Help need to finish last stage of the hard mode in season 2 before start trying it

Hi friends . I’m now in last stage of the hard mode ( without try as I’m out of energy now and just finish 269/270).

Before starting it I need some advice as I hv limit number of battle items . This is the team I used for hard mode upto now .

These r my good heroes so far with leveling

I need to find which one I need to choose for last stage .

Thanks in advance.

Stack yellows, bring a dispeller (optional but increase the patience level lol) and mana/health pots. Think of it as a very long titan fight. Be patient, stack your buffs/debuffs and rack up the diamonds. My thought for team would be Joon, Wu, Wilber, Rigard, Caedmon. Unless you have more yellow in your deck.


Agree. But Bold is much better than Rigard here, even is not finished. With this team, winning is just a matter of time. Wilbur/Wu is the most lethal duo in the game imo.


I finished hard mode , thanks both of you for your valuable advices .

@moderator , please close this thread . @zephyr1

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