Stronghold 22/23...when/how? [Answer: Now Released! You may need to force quit and reopen the app.]

Prior to v22, players had (unmaxed still do have) choices as to which building would be leveled up, and that included the stronghold. Why not now?

I have not seen anything about when it will be available or if there are requirements to be met.

Any info would be very helpful in planning what to build when. This information was available in a wiki when the game started.

Stronghold 22 hasn’t been released yet. It was in Beta for awhile, but was taken out for them to work on the new buildings.

We don’t know when it will be released. We are all just waiting to find out. It will likely be some time, since I’m sure they’ll test it out in Beta again.

I don’t really understand what you mean when you say you don’t have a choice of what to upgrade. You always have a choice. I’m choosing not to do advanced mine or farm right now because the payoff isn’t worth it to me


Meant stronghold was not a choice.

Problem for me is planning for next sh levels: cost and time. Without that, I am taking mines, farms and all storage up on a somewhat balanced scheme.

Where when what and how ? Also what about lvl 21 watchtower? Like to add that the titan crap they tought of needs to match the price they are weak should be a better . Titanium shields are for just 3 turns should be 6 turns . Plus the wait time should also add to it being bump up in power
Sorry just made another topic in one post

Watchtower 21 doesn’t exist. It isn’t even in Beta. Stronghold 22-23 are in Beta. You can search for the beta beat thread for version 23 to read about it.


I know it doesn’t exist…Im wanting it to. they are upgrading everything else. Don’t forget about the watchtower. Just saying.

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SH22 is in the works. It will be released alongside the new Alchemy Lab. I’m guessing another month or so.

If WT21 just produces more iron/ham, that’d be a nice upgrade. It would be better yet if it did something else, say, brought in random crafting materials as well as iron/ham. Why are the provinces only paying tribute in iron and ham?


Doc, why would a stronghold need to go through beta? I mean weren’t the previous 21 enough to prove they got it right?

They’re not testing the stronghold upgrades, but rather the Alchemy Lab design. I suspect they don’t want to allow the SH upgrades until the Lab is ready to avoid disappointing people who spend huge resources to upgrade the SH and get nothing. OTOH, we’re all looking at a long build on the SH before we can use the Lab.

Pro tip: upgrade your advanced storage now, if you’re eager to get the lab cooking fast. As usual, there’s a series of upgrades and research required.


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Sounds like if provinces are providing tribute, then there definitely should be a market where we can trade our unwanted items.

I’m guessing I can get 100 medium mana pots for my revival scrolls.

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Does SH22 not allow for additional advanced buildings?

No, those come at SH23.

Rumor says it does now, but previously it did not.

Which is nice. Previously rumors said you needed 4x Iron Storage Level 20 and 1x Iron Storage Level 10 for Stronghold 23 ( a poor design that wastes iron loot drops considering how the 8 chests work ). If Stronghold 23 costs stay the same, you will only need 3x Iron Storage Level 20 and 2x Iron Storage Level 5 ( a superior design ).

( 🧪 The Beta Beat (v23) – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta: Stronghold 22/23 & Alchemy Lab, New Challenge Event Heroes, New Knights of Avalon and Pirates of Corellia Challenge Events, Costumes )

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I cant find the Information on this site as so many comments on posts. I ain’t even sure if it is known. However, any idea when sh22 can actually be upgraded as I have an full bar of iron and dont want to use it. Thanks in advance

The new features (Stronghold update, Alchemy Lab and 13/14-star Titans) will be available once the recent update has been rolled out for all players. At some point Small Giant will “flick a switch” and the stronghold update will become available for everyone. But nobody knows exactly when that will be. My guess would be Monday. But its a pure guess

I am trying to keep a spare builder and reasonably full iron to be ready when it happens. I am using iron to craft when it gets totally full.


@Xtremeste you can find information about this in the release notes. SG hasn’t given an exact date, but has said it will be soon.

Here’s the link to the official notes:

I’ve been keeping iron at or near max waiting for this, hopefully it launches soon

This flick of a switch… sure sounds like the finger snap from Thanos.


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