Stay top of alliance or move to better

In the current Alliance that I am in we battle 5 & 6 star Titans. Usually losing to the 6* Titans. Wars are maybe 50/50. With rare exceptions I am usually in the top 3 slots. How would switching to a higher Titan Alliance benefit me? I do ok with Ascension items as A or A+.

I have 7 teams between 2100 and 3350. Only one team is above 3000. 1600-1900 Trophies. I participate 100% unless we are going to clearly lose against the Titan. One downside is the whole alliance talks in Arabic and I only speak English so communication is zilch.


You could move, but be prepared to fall to a C range. I’d level Wu, and a few more to 3.60+ before the move, though.

My recommendation based solely on optimizing is to move. You really want to be getting up to Loot Tier IX, which gives a third ascension mat roll—increasing you chance of getting rare mats by at least 50%.

Alliances are not strictly for loot maximization, however, and if there is a rich social life and active participation in your alliance, you might want to stay and lead the team into its maturity. OTOH if this is a static group that isn’t showing signs of moving up to better performance, then you should either move or work with alliance leadership to shake things up.


I prefer beeing one of the best in my ally. Being average in a better ally? Depends on the ally members. Better loot? Hmm, maybe or maybe not.

Two Boril and 3 Grimm will rock off every green hell… :sunglasses:

I’d suggest to eat some of your dupes to toughen the already ascended.

You’ll probably never need 4 Boril or 3 Sabina. Keep two of the top hitters and healers and one of the average.

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This is really the main tangible thing I came here to say. But being in an alliance that you can actually talk to has plenty of value too. Being able to give and get advice, and communicate about when to hit/hold against titans, coordinate war tank colors, etc.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask if you’d be interested in joining one of the family of alliances that I’m part of. Main account is in Crew-Saders, alt account is in Crew-Squires, and we’ve got a few other affiliated alliances as well, all of different strengths and requirements (on the hardcore vs. casual spectrum, that is). We all communicate via the Line app, so if you want to contact me that way, my ID is gregschen.

Good luck!


I’d move just because I couldn’t stay in anything I couldn’t communicate.

If you don’t speak their language what’s the fun in it?


Join us irish Banditos :wink: we use line if you interested to. I’m choyomy …

I can give you the name of my alliance as well if your looking for a new group.

Hi Melvin! I personally would move to another alliance. Their is great value in joining a strong alliance that you can communicate with. I think you would be an asset to any alliance, but you should take a look at the alliance I am part of, the Titan AssKickers. We are a social team that regularly face 6* and 7* titans with occasional rare titans. We use the in-game chat to communicate. You will only be able to get so far on your own, so join our team and we will help you grow. Look me up, I’m Loki. Cheers!

Hey @MelvinMonster. I personally find that better rewards on titans tends to go to middle rank players.

If you are looking for a new alliance check out The Annual Purge

  • Established helpful Alliance with a wide range of knowledge
  • Friendly members who work closely as a team
  • English Speaking group with members all over the world.
  • Active Daily Players who are currently taking out 8and flirting with 9 Titans.
  • Use all 6 flags in war and fight titans daily
  • Real life happens outside of the game so just let us know if you may be inactive for any reason
  • We use WhatsApp to communicate
  • We will not use Mercs, we learn how to win on our own!
  • Can lower trophy requirements for the right person.

We need just one player to complete our happy team but we want someone who is still enthusiastic with the game!

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Fighting higher level titans gives better loot tiers: Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You

With your roster, you can be killing 7* titans easily with a stronger alliance.

Using the formula in that linked topic:

Killing a 5* titan at A+ grade = 5 + 3 = loot tier 8
Killing a 7* titan at B grade = 7 + 1 = loot tier 8

See, it rounds out, and if you perform better against that titan with the aid of a level up or a refill, you can get better stuff.

As per the topic I linked above, B grade is the minimum everyone gets if they deal 3.3% damage relative to the titans health. With 6 hits that is easily achievable.

You only get C grade if you deal less than that percentage of damage. It can happen if the titan is killed too quickly (which means that stronger titans are likely on the way) or if you got seriously unlucky.


If you want my honest opinion, I would move to an English speaking alliance. Communication is key in any good well established alliance. Without it you can and will get confusion and eventually chaos. Just be prepared to wobble from being top for a while. But I am sure you will grow to your strengths. If you are interested in joining a good quality alliance check us out … Holy Wolves … any questions just shout up. Good luck

Thanks for the amazing advice. I believe I will be changing alliances very shortly lol. I expect to continually grow in this game and sadly the current alliance hasn’t moved up in the past five months.


Grow , and expand your wings.

Candy Van - my leader’s alliance , we have strong hitters , I just like comparing/squaring off against them for performance in titans and war, as I was once a noob and those guys were pros and now I can stand toe to toe with em…

@MelvinMonster I see you’ve already had great advice and will be taking it to heart. Awesome!

Just wanted to throw out one more thing in support of you making that move. Several have mentioned the sense of community from being in an alliance that speaks the same language. This is true and will make your game time more enjoyable just from that.

Another thing you will gain is information. We’ve had several seasoned players join our alliance over the past several months. These are players who were in another alliance that split up, died out or did not speak the same language. Inevitably, I hear the same thing from them - ‘I never heard that info in my last alliance!’. I bet you’ll experience the same thing from joining an alliance that you can communicate with :wink:

Don’t worry if your the top dog or on the bottom of the dog pile. Go for an alliance that fits your game play/style and has the knowledge to help you get better. Good luck!


In addition to crossing the communications barrier, playstyle would definitely dictate which alliance may / may not be a good fit for you.

If you are a competitive players that always strive to be the best Titan hitter, always use all war flags, and cannot tolerate those that aren’t as active as you are and always want to push to be a top alliance, a casual alliance, despite having a high alliance score, may not be a good fit for you.

If you are a casual player that would like to take it slow, Titans escaping or war lost and people not always active doesn’t bother you, and there are no strong flag / war enforcement, then a competitive alliance may not be a good fit for you.

I’ve been in an all English speaking alliance whose leader was very ambitious in what he would like to see the alliance be (top 100, killing strong Titans, etc.) But real life caught up with him and he dropped off from the game and I took the chance and formed my own alliance (grabbing a few active players that still wants to play along the way), still English speaking, but taking a casual approach at things, we went from a 3* - 4* Titan in my old alliance to now a 7* - 8* alliance, most of my alliance mates are comfortable with this slow growth as an alliance approach, so turnover rate is generally low.

There are going to be pros and cons for each approach, just letting you know what worked for me and my alliance. You may have a different outlook on what you would like to achieve out of the game, so take a moment to decide, search the Alliance Recruit forum posts, and decide on one. Best of luck to you.

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I’m not sure that the tier ix cutoff is as important as people usually say. Roll chances increase with tier. I don’t see any data disputing the hypothesis that they go for illustration from 2x 2% to 2x 2.33% to 2x 2.66% to 3x 2% (in lieu of 2x 3%).

Just sent join request from Wilh***

Not sure what you mean about the “illustration” and percentages, but you only get two ascension material rolls in loot tiers VIII and lower (I’m not sure how low you have to get to only get one ascension mat roll), you get three ascension mat rolls in loot tiers IX - XIII, and you get four ascension mat rolls in loot tiers XIV and up. Every time.


My father used to say, "If you’re the smartest person in the room, you might be in the wrong room. "
The same thing can be said of alliances. If you’re the strongest and most active player in your alliance, you might be stifling your own growth by staying there. Find one that challenges you and helps you to grow