Weak player in strong alliance, good idea?

Hi everyone,
I am rather new to this game and my team power is 2065 which is quite low compared to other players in my alliance, I do my best but I can not do much in killing 6 star titans or alliance wars, I usually get tier V or VI rewards, do you think I should stay in my alliance ? or join a weaker alliance so I can do more work ?
Which one benefits my loot rewards and game progression ?

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I would say join an alliance where you have fun. If the titans are too hard and you don’t enjoy the battle, you may want to drop down. If you enjoy the challenge and possibly picking up tips from more experienced players, then stay with the higher level alliances.


If alliance have nothing against you and your performance, then why not continue in it? In some time you’ll upgrade your heroes and will do better.


I think it is most important to feel like you are learning and progressing. In due time you will get the rewards that match your team power and experience level @OnsorPanjom. Early on you should find an alliance that is active, fun, and helps you learn and grow. If that is what you are experiencing then stay. If not you can find another alliance. Best wishes! :grinning:


If you are having a good time with your teammates and they don’t mind you being a newer player I’d say at stay. They should be able to provide advice on building up your team.


My alliance has a lot of players higher and lower than you. We only look for active players and only kick players that stop playing. My assumption is you are “loved” where you are because you are active. I know you are active because you are on the forum. :wink:

I bet that no one even thinks about your Titan scores or AW hits as long as you keep playing. If this is an issue with your alliance, there are a LOT who would love you.

Keep playing and having fun (I love this game) and I think you will have no issues


I agree with Blaa…if no one is complaining about you then don’t worry about it and grow into your place in the clan. Otherwise if they do then just find one that will help you grow and help you learn along the way. I didn’t come onto your posting for recruitment, but my clan wolves of winterfell, part of the king of the north top 25 alliance, is growing atm and we don’t judge…we all grow together if you’re more interested in a laid back, but soon to be top 100 clan. Cheers.

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In most of the Alliances to which I’ve belonged, the idea was that we grow together. Eventually it will be your job to say the same thing to a young upstart having doubts about him/herself.


Loot rewards:
1st place =A+=3points
2-5=A=2 pts
6-15=B=1 pt
16th on=C=0 points

Loot tier is # of stars of Titan + points for your place.

So, if you are in last place on a 6star Titan, you get loot tier 6. First place on a 3star Titan? Loot tier 6.

Stay where you are! Unless you know for a fact you can get 1st place against a 4star, you are pulling better loot with your current alliance.

Active players are gold. Well, silver. And ham.


So true, but I think he was feeling guilty about his contribution toward Alliance goals. Don’t feel guilty unless you are not doing everything you can to improve. It was not that long ago that I felt the same way and now I’m in one of the top alliances in the game doing well. Just keep plugging away and learn all you can. Try not to make the same mistakes so many others have made. It will speed things up that much more for you.

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Thank you all for your useful answers :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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