Vela or wait for Magni?

I’ve been keeping 6 scopes for Magni for a long long time, but he’s long overdue and who knows if he’s ever gonna show up. I’m running 3 x TC20 at the moment, so I might get a lucky pull any day, but still, not getting my hopes to high. I now got Vela to 3/70 and standing by for a decision. Will she get the scopes or do I keep waiting for Magni to apear? Tough call…

P.S. My blue bench has Isarnia +6 and Thorne +13 and I only have 6 scopes.

Vela no question. Devestating with a def down hero (such as Isarnia)


I moved out Magni from my offensive raid team and shifted in Vela. I love her much.

My team is 3/2 with Frida and Alasie. Destruction purely!

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Path of Vela :wink:

Magni can get the next set if ever.


Tbh depends on titans you’re facing. No doubt you need vela if you face 12* or higher.

Btw on other aspect of the game vela can do as well as magni.

You dont even have Magni yet?

Why wait?

Max Vela.


Holy smokes! Vela, and it’s not even close. I used to think Vela came off as kind of weak with too many limits, but after having my butt handed to me by every team I’ve faced that she is on, I no longer feel that way. She drowns all your heroes in their own circulating blood (at least that’s how I envision drowning on dry land). I didn’t realize what a crapshow drowning in yourself can turn my raids and war battles into to my own detriment.

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I see a lot of consensus here, so Vela it is. That brings me to another problem… currently I’m working on Kadilen, which is also a druid, so, with both maxed I’ll have another dilema on my hands… who’s getting the emblems? Guess that’s also Vela, ain’t she? Or do I share?

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Yep vela over kadilen, no question the former will get more use than the latter.

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Easily Vela… I have her maxed and emblemed.

With every emblem on Sword path… her DoT increases slow but steady… and making her noticeably stronger. That is already quite strong and overwhelming at fast speed as well. Wow… imagine having Azlar at fast speed.

Now imagine using her against Fire element!! Obliterating (her DoT does extra damage… which is almost like 40% more against Fire).

I now hunt for Black Knight / Elena / Azlar in my raids.

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Yep. Vela over Kaliden for emblems, but if you have a surplus and can share, Kaliden is one of the better 5-star Greens in the game. Although, Telluria is already looking like a beast for Nature power, but she’ll be Paladin class, from what the Beta testers are saying.

Although Jean-Francois will now have something to say about that.

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This is how good Vela (and Kingston are) my defense team is doing great, even though they are still at 3/70.


Undoubtful, both Kingston and Vela are great heroes, but somehow I doubt 3/59 Vela has much to do with the success rate of your defense… 3/70 Kingston either :wink:. I think we all agree your central :purple_circle: :yellow_circle: :purple_circle: trio does the heavy lifting.


tenor (1)



Well. I just raided a team with a maxed Vela… and her DoT basically took out my raid team.

Useless? Perhaps alone, but when paired with other heroes, shes exactly what’s needed.

Also, to be fair… your maxed Guin tank keeps you above 2600 trophies, not your kingston and vela.

People fight you without making Guin their focus is my guess.

I just realized that his Front 3 are emblemed at 666.

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I am really in a pickle. I already have 2 Magnis (one at 3rd stripe, the other one untouched) and I also have 2 untouched Velas. Based on the consensus here, Vela would be the better choice and I find it IMHO to be a bit strange. Magni is one of the finest snipers out there that he would be useful in stacking against raids and in wars. He also excels against titans since he has a superior attack stat than Vela. For months, I have been holding my 6 scopes for Magni since I am working on improving my 3 and 4 star bench of heroes. But since Vela landed on my lap last month, I am now hesitant using scopes to whom after reading several posts here. Unfortunately for Vela, I can’t use emblems on her since they are solely focused for Albe. And I have approx 1100 fighter emblems unused, which initially was supposed to be given to maxed Poseidon (I denied him emblems because his specials are not really that useful to most occasions. My other blues are maxed Frida, maxed Athena, maxed Master Lepus, maxed Ariel +7 (some emblems are with Rigard and some over 400+ still unused), 3/70 Miki, 3/70 Aegir, 3/70 Richard. I also have Snow White gathering dust in the corner. I have also all viable and useful 4 star ice heroes maxed and including some dupes. I may want to gather more scopes and get them to 11 before I decide what to do with them.


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