Brand New Blue 5* Ascension Dilemma

Hi all. I have been graciously over blessed with blue Heroes my entire lifespan in the game, lately this hasnt changed with a bunch of Blue 5*s in the last month or so.

Already Maxed in the Blue department I have:
Magni+3, Grimm+20, Sonya+14, Kiril+6, and Triton.

I do have Miki sitting at 3.70, but we are facing at max 10* Titans, so he’s doing ok for me there
I received Richard, who I have at 3.70 and was hoping for his costume to make him super tanky. Then, came Thorne, which I’m not really considering. Then with my very good Guardian 10 Pull, I received Vela… Leveled her up to like 2.30 or so before I pulled Missandra with Atlantis coins a few days ago who I have since been working on.

So, really between Richard, Vela, Missandra at the moment… mostly the latter 2 imo. I have 5/6 Scopes so I have a little time to make the decision. I should note that I am pretty Sniper heavy throughout my entire roster, so I dont know if that would favor Vela? I would really like to go for Telluria in March, unless I happen to miarculously pull LOTL during Avalon. So I was thinking that would be another nod to Vela to punish Reds if I were to attempt the rare green tank.

I’d say Vela out of those. Misandra is a non-factor mostly when facing her in raids, but I hear she is good on offense. Vela is a great all-around utility hero, like Zim.

That’s sort of how I saw her, and I just Maxed out my Zimkitha. :smiley:

Does anyone happen to know how much extra damage Vela does to Red Heroes??.. also, I just thought of - she could replace Triton/Sonya on my Titan team, with the Crit chance. I may have been overestimating how good Missandra can be.

My personal opinion would be Misandra.

For defence, none of them necessarily displace Magni. Misandra is similar/interchangeable imo (but would need emblems moved). Richard only if he’s tank. Vela I haven’t had any issues with… Not afraid to let her fire…

For raids and titans, I would focus on two things:

  1. Synergy
  2. Effect

In offence against titans, tiles and mana are king. For that, Misandra is probably the best bet. Richard offers more survival and Vela is more a support hero role. Misandras bounce and mana buff make her a great bonus in titan fights.

For raids, any of the three will work in with what you currently have. Misandra cause she’s a sniper and they’re always handy. Richard for survival and attack debuff. Vela as a support.

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The dot is about 70% extra which is pretty huge… But very situational as it only applies to the direct damage & dot to red enemies…

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