🔱 End of an Era: Atlantis Season 2 Final Stages Releasing — FAQ & Discussion

I finished Hard now too, using a smarter version of the team I used for Normal.

I had noted after Normal that I should have swapped in Boldtusk, which I did.

I also put Scarlett in place of Proteus, after realizing that Ursena’s special firing isn’t so bad, particularly if Wilbur or Vivica have buffed defense. Even if they haven’t, it’s fairly easy to keep up with healing with two healers.

The addition of Scarlett helped a lot with keeping Ursena’s attack debuffed a lot of the time, and her 850 attack works nicely in the 3 stack with Wilbur and Boldtusk to get some solid damage out of red tiles.

I took a ton of mana to make sure I could feed Vivica and Scarlett when needed, which made this fairly straightforward to finish with all heroes in excellent health.