When to change alliance?


My alliance is currently killing 6* titans, but we haven’t killed a 7* yet. We’re still getting better and at least 25 players attack every day. Although only a few players have a full 4* hero team.
Also, we have a pretty good vibe.

I usually end up with rank 1 by a pretty solid margin, sometimes twice as much damage as the second best player. So my titan loot tier is 8 or 9. I’m not sure if I should look for a stronger alliance or stay, what do you think?

Some points I’m considering:

  1. Am I taking the fun away for other players to compete for rank 1?
  2. Or should I support my alliance and help them kill 7* (we may get there eventually)?
  3. Could I improve my average titan loot tier in a stronger alliance?

  1. What do the other players say?

  2. What do YOU want to do? (Sometimes an alliance may get stuck on a particular number of Titan for various reasons, but it’s not forever.

  3. Yes. If you can keep up.


I think it depends on a few things (like Rook pointed out, so not going to repeat those:wink:).
I think another thing to consider: you write the alliance is stuck on 6*s, have you been for a long time? Are the others not growing fast enough to make it better?
I feel, 25 attacking people is too few, we have mostly 28 to 30, less would be a problem for me. I try to talk to the less active members to see if they are still a good fit and if there is a good reason for their inactivity.
Is your alliance one where tactics are part of the chat, so you could talk about these questions you have? I usually score number 1 and I do not have the idea that my members think this is a problem, I am highest level, but some are catching up, so I will get some competition soon enough :grinning:.

For me, I like the higher titans better, right now we dropped to a 6*, but mostly we have 7* now, which is more of a challenge. We did get one 8*, but that one was a bit too hard still, we have some members that are only level 20, so their heroes got all one shotted :rofl:. Most of our members are growing like crazy, which gives us new challenges every few weeks. A few weeks ago the 7*s were still very hard and we only managed to get them with flasks every once in a while.

Sorry, has become to much talk of my alliance, but I felt it could give you an idea how other alliances are.

Btw, I have a spot available (see recruitment post), but just ignore this comment if you decide to stick with your current one. :wink:


I think it comes to you ultimately deciding on your style of gameplay. It seems now you are in more of a mentor and big brother role. You are leading by example. You are setting the standard for them to attempt to achieve. However, if this is not your personal goal then I do suggest you perhaps shop around.

The game is filled with many good alliances, but also there are some that aren’t as suited to a individuals likings. Right now you are the big fish in a little pond. If you want to challenge yourself then try swimming to open waters of a higher strength alliance. A person can still friends with others even if they are in different alliances. You can keep in touch on Line or discord or however you chose. You can always keep that in mind. Still there are others that say there is no place like home and are content to stay put.

Ultimately it’s just up to how you want to play the game and what keeps it fun and exciting.


Let’s stay on topic and not turn this thread into a recruitment frenzy… :wink:


I’d stick with your alliance - if your players are growing like weeds (like mine are) you’ll get what you are looking for in time. If it was stale I’d say try something else.

I remember when I was dominating our alliance by a mile. A month or two went by and I am still top 5, but it’s no cakewalk to be #1 on our titans (we kill 5* every time, 6* most times, got whooped by a 7* :))


Exactly. What sleeper just said


Thanks for all the recommendations! I’ll stick with my alliance for the moment and see if we can kill our first 7* soon. If we’re not getting there, I’ll check out the alliances you mentioned, sounds fun :).


Glad you stayed. Communicate will alliance member


I have line app to communicate with my alliance and also set ip a email just for the game. If you don’t communicate yo will not understand what the team is thinking. I got players few who get discourage because they not hitting hard enough can’t get 5* heros ect…


I started my Alliance when I was pretty new to the game, on a whim. It has been awesome. We have had people come and go, but a good core group who has grown pretty strong together. Bawdy banter, we have seen each other through surgeries, natural disasters, saved spots for each other during hard times and mock each other a lot! To me, it is less about moving up, but enjoying getting to know folks I probably wouldn’t otherwise. We have a trucker, a chemist, an engineer, zookeeper, vintage aircraft mechanic, stay at home mom, college student , music exec, musician… so many people, each so different from all over the world. I’ve learned a lot from people who randomly joined my half thought of a newbie Alliance. We are taking down 7 stars now, and we all grew together. We have invite only now and high cup entry, but we will let some less experienced folk in cuz it’s fun to mentor. Love this game.


I liked you have email communications. …was in alliancw that relied on chat only onwas so many lines rhat when i reviewed missed that team decided to wait finishing off titian so that lower ranking players in alliance could get some credit…so when i killed titian…i was low level to midlevel in group… i got scolded. So i left that group