Would you max Horghall?

Thing is… Im sitting on 15 tonics and no green at all but Horghall. I dont think he adds too much to my actual roster so , if you were me , would you max him?

I will give another try, one last pull before Valhalla ends hoping for Bertila or a good Valhalla green.

My green maxed heroes are(not counting 3☆)

Little john
C.Melendor x2

Another Caedmon in coming.

Thanks in advance!

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Me have max Horgal.
Just took him against 4.58 k war deffence and me won that one.
But strategy is with whom you are pairing him.
For blue tanks he is an option.
Me flank 2 Brynhilds to Horgal.
Other 2 depends upon defence flanks
Horgal is good. If he fired once you will survive a bit more.
Now decision is yours.
Hold him up to 2 more pulls.
Or max him.
Edit :- me maxed him out around 2 years ago.
But with current new releasing heros i would have been thought 10 times before i max him.
But overall, horgal served me very good on offence. :slightly_smiling_face:

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He won’t combo good with Elk and Francine… I’d wait for Kadilen and Lianna. Horghall is possibly the worst 5☆ hero. Got 5 of him already and sent them all to HA.


I know hes not good but i see all those gathered tonics and i wonder if the game is putting me a cap for no using them. I have plenty 5 from other colours, including classic, HOTM and s2 or 3 heroes but in green i dont know what is wrong that i cannot pull even a green HOTM.

Regarding Horghall, the only use i figure for him is rush wars and tournaments…but no costume and no emblems…idk

I have him at 4/80. He is my second green 5* (after Kadilen).
He is useful for auto-farm, playing S2,S3 hard mode and Ninja tower (when you need attack reduction) and rush attack.
Skittleskull can do his job but Horghall is much tougher.
It is depend on that do you have other hero who can do his job or not ?

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I feel you, the only non s1 green I’ve got is Zocc, who is another pile of trash. The thing is I’d max a 3rd lianna and kadilen over one Horgall no doubt.

I’d say go for it. With the addition of the Rush wars, slow heroes have gotten more use.

Now they are usefull at rush tournaments and rush wars. A rush Horghall can be a pain to face in rush formats.

With your current greens I think Horghall can fill a good spot in rush formats.

Other than rush, he’s absolute garbo. So only ascend him if you want to utilize his rush potency.


I have Horghall maxed, and luckily, got his costume. It’s actually my only 5* costume out of many, many pulls.
Anyway, I love him. Costume version is a bit better, because -54% on their attack is just massive. Because you can rarely see cleansers in defences, it stays for 6 turnes and they just can’t kill you. He sees a lot of action in rush attack, but often in regular formats. I tend to put him next to Brynhild in other wars to speed him up a bit.
P.S. I was so impressed that I’ve decided to give him few emblems. :slight_smile:


I’d never bother maxing him without costume/ costume bonus, but I have one maxed because I was lucky to get his costume (and is my only 5* costume) and I like him. He was before benched for 2.5 years at 3/70, only costume can save him in my opinion. He serves as my war tank too as he’s basically average mana with all the mana bonuses and I don’t have a better option as war tank.

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The only hero of mine who can boast 2000 hp. But that’s because of his costume. He’s actually one of the worst 5 * heroes. I’d only do it if you have druid emblems free. I have a question for you, how do you stand with TC 20? If you have at least 2 level 20 training camps. Wait for Liana or Kadilen.

It’s a tough decision, given your current green roster.

I’d level him upon reaching 18 tonics, did that with Thorne and never regretted.

In the end, a maxed Horghall helps more than 6 rusting tonics.


Nop, i just finished embleming Vela and im doing Gilinbursti now. I cant invest emblems on him right now

Im running two tc 20 , lately one of them popped a Marjana, but still no green from there. Im still kind of far away from HA 10, maybe in 3 or 4 months. So the green has to come from pulls or tc20 (fingers crossed)

If i had the costume i would level him asap, i think it adds too much value to Horghall

I understand then I advise you not to do it Horghall. Wait for more meaningful heroes. And these two heroes are a better choice than the usual Horgall without a costume to use druid emblems. So the only thing I can wish you is luck in the drawing of green heroes in 2021 :grinning:.


Horghall isn’t very strong at all. I think even the regret would be stronger than him. I think waiting for 18 tonics is sound advice.

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I maxed Horghall because at the time I had nothing else to work on. Mind you I already had a maxed Lianna.

Now, I use him on my mono green B-team in wars. And that’s about it. And frankly, I could probably replace him with my costumed Skittleskull there. He’s just not good in any sense of the word.


I got his costume, and rush wars was the main reason why I ascended him after sitting on my bench for a year.

I bet once you ascend him, Lianna will pop out of TC20. That’s what happened to me when I ascended Elkanen.


I have his costume and he still isn’t beyond 1/20. Though given I got Heimdall who’s imho a much better tank, and Bertila, who is fun to play, at least to me. And now with Frigg in possession he won’t see tonics again.

He’s up there, for sure…

Telluria is right up there with him.

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I’m F2P and in same boat as you. So I maxed him. I still have 8 tonics to spare as I have pulled no other green 5* so it’s not like I miss the tonics. The thing is I just don’t use him even being F2P. I have costume Skittleskull and he she is fully emblemed +20 so way more attack power than Horg. One day I might carry on emblem Horgall, in which case will become better, but till then the hero is just useless.

Thanks for your replies people. Today my tc 20 has payed me out with a Kadilen. So , finally my Elkanen will have her little sister beside him.

Still waiting for Lianna(the best tc 20 green) and if i make to pull Horghall costume i will lvl him too


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