Advise SH upgrading lvl20. Buildings and vip priority

First of all im glad to announce that today later i will be starting upgrading stronghold to lvl 20.
They were about 4 months since i started the Game and about 2 and a half that i started rushing to get lvl 20.

I Will share with you my city. Is vip going to be helpful up to this point?

What to priorize now farms?hamm storage? I have forge outdated too.

I was thinking about priorize food storage , then move to houses or training Camps .
Id like to run two TC 20 . Start working with one and the other day start with the second . This way i would be able to get one Hero per day

VIP imo is very helpful when you can use one builder for the long stuff and the other for the shorter stuff. That is how I use it. That is how I was able to get 4 farms maxed out to 20 as fast as I did. Cause I know TC 20 and getting the stronghold beyond 20 is gonna take a very long time, I know taking the SH from 20 to 21 takes 8 days.

What to upgrade before updating to 21 or what level take the buildings to ?

For many people, the goal of SH20 is to open up TC20. Whether or not this is important to you depends on your roster.

You have plenty of buildings to work on that could justify VIP, but if you’re using all your flags everyday, you may not be that dependent on maxed farms and mines to keep up with training.

It would help to know your general spending pattern, as well. Gems from VIP are one of the best values in the game.

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all storages, and mines should be prioritized.
Farms to 17, 18.
That is the way i went, you gonna need a lot of iron to upgrade, food is ok with the farms at 17, storage maxed.
After 21 i prioritized again the iron and storage.(currently upgraded mine is maxed and storage at 8 to be maxed in a few weeks) then I’ll work on food again i did upgrade 1 farm and 1 storage and only when they are maxed will i go to level 22.
Houses upgrade can wait, lodge is nice for harpoons now, will upgrade it as i upgrade SH.
Hope it helps a little.
Have a merry and happy.


Yes , TC 20 is the carrot that keeps new people rushing to 20(me included sure) .

I figure that i will need lots of hamm to run 2 tc 20 regularly

Thanks for your comment !
Merry Christmas to you too :slight_smile:

You’ll need to do a couple house upgrades so that you can hold at least 100 recruits at once, or else you won’t be able to load your tc20

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