! Meet new people, learn new things. It’s fun.
Though since they introduced war chests it’s a bit inconvenient.

I agree with the above. You should move up once you have outgrown your current alliance or their goals no longer align with yours. It’s definitely a buyers market. There are a lot of active alliances always recruiting which gives you the opportunity to look around and find the best fit for you. Some are casual, some strict, some quiet, some chatty. Have a look through the recruitment adds on the forum or if you dare go into the AR chat in game. Ask questions to make sure it’s what your looking for. I would also ask it be a trial basis. Give it a week or so and make sure it’s a good fit before you commit to staying. Good luck in finding a new home!

Hey @richdeneault best time would be after your next war. Your team should all be active and with your TP you should be hitting harder titans by now.

You would be very welcome with us at The Byzantine Empire. We are a well established fast growing team who is friendly, chatty and I think we could be a good fit for you.

We are feasting on 8* titans and all our team members are very active. Check us out and see what you think. We would give you a warm welcome for sure, hope to see you onboard!

With one space available why not check our family out and see what you think!

If you have any questions please do ask away!


Ditto this! The moment you ask the thread question, the answer is as soon as possible. The gracious thing is to not leave after the match making of a war has already started. Finish your current war and bid a nice goodbye before leaving.

A nice, but ill-suited alliance would benefit from knowing why you are leaving. Even an alliance that you can’t wait to leave deserves to hear a goodbye reason if you’ve spent any time there and got to know some players.

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Thanks everyone! This community is so welcoming and helpful. Knowing the tiers is very helpful. I now realize how woeful my alliance has been - I regularly do 30-40% of the damage to the Titans. haha. Now I realize I should be in a group where there are many people participating (not just 5 or 6). At least I managed today to get up to the Platinum level of the Raids, and my first reward was a Damascus Blade, so I’m totally pumped as I’ll need that to level up Sartana!

I will be looking at new Alliances after my War Chest is full (very nearly there, so I think it is worth it to recieve that before leaving the Alliance).


You’re right about the community, it’s awesome. Wise choice to see your war chest through. Whether you choose Strawberry Cheesecake! or not, good luck!

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It’s funny how an alliance becomes a sort of family, even if it’s a family of strangers. I discovered E&P because my then-girlfriend’s son wanted something we could play collectively given that there was a three hour drive between us. When the relationship went south so did our alliance (it still exists, of course, but only as dead weight). Thing is I enjoyed the game enough to go find another, and stuck with that one for about five months, even though they chatted in Russian and I couldn’t understand a word of what they were saying without plugging it into a translator. It didn’t really affect my enjoyment of the game.

Ultimately I left (and this was only a couple days ago mind you) because I wanted to break the 5* titan barrier. Mission accomplished, twice. Fingers crossed for a solid collective war effort tomorrow.

Before leaving I made sure to burn all my war flags and used a couple titan flasks to finish off a 5* who was on the verge of escaping. And thus did I make my peace with hitting the proverbial road.

If you’re still looking, look at us: Phoenix Risen. 2 open spots, 8-10* titans. You’d be near the bottom to start, but it sounds like you are improving quickly. Tell Raven that FKJ sent ya.