Magni, Misandra or Miki for the 'Scopes? - and now I have Vela too!

On the blue 5* bench:

  • Aegir, Alasie and Isarnia all maxed at 4.80
  • Miki and Magni at 3.70 - both hoping I pick them!
  • Richard and Thorne skulking in the background at 1.1

7 Farsight Telescopes in my planetarium.
Mainly fighting 9* Titans
Unlikely to do many January pulls - so Vela very unlikely to show up.

Ascend either Miki or Magni to 4.80 by consuming 6 'scopes - or wait for the off chance of Vela

Neither will make defense team.
Neither are likely to get any emblems, as allocated elsewhere.

One will make it to a mono raid team and add depth for war.
(they have competition from a 4* crew of Kiril +15, Grimm +15, Sonya +10, Triton and Valeria)

er … that’s where you guys come in. What do you all think?

Throw the 'scopes to Miki or Magni now … or wait for slim chance of Vela?


Miki! Great Hero for Titans and Final Boss stage in challenges!


I would wait for that slim chance you say you have. If you don’t you might end up kicking yourself.

I like Miki I think here if you do pick one. Magni is great and has eluded me for almost 2 years. But you have Alasie.

Miki could actually run on your mono team as well. He is quite the pain to deal with. I see him on defenses occasionally.

I am going to do a 10 pull shortly after the new year and hope I get lucky. I have been unlucky for quite a while. It should turn around sometime right?..

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Leave Miki unless you are planning on changing alliances and going after much stronger titans soon. He is fine at 3.70 until you are hitting 13 and 14s, and even then you can manage with smart item and skill usage.

Magni is good, but is a worse version of Alasie. Since your blue roster is in a pretty good spot as it I would wait to see if you get Vela and then ascend Magni if not.


And you get the defense buff from aegir already.

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In my honest opinion, I would max Magni before Miki. But it’s worth the wait for Vela.
Good luck


I would max Magni before Miki. Miki is just at his 90% performance on that 3.70, serves his purpose as long as his skill is maxed. All he gets is a little more sturdiness which is a) not needed on titans as he survives the punches quite well on 3.70 b) not an issue on monsters as you can make up for it with items c) an issue for raids and wars… but really do you take Miki there. Magni, as every other sniper, is only useful on 3.70 when you are quite early in the game. Otherwise rather useless. Needs that final ascension to reach his potential.

That said, as others outlined, you already have the superior blue sniper. What you lack is elemental debuff (both Frida and Arthur will be available for summon in February). I would wait for them instead of ascending any of the ones you have. But I am also someone completely not impressed by Vela. If she rings your bell, may as well try for her. But either way, save your scopes for now.


I’d wait and see if you get Vela.

If not, is ascend Magni first then Miki.

Miki is 100% serviceable at 3/70 against 12* titans. All you gain by ascending him is more health/defence (survivability) and access to the talent grid. Magni however you get more damage output in addition to the extra survivability. I’d also argue that Magni is more versatile than Miki so that goes in his favour too.


Vela Vela Vela

If not if your Miki is 8/8 it should be enough for titans. Magni is a sniper and its position where the vanillas dont phase out. Also Richard is stiil good hero especially costumed.


Thank-you everyone who replied to this.

There is a lot of love for Vela, which I was not expecting.
I had better go back and study the Vela thread - 🧪 Early Information on the January 2020 HOTM (Vela) - before I feed those 'scopes away.

Assuming no Vela comes along, I am slightly tending towards Magni … but my mind does flip-flops quite regularly!

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I would level Magni over Vela anyway. I see her more useful for titans (with that elemental link), than actual combat, where Magni is a real force. Magni is much better in PvE, so the tournaments and those 6 attacks at war matter the most in your situation, since you already have Miki at 3.70 for titan.

P.S. Vela’s damage, including DoT, is kinda meh… The debuff against red is also very useful, but in titan fights. In PvE, the opponent should have in defense at least 3 reds that special of Vela to mean anything at all. And you may encounter such situation in tournaments, but that situation means blue is not allowed :joy: And in wars, Magni is a finisher most times. That’s why I couldn’t decide between Magni and Kingston and now are both +7, which results in a balanced roster; therefore, more powerful and effective roster. Stronger attacks at war, more options in event challenges and tournaments, when you cannot use one of those colours and you have another emblemed option.

Anyway, this should also be for you a decisive factor, the emblems. If you don’t have Kingston (or Poseidon), you should go with Magni without thinking twice. In my opinion King is the only fighter in the game who is better than Magni and Poseidon.


Thanks @Scarecrow. That is a really thoughtful and helpful reply.

I do have Kingston, but not Poseidon.
My fighter emblems are +6 on Kingston and +18 on Boldtusk. Thats why Magni is unlikely to get any.
My mind is still flip-flopping!

Then Vela would be a better option for you. Unless you have Zimkitha, who’s the best druid.

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Ha @Scarecrow This could run and run! I do have Zimkitha at +6

My defense is generally Seshat +7, Zimkitha +6, Aegir +7, Kingston +6, Joon +7
It does Ok mostly

Lol :joy: Great heroes you have btw…

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I think I will probably do Magni for war depth @Scarecrow

Even if I did get Vela, I’m not taking the emblems off Zim!
And if I waited and got Frida or King Arthur, I’m probably not taking the Paladin emblems off Aegir.

Emblem wise, an Alice would be nice. Dream on …

Well … I had 24 EHTs which I always use at Seasonal Summons. As its a long time to wait for the Easter Bunnies, I started to throw a few at the Christmas summon gate today. On the 10th EHT Vela popped out, leaving me 14 EHT to hoard for Easter.

So now I have in blue:

  • Aegir, Alasie and Isarnia all maxed at 4.80
  • Miki and Magni at 3.70 - still both hoping I pick them!
  • Vela at 1.1 - begging to go to at least 3.70
  • Richard and Thorne skulking in the background at 1.1

and seven telescopes!

Vela then Magni

Fast Damage all & Dot > fast sniper, especially as you got Alasie maxed atm

Then Miki after :slight_smile:

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Personally, I’d max Magni or Miki first before doing Vela; wasn’t too impressed with her in beta. I mean she’s decent, great against red, but aside from that - her attack and DOT are too weak to make a difference. & Her attack down and crit bonus, the two best things about her, will work just fine at 70.

I’d do Miki first if you’re fighting 12*+ to add survivability, or else Magni since he really needs to hit 80 to be of any use at all - being an offensive sniper.

You already have Alasie maxed, so maxing Miki will diversify your bench a little more [if that’s what you want], but if that’s not a concern - you can never really have too many fast snipers; they’re useful everywhere. & Magni’s attack stat is the best of the three, so [when maxed] he can be useful in a stack, and vs red titans, for the tile damage alone


Miki if you want 200k hits on titans

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