When are upgrades for Stronghold 24 and 25 (SH24/SH25) going to be released? [ANSWER: Not Announced Yet]

Hi guys/gals any ideas when the new strongholds are coming to us

Months ago, I was expecting them for around christmas and new year’s eve.

But since they are pretty much tied to Hero Academy now I don’t think we’ll see new SH levels for at least another six months.

Hoping I’m wrong, I really do :slightly_frowning_face:

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That sucks even being able to get prepared for the academy would have been better than nothing clutching straws on things to do


At the rate they’ve been introducing new SH levels…not for a while

Would getting prepared not include building up your iron and food storages? I expect they will need to be nearly maxed.


I assume that for the Heroes Academy 10 the now available Storages and those coming with SH24 have to be fully exhausted.

Therefore it would be beneficial to get SH24 soon.


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Seems like another vaporware or in normal speak snake oil from SG!!!

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They should release now at least SH24 only

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Make it a poll?

It seems they like it and maybe they need more… feedback, lol.

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I don’t know how to do that not been on the forums that long

I actually don’t mind the wait. I’m maxing my last possible advanced storage and advanced house - both will be done within the next ~40 hours. At that point I’m fine with my options:

  • Resume Hunter’s Lodge: I upped it to level six for the Valkyrie’s Bane’s incredibly powerful defense down, but I fully intend to max it as I believe the season 3 content will be HARD. If I’m wrong, oh well, no big deal and I’ll bet some of the bigger items are really fun to use, even if not efficient.

  • Bump my last two training camps from 11 and 19 to 20: that will give me maximum flexibility. I don’t really have many needs for feeders anyway, so this won’t slow down hero leveling in any significant way.

  • Upgrade the forge under my barracks: it currently sits at 5, but I have been wanting to build it up for some time as I often like batching huge forge orders before going to sleep (e.g., forge 1 makes a ton of arrows, forge 2 makes time stops, forge 3 makes a ton of turtle banners). That also gives me more flexibility in case the Hero Academy ends up being a useful advanced building and I want to put it over a third forge (with 1 and 2 being covered by the barracks and Lodge right now).

  • Focus on making heavy, iron-intensive titan items.

Point is, plenty to do without needed the option of a two week plus build to SH 24.

To stay on message (for me, today), I would certainly welcome SGG communicating with players more about the timing of when SH 24 should be expected.

1x Training camp level 11

I would strongly advise leaving 1x Training Camp level 11.

Stronghold 25

I would really like Stronghold 25 unlocked since I am unlikely to build Alchemy Lab, unlikely to build Hero Academy and unlikely to raise Hunter’s Lodge to Level 5.

Right now I am using extra iron to create harpoons ( so so many harpoons) and level my Advanced Farms ( I have not collected food from farms for 33 days ).

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You need to bank that food in a TC so you’re not wasting it

If they release SH24 I can start leveling the third iron storage, so I won’t have to wait months for hero academy… I would like not to waste my time leveling buoldings I will never use.
I have almost everything to level 20, except alchemy lab that it’s at level 1 and it will always be at that levels… Because it’s worth nothing for me.


Depends what you want though, I wanted all 4 TC20 when I was desperate for 5*.

Im still missing Khagan Elkanen and Kadilen


I have mine all up there I just use 1 for level 11 training

I would agree, if not for Atlantis Rising.

Any idea about the iron storage capacity that will be required for SH24? I have 2 storages × 20 and 2 x 20+7 for a total of 2511 k. Would that be enough, should I focus on building elsewhere, or will it take more iron?

work on your storages and max them asap and dont bother with alchemy lab it’s not worth it…

Yeah max your storage out its the most important thing currently especially with how expensive all upgrades are