What should I do with Horghall?

I have 8 tonics, I saw many opinions about him (almost only bad) but as a F2P I must play with heroes who I have.

@JonahTheBard I saw you have him maxed, how usefull is he?

There is rest of my heroes if this matter

+another Kiril at 3^60

Thank you

You have pretty solid greens so I would say take him to 70 for wars. I don’t think you would use him much other than that with your roster. So save those tonics.

That is my 2 cents

I haven’t gotten mine up too high. I am C2P so I spend some but wouldn’t use him much so not going to use the Mats. I am waiting for a nice green 5*. I have Lianna maxed currently for green 5*.

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You have quite a roster for f2p… Congrats! How long did it take you to get this far?


I’m playing 14 months now

I wouldn’t bring him to 4.80 as you would put Mother North in your defense and a 3.70 version would be worse than Skittlekull.

1.01 or 2.60


I tend to ignore him when raiding. He is least impactful and giving weak damage

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Poor Horghall, another one of my heroes that gets no respect … even from me :persevere:


I’d use skittle more than horg

Skittle has more useful stats with same special


congrats on groot but those tonics are too hard to come by, I vote to save them for now too.

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Needs RoundUp more than fertilizer?


Have you tried shooting him into space?


He’s a tree … He needs a good hug :joy:



20 more tree hugs…


Quoting Kerridoc himself from the topic I created, asking the same question about Horghall:

Me I’m also C2P (most of what I spend is google credit I get from surveys) and so I will ascend Horghall only if he’s my only green hero when I have 12 tonics lying around.

Skittleskull comparison: similar specials but very different stats. Skittle, she’s more offensive, having higher tile damage. But Horghall is not made of paper, he lasts a lot longer and takes much more hits than she can. A 3/70 version of him will actually be more durable than her at 4/70, but will hit like a flimsy tree branch.

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@Rigs really ?
I started skittle months ago, then got horgy, and stopped …only today I started back to ascend him thinking he may be useful?

I see skittle only useful for emblem missions, but I think they are very fragile. But I am really no expert. Now I am thinking of stopping leveling Groot

Reason i would find skittle more useful than horg on offense is skittles higher attack

Better for stacking

Bascially they both suck, just skittle sucks slightly less in my opinion

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Lol. Thanks . I hate sucky units :disappointed_relieved:

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It’s just my opinion. I’m sure there are groot lovers out there somewhere

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I’m just theorizing here, but maybe if Horghall has emblems on him and if he is mixed with other minion users, he might be more useful on defense teams.

I have Red Hood and Mitsuko on my bench… color-wise he could be a decent flank to either of them, although the slow speed is still a detriment. But I kinda want to try it out. Likely that will take me a couple months though to see how it works.

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Absolutely agree work with the heroes you have but like @FraVit93 said, having MN basically means there’s no place on defense for her and another slow green (other than possibly Alby).

This may sound harsh but I call him Horrighal. I have 2 myself but I would rather work on dupe Caedmon Mel for wars.

Finish Mel and Skittles for time being. There’s also a new 3* green supposedly coming to Atlantis I heard about. If Caedmon does not drop soon, although I’m all for same color feeding, I would feed green 1*/2* to your other colored heroes while you wait for better green.

Lianna Elk even Kadilen all can drop from TC20 along with Caedmon and Mel. GL!!!

Nice roster @Radar1!

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