I need an alliance advice

I’m currently on lvl 30, and most of the players in my alliance are a lot stronger (lvls 40+). I can’t really “compete” with anyone, e.g I end up on 14-15th place (out of ~25 ppl) when it comes to damage dealt on titan attacks, same goes for wars. All of the above results in worse loot, moreover I’ll never even get a chance to actually get decent ascension mats cause I’m too weak to get close to top tier loot.(at least b grade, cause max i can do is usually C)

My alliance is a nice friendly place and I know that most of this game is about team play, having fun and supporting each other, but still.
So my question is: is it actually better to be in a team with players who are equal at least by level of damage they can deal. Does it matter at all? Or am I being over dramatic about it, lol

In war all points are team points. For titans, the higher scores do equate to more loot roll chances but generally it’s better to get lower scores on higher titans than high scores on low titans. If you like your alliance and they like you you’re doing fine! Be willing to act as clean up in war. There are plenty of points available that way and it’s important.


Wow lot of people replying quickly!

With regards to the titan stuff, it depends.

  • Getting C-Grade on a 12* titan = Tier XII loot
  • Getting A-Grade on a 7* titan = Tier X loot
  • Getting A-Grade on a 10* titan = Tier XII loot

So from a materials perspective, getting the “lower” grade on a “higher” titan is better…
(Bearing in mind that A-Grade is only the top 5 players vs. that titan.)

As for Wars, well there is always going to be some discrepancy… As @Tsataya said, its a team effort… if you win you all win together. if you lose, you all lose together… Remember that cleanups are actually the most important part of wars… Yes One-Shots win/lose it but if you are a smaller player & are ready to go with a clean-up, often you make more of an impact as you allow for the Board Flips…

My advice is if you are enjoying the people & they give good (useful & correct) advice, stick around :slight_smile:


I feel that if you enjoy your alliance you are absolutely fine where you are. But I will try to give you some perspective:

For Wars: There is only two loot tiers: victory or defeat. So it does not matter whether you end up at number 1 position or number 25, you will still have the same chance of getting AMs. And also, the war chest is participation based. If you have 100% participation, you have the same chance of getting good loot as any of your alliance top players :slight_smile:

For Titans: It is a little bit more trickier. There is currently a titan data farming project (Titan Loot & You - A Data Farming Project! ***PRELIMINARY RESULTS***), but the general consensus is that higher level titans drop better loots overall. The only thing that you should care about is the number of rolls for a loot tier. If you are at C grade but you still get to make loot tier 9+, you are doing quite well. Also, suupose you join an alliance where you are one of the top players, then it also means that you will actually be killing weaker titans with the possibility that you will end up in the same loot tier as you are now. For example, say your alliance is killing 10* titans and you make rank C, which mean you are at loot tier 10 with 3 rolls of AM. Suppose you join an alliance where you are top and killing only 7 star titans, then even with A+ you will end up in the same loot tier 10.

So TLDR: If you enjoy playing the game in your current alliance, you should stick to it. :slight_smile:


It means that 1/3 of your teammates score less than you and don’t care about that. Why would you? As it has been already stated by others: as long as you feel comfortable in the alliance and the alliance is OK with you, stick to it, enjoy the game and improve you heroes.

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