🔱 End of an Era: Atlantis Season 2 Final Stages Releasing — FAQ & Discussion

That’s the man you want to bring with you, there’s always plenty of time to power him up and his special is superb against Ursena, I don’t even remember she had chance to go off.

27.9 on normal was harder for me! I haven’t started the difficult path yet.

I used the recommendation from one of our members … shout out to @ochartier

It was a team that I’d never consider but after he looked at my roster (of very sad yellows), he suggested:

Wu Kong, Deliaha, Chao, Kunchen and Kadilen. I certainly wasn’t sure about her!

He wrote out exactly how and when I was supposed to use each one and I taped his notes to my tablet. I was a nervous wreck but thought “it’s only 10 lives, a few battle items, and even worth some gems for those ascension items”.

I was stunned at how easy it turned out to be. I used a couple of healing pots and mana pots. No revive scrolls were used and I used timestops twice.

I’m so glad that’s over, I had myself tied up in knots just thinking about it!

I’m not going to do Season 2 difficult until I have Poseiden maxed. It just seems right to take him along.

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Please can someone tell me when the Atlantis rising event is due to take place. Thank you in anticipation.

If anything, should be the normal time when each of the new Atlantis provinces were released in the past months (e.g. last Thursday of each month, each lasting ~4 days).

Not last… but the fourth thursday…


I finished Hard now too, using a smarter version of the team I used for Normal.

I had noted after Normal that I should have swapped in Boldtusk, which I did.

I also put Scarlett in place of Proteus, after realizing that Ursena’s special firing isn’t so bad, particularly if Wilbur or Vivica have buffed defense. Even if they haven’t, it’s fairly easy to keep up with healing with two healers.

The addition of Scarlett helped a lot with keeping Ursena’s attack debuffed a lot of the time, and her 850 attack works nicely in the 3 stack with Wilbur and Boldtusk to get some solid damage out of red tiles.

I took a ton of mana to make sure I could feed Vivica and Scarlett when needed, which made this fairly straightforward to finish with all heroes in excellent health.


sorry if this has been answered.But at 27.9 how many times atomos can ressurect?i mean he ressurected 5 times lol i lost of course

Like any stage/specials, he should be able to resurrect as many times as long as the conditions are met (e.g. his special is still active when he was killed). So here you are faced with the dilemma of possible drag out battle / loop. Since these stages are not timed, you won’t lose by time spent on stage, what would kill you is the Underwater condition, his damages killing you, and finally, your healers are killed and you have no way to revive them and ran out of items.

The best thing to do is to either don’t let him fire off his special by mana control him right from the start, or bring a dispeller to dispel him as soon as he fires his special and plan to kill him before he fires off his special again.


okk i ve done it.i brought hansel and merlin.thank u very much:)


just like to share my setup for atlantis season 2 final stage hard, hope it helps someone too. had to revive twice & used about 35 mins to finish final boss off


How to beat last stage of the season 2 normal mode only using 4 star heroes ( epic) ?


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There are a lot of ways. If you look at above posts you will find many 4* team completed it. This is mine. I use double riposte, but if you have Wilbur, you don’t need riposte hero, he can protect your heroes.


I used richard , Wu Kong , cademon, wilbur and boril but couldn’t finish titan level ( 26k left )

Use mana potion (bring more than 1 type) for Wilbur, watch for the dispel counter, use Wilbur’s skill right after the dispel is executed.

Wilbur don’t work well with riposte hero such as Boril, replace Boril with a healer.

If 1 healer is not enough, replace Caedmon with another healer, preferably Boldtusk for his attack buff.


finished normal with melendor max, caedmon max, grimm max, kiril max, boril 3/60… few small mana and health potions…


Finished hard mode - Rigard maxed +10, Kunchen 3.70, Wilbur maxed, Onatel 3.70, Wu maxed.
Used 3 miracle scrolls +3 tornados and 4 time stops. Did it with first try. Wibur + Wu and 3 healers would do it as well.


8 minor mana potion, 4 bombs, 3 scroll and 3 times stop. Just give it a casual try actually, hence not fully loaded. Has no confidence with such a line up but timing play the biggest factor. Yay!


I finished this ( normal mode) epic teams with 2 healing potions set , arrow and time stop. Thanks all for your advices .


Didn’t really like taking so long to get to the end, but the final battle was pretty awesome! I really enjoyed the how it went from boss battle to titan battle! Good job developers!

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Season 2 Normal completed on first attempt. Not as hard as I expected to be after what others were saying and that’s considering I made a mistake with battle items.
I did intend to take in healing potion 75%, dragon Attack, Bombs, miracle scroll, and tornado but didn’t work out that way. Watch the results.

And the Missions reward for Normal was



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