C horghall a good war tank?

So we use green for a tank and just got his costume from ha10. Would he be a better tank then zeline? I do have zeline and alasie with the 2019 bonus. I also do have a mana troop at 23. What yall think. He worth changing out zeline as war tank? Could get him to 19 emblem as we


I would say no, but you can try. It can depend a lot on the type of war and the level of the alliances you fight against.

I’d be more fearful of Zeline, especially because she’s limit broken. It also helps keep the the HOTM 2018 bonus.

If it’s VF I’d use him instead. For normal I don’t like either really, but would use Zeline if they were the options


for rush wars he is good but besides that not the best

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You have plenty of tonics and druid emblems so I would max him for sure, -54% atk debuff is huge, most heroes with it will do barely any damage.

Idk if he will be better tank than Zeline, you can try him once maxed. He will be better for v.fast wars for sure.


Not really. I’d never use him unless it was rush and I didn’t have Congalach, MN, Franz, Bertila, Lady Lake, or Heimdall and my team used green tanks for rush instead of purple with Alf so basically no.

As with the rest of people I think C Horghall would be your tank in VF wars, but anything other than that I’d probably take Zeline as well.

It sounds like you are weak on greens so I would give him a shot with your setup. I think his costume should get more credit than it does as he is very beefy.
Did you get him at soul exchange?

No, ha10. No way I would trade for him


Horghall only good for VF, other than that not great because of his speed…

Thanks for everyone’s input. Probably won’t ascend him then. Wish it would have been C kadilen from ha, but no such luck

He does shine in rush.