Stronghold lvl 24-25

Hello everyone. Any idea of which lvls of iron storage are requiered to reach the upgrade cost?

I have two advanced iron storage at lvl 5 , the others at lvl 20(lvl 23 only allows to have two advanced)

Is it more efficient to build a third one and lvl it to 5? Should be enough? I think that upgrading times are higher to upgrade my lvl 5 storages than a third one from 1

Thanks in advance!

I dont know how much you need (also you can have only 2 advanced) but I know that 3 maxed , 1 advanced on lvl 5 and second on lvl 10 is enoughfor 25 stronghold

Only two? I thought i would be able to unlock a third one later.

So the minimun for sh 25 is one up to 10 and another lvl 5.
Thanks radar

To get to 24 I needed Advanced at 8 and 9 and all others maxed. Now at SH24 I have another Advanced at 1, but I am nowhere near leveling SH again yet. Focusing on AL for now. However, I leveled Adv 8 >>9 and converted another to Adv 1 and I already have enough iron storage to upgrade (2591 needed, 2596 available max).


  • to get to 24 need Adv 9, Adv 8, all others lvl 20
  • to get to 24 need Adv 9, Adv 9, Adv 1, all others lvl 20
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I think so the most efficient is leveling two storages together. Maybe i should keep the POV iron “cubes” to achieve it with vip

I can’t tell you the fastest way to get there, as when I didn’t have enough iron for an Adv storage, I’d work on a house instead and let iron rebuild. I’m definitely not running an optimized operation here. :slight_smile:

I did the house because for HA10 you need 300 recruit storage, and since I’m aiming at that eventually, I jut build what I have iron for and haven’t done yet. Houses are relatively cheap, so i’ve hit those when I could build them but nothing else. Already maxed all available mines and watchtower, which was my go-to before since they cost ham to upgrade and let me build up iron while they were under construction.

I did also recently take advantage of AR, when I build up iron FAST because of all the map grinding. Really helped me to keep both builders busy.

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You can have 3 advanced storages. Actually, they’re necessary for Heroes Academy.

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