Magni or Vela?

Hey guys, I’m trying to build my first full 5* team, which would have been this:
Kageburado, Vela, costumed Vivica, Kingston, Marjana

Already have King and Marjana at max, working on the other 3 right now, but I just got Magni and I was wondering if I should level him up first. Vela is at 3/70 soon, and I have mats for only one right now.
What do you think?


  • Your team is already full of snipers. Adding a hit-all hero would benefit.
  • Magni is squishy so dies quickly unless he gets his special going. From the raiding I’ve done, Vela seems a little stronger.

Seems to me that Vela would build a better defense:

Marjana - Kageburado - Sorcerer Vivica - Vela - Kingston


Vela, because you have snipers in other colours.


Level Vela to max, she’s sturdy and strong. She has good defense when comes to raid. Magni would be 2nd choice for me if I was you.

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Vella every day. Magni is a decent fast sniper. However, he is very weak on defense, and easy to kill. Vella hits hard, and has decent defense/health. So, take Magni on raids but bench him for defense if you’ve got a good blue alternative.


In my honest opinion, I would focus on Vela 100%.
Good luck


Same question… typical def is:

Ariel is my strongest blue, but I have been erring on the side of damage dealers as opposed to healers in raid and war def

Have been waiting on Magni 10 months, and started leveling him, but now second-guessing

What do y’all suggest, magni or vela?

I maxed my Vela last week…she’s been awesome. She hurts Red heroes and Red titans so badly but with a blue stack the critical damage is just a treat.

I raid low diamond and usuallY sit around 2500 trophies and I hunt Red tanks with my Thorne/Grimm/Vela trio and it’s deadly. Thorne gets no love but I’ve got 7 emblems in him and he’s like the trusty defensive midfielder in football…silently getting on with it but not flashy enough to be noticed. Them 3 will wipe any Red tank off the board if they get rolling and against Red titans the attack debuff means the whole team just sits there laughing at them.

Best 6 scopes spent tbh


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