Choosing an Alliance

Is it more important to be part of an alliance where you consistently finish in the top three during titan attacks, but only defeat about 70% while fighting 3/4 stars or an alliance where you wont finish in the top five but consistently defeating higher star titans?

Asking in terms of rewards from titan attacks.

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It’s much better (lot wise) to score lowly in a better alliance. For example, if you fought 6 star titans and got C loot, that would be equal or better than A loot on 3/4 stars.

A stronger alliance will also probably increase your “strategy” more. That could be due to stronger players tend to be in stronger alliances or that there are more players to learn from.


@Ruskin505 is 100% correct. It’s not only the loot which is better, it’s striving to be a better player. I constantly talk newer players off the ledge letting them know the experience of challenging yourself in a helpful environment will create a much better player with the extra loot being a bonus.

I was that guy before, looking up in awe of stronger players. I would have progressed at a much slower pace if I was the constant A+ player on tiny titans.


I was hitting 4-stars at the beginning, and I think I did okay then. Soon my alliance grew much bigger and stronger, at 8-9 stars I couldn’t do anything but trying to get to B. But I found the experience invaluable, to form teams with a limited roster and fight titans better and better. So I think it’s much better fighting a higher level titan consistently than a lower level titan, loot and experience.

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If you are talking just about Titan scores then I would say that’s it’s not always best to be in the top three.
Being in an alliance with good experienced players is invaluable especially if they share their knowledge freely in Line or Discord etc.
If you are looking to move alliances however be careful at which level you pitch yourself - don’t go too high too fast.
I would look for an alliance that currently fights 9/10* Titans and grow with them …
Good luck

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You’re ability to inflict damage is a key variable. In order to get loot “at level”, you have to inflict at least 1% damage on a titan to get “C” loot or higher. Less than 1%, and you’ll get “D” loot which is valued at 1/2 of the titan level.

For a rough example, a mid 9* titan will have around 2.5M health. Above 25k damage will be “C” loot or better.

Imo, alliances that manage their titan level are preferable as there’s no wasted battle items/time, and rares should be a lower stress level for the alliance. For example, these alliances will kill 9s, pass on 10s (unless rare), and they’ll use similar verbiage to describe their titan strategy.

Loot levels 9-13 give 3 ascension items slots, if ascension items are your main focus. Loot levels 14+ have 4 ascension item slots, but I don’t know if 14* titans are what you’re looking for.

There is little difference in loot comparing A+ to C, unless A+ puts you in a tier with one more ascension item slot.

Based on context of your OP, my advice is to look for an alliance at 9*/10* titans.