Horghall as tank? Thoughts?

I just pulled Horghall today! Finally, my first green 5 star that I’ve been waiting for. Now I’m not sure what position to place him and in what areas is he greatest in as far as offense, defense, war etc goes. Any tips would be great. Thanks!

Who is your current tank ? Horghall can works as tank. Else use him for emblems quests

I don’t really have a tank material hero, but for now I’m using Joon.

if you got Tonic x 6 then go for it , if not better do Green *4 to 4-70

mostly *4 4-70 is better than *5 3-70

personally i dont really like Horghall , he is just like Skit with Tank version , better keep your mats for others heroes.

just go for 2-60 for your emblem quest / war bench squad


I’ve been using Hansel for green. I just need a tank, because I don’t really have one. Except I do have Kashrek, but he’s not leveled up.

yeah Kash is more better than Horg , go for Kash , you wont regret it


I personally don’t like skit either.

I think Kashrek is a better tank than Horgall


Horghall is a good tank, but not the best. He has lots of HP, so it’s hard to bring him down before his special fires. He doesn’t do lots of damage, but can delay the enemy until the rest of your team takes them out.
He can be countered pretty easy though with BT, Kiril or Rigard.

With your team you could put almost anybody in the middle. Victor and Magni would work just as well as tanks. I would still go for Horghall since his special is unlikely to fire if he’s not in the middle.

Kashhrek would be even better, especially since you don’t have a healer.


I would need a Damascus blade to fully ascend Horghall, but everything else I have for him to fully ascend to 4/80

I wanted a 5 star team :sob: lol but if Kashrek is better than Horghall as tank, I’d definitely want to go with that. I figured Victor and Magni provides me with constant defense that I didn’t need a healer.

Kashrek for now would be wise choice while wait for another *5 , next Atlantis would be sweet spots to find another *5


I hope so. I want Zeline on my team, but she’s hard to come by. Thanks for the help and tips arios, and everyone! I appreciate it. Also, we’re looking for members to join our alliance if anyone is interested. :slight_smile: =p

I do have Horghall and he is fine… Definitely better than Kashrek, Kadilen or Elkanen. At least he have a high HP. Of course, I’d love to pull Zeline or Albi but I don’t have the money/luck for it :frowning:

I was in the same boat. Unfortunately horghall isn’t a good tank. He was when he had fewer options back in 2017 but those days are long gone. I would save the tonics for a better green.

I believe you’re not f2p, is that right?


Use magni as tank, Joon is not made to be a tank, put Joon anywhere else.

I would say this:

  1. positioning: zim - magni - green tank - victor - joon
  • zim buffs attack - you want her first
  • red - blue - green protecting oneanother
  • victor is self healing and very fast - compared to joon
  1. I dont know your playstile, but you lack a healer bad; this works great for war aid field, though; Horghall with thorn minnion can work aswell
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Off-topic side note:

I’d like to advise leveling your 4s over 5s for awhile

You can max 2 4s for every 1 5. A good arsenal of 4* goes a long way in this game. Even these new class quests can be beat with 4*

Just my 2 cents

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If he is using Kashrek, I would probably switch Victor and Joon, since Victor can self heal a bit.

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