What should I do with Horghall?

Back here, I have 12 tonics now and he is still my only 5* green. Mel and Skittle are maxed, + one new maxed 5* (Hel).
Max Groot or wait?

I would keep them, another green 5* could come and he wouldn’t really bring anything new to your rooster.

I would say that if you could run 2-3 TC20 for a while you could probably have a better hero to ascend.

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Water and feed him daily :grin::joy::rofl:


The questions I ask myself in this situation is would he make my team better in any way?

I myself have groot at 1/something and 12 tonics. He wouldn’t make any of my teams better wo I will wait.

If he would be an upgrade over someone maybe you should. You have been using your teams. Would he help?

edit: just saw your roster and based on the I don’t think he would help much. I would wait. In the end it is up to you though.

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IMO if you have no other green heroes to level, I would max him now.

Although they won’t be often, in 5* Rush Attack tournaments he’ll be very useful, and with 12 tonics you’ll still have enough in case another better green 5/* hero pops out.

Stop leveling him if another one pops out too before he’s at 3/70.


I have 3 TC20 on now, I decide to wait for sand empire (maybe I can pull Yunan), if TC’s gave me nothing until that, Groot will be maxed.

Waiting was best option

Thanks all for advice


Awesome man. Patience does pay off. Congrats.

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Your patience paid off :slight_smile:

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Very nice. Definitely a step up from Groot :grin:


Can anyone share the fully stat of the fully emblemed [+20] and constume bonus of the base and constume horghall?

Both with atk path and def path

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Thanks and what is the app ?

My Horghall


E&P toolbox…


Thanks , 20 characters

Thanks :blush: thanks :blush:

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