Kadilen or Horghall? (5* Green)

Hi guys,

I need advice on picking which green for my team.

For 4* heros - i had most of the heros leveled.
(RED) - Colen / Boldtusk. Will lvl Def debuff guy if i manage to pull 4 hidden blade

(GREEN) - Kashrek & Little John - Waiting for Cadeon if i manage to pull him

(BLUE) - Sonya / Grimm / Krilin

(PURPLE) - Sabrina / Man healer - waiting for Tib to complete the 4* purple

(YELLOW) - Lu Xiu, Wu kong - have Chao might consider level him to 3/60 or 4/70 if i didnt pull any 5* hero.

From TC20 i got Kadilen / Horghall - who will you level up to full tier? Didn’t spend much only 1x VIP. as i left 1 tonic n i am good to go to level 5* green.

Understand that Kadilen has buff till date. Not sure should i level her? I like her fast skill. I play all events. I am actually leading toward horgall as he’s a great tanker. The problem is i would prefer justice as my tanker than him if possible. So should i just go ahead either of them or wait Lianan instead? I have 3 heros to level atm.

  1. Wait. There are many better green 5*

  2. Which team? The only one of mine that stays the same is my defense team

As defense team - i don’t think i can ascent anyone green hero within a month. So need to choose wisely. Might really wait for another green then.

Without spending the best green hero to get is Lianna, however waiting for that will be a very long while.

Out of the 2 you have Horghall is better. As a tank for alliance wars.

But that is last resort to waste tonics on him.

Thanks. This is what i thought of too. I guess i will wait and hope for the best. Hopefully i can get her from TC20.

The only readily available hero that’s better than Kadilen and Horg is Lianna. If you want to wait for her, that’s up to you. Gregorian is the only 5* green that we know is going to come out in the next few months, and he’s a Hero of the Month, so you’re not likely to get him unless you spend for him (maybe you’ll get lucky, but…)

Kadilen isn’t a bad investment - fast 170% damage to all with 74% special attack defense for all.

Horghall’s a good tank, but that’s pretty much all. And with a choice of Boldtusk or LiXiu for your tank, I suspect you’re okay for a while at tank position. That cup level are you at? Unless you’re at 2300 cups or more, you don’t really need a tank specialist.

It comes down to how long are you prepared to wait? I’m a big proponent of “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, so I would be tempted to do Kadilen.


Thanks for the advice Jalia.
Yes, i think i can wait for awhile as i have a few 4* heroes to level at the moment.
The problem i am having now is that i only have these 2 as my 5* heroes which i can’t really decided which to go for until i had other 5* col heroes that i can choose.

The reason why i prefer Horg is that he has high stamina which can sustain quite a hit from Titans while his tile dmg are quite good (at least he’s in 650 range). Plus having flanked by healers on the side will give other heroes to charge up to hit them hard. but as you mentioned - Kadlien is good with her fast skill (I am thinking of pairing her w/ Wu since she’s fast mana - might able to pull off 2x of the skill if matched the tile correctly.) at the moment i still don really appreciate her special skill protection, maybe until I start to train her up to 3/60 then i might try her. plus my intention is to have Justice to be my main tanker so ya, i really need the luck to pull other 5* heroes before deciding which to ascension fully. 6x 4* mat is no joke to wait. :joy::joy:

Yes, i am at 2300 at times (when i start raiding). I intend to push up to diamond if possible with 3x selected 5* heroes pair with 2x 4* heroes.

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