Release SH24 (Stronghold 24) 1-2 months before Release SH25

Many players are waiting for SH25 and the Heroes Academy.
This will probably take some time.
I understand its better to publish a good Software as too fast and fix it later.

However, it would be good if SH24 is available 1-2 months before.

So it is possible to provide the storage capacity before SH25 is coming.

Sorry my English

Most probably SH25 will require both advance storage to be 10
When SH25 is on beta you will find the beta beat topics that will tell u how much iron u need

My 1st Advantage Iron Storage is at 10, the 2nd is currently being upgraded (+5). When SH25 comes, I’ll be ready. I’m here for the further expansion in order to complete the Heroes Academy faster (+10). Therefore, it would be advantageous to get SH24 before.

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Take my upvote.
There is no reason not to do this!

SH24 should unlock 3 advanced buildings : a farm, food and iron storages. So, it would be great !

Yes, that’s how I see it.

If you do not like the Alchemy Lab and would rather prepare for the upcoming Heroes Academy, you need it bevore.

All my iron stores are on 10.12. on Max also the food storage a few days later.

After that, I have no building needs of a second builder would need.

It would certainly be appreciated if they release sh24 in advance. Especially since we know hero academy has been delayed already and might be even further delayed in the beta phase. So this delay will be less impactful with an early released sh24.

@zephyr1, will sh24 go to beta as a stand-alone, or with sh25?

I’m not sure. I suggested in my Beta feedback that they release SH24 well ahead of SH25 and Hero Academy, but I have no idea if they’re considering that.

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Is there any timeframe know for release of stronghold 24?

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