Titan loot. Which is better, higher grade on weak titans or lower grade on harder titans?

My alliance usually kills 6* and 7* titans and I usually get A grades.

Lootwise, would it be better to move to an alliance that kills tougher titans with a lower personal grade?

A grade in a 7* has the same loot tier that a C in a 9*.


Well… A+ on 9 and 10* titans has given me nothing but farmable items for the last 5 or 6 titans… so. Yeahhh… good luck


In our Alliance we are at 9/10* now. For 9* it’s an ok challenge, but 10* demands a lot of itens and some flasks, As all loot tiers possible for those titans gives only 3 rolls for AM we’re deciding if we will rest 10* for a while

Best in my experience - A-B tier on 9*+ titans. xD

Higher loot tiers have higher odds of better loot. The odds are always low, so don’t be surprised if many titans go by without good loot.

Push yourself and your alliance to get up to loot tier IX or higher. You get three rolls of ascension materials at loot tier IX, which is a big step up in your odds of getting rare mats.

Do NOT be led astray by the (true) observation that most of your allies who got rare mats from a Titan had a B or C rating. There are more of them, by definition, than allies who had A or A+, so of course they should be getting more loot collectively than the top few players. But you are just one player, so the way to maximize your odds is to move up,in loot ties.

As noted above, loot tier IX has the same odds whether earned from a C rating on a 9* Titan or an A rating on a 7* Titan.


I need to ask… been fighting and defeating 6, 7 and 8* titans. Been in the top 5 and the last 11 Tittans I get literally a couple of farming materials. No Trainer Heros, and NO ascention materials. However people who place in the 8th to 13th place gets soemthing… what I missing? Dont get if you do well you dont get rewarded.

We are an 8* alliance. In my experience tier IX plus is what you are aiming for, 3 AM rolls per Titan. On an 8* that would be A grade. I have a tier VIII to collect on right now, notification just popped.

Camalex, read the article posted above. You are getting more ascension material slots for better performance and higher titans, but the mats itself is random. So it can happen that a person with lower performance but better luck gets better loot than you.

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7* titan is the good one for me to be onest i can show my loots in the last mont , just a part of it :wink:

You can get ascension materials with even low class titans

Here is a full recording of taking down a 3* titan:

All 3 participants have grade A and A+

The one in third place got an Orb, so I don’t think grades play much of a role.