Help with the last battle in season 2

Last Atlantis Thursday I tried to beat the last level.
I lost when Ursena went to Titan mode.
Can I beat her with what I have? Here are my most powerful heroes.


Rigard Aegir Boldtusk Vivica Kiril

will be a cool team.

Maybe Anzogh instead of Boldie.


At their current level?

Viv seems to be weak, but for Ursena you’ll need massive health care or 5 maxed holy legends. 5 yellow healers would be the very best team against her.

Take mana, mana, revive, revive and give it a try.

Ursena in titan mode can kill a 4* hero in 2 hits. You’re gonna need a few maxed healers if you wanna defeat her.

Rigard, Kiril (maxed), Boldtusk (maxed), Aegir, and any of your 5* heroes: Joon / Evelyn / Elena. Joon could die fast if Ursena hits him with her special. Elena’s riposte could be more helpful against her.

Take 2 slots of mana potions, revive scrolls, and timestops with you. Good luck btw.


Someone else told me to use onatel because of her mana control.

Onatel could work well too. Only thing I have against using yellow heroes is that Ursena’s special deals extra damage against them. With 3 healers that wont ve a problem tho.

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If this is for normal difficulty, then you most certainly can. Although it would help if Vivica had more levels. I did it with only 1 healer though (Melendor) and I got by fine.

Sonya | Aegir | Chao | Joon | Onatel

HP potions, Mana potions, Bombs, Bear or Dragon banners for items

That’s what I would bring honestly. She doesn’t charge quickly as a boss, Chao and Onatel together will keep her under control too. Sonya for dispelling, HP potions so Aegir isn’t your only source of healing.

Also make sure you check the boss dispel turn limit… you don’t want to cast Aegir’s spirit link buff and then get it dispelled the next turn :wink:

Yes this is normal level. I have all the items available since my forge has been a 20 for a while.
I have plenty of time stops etc.
I am surprised you don’t include Rigard. I don’t do anything without him. Lol

Mana control isn’t that useful against Ursl, since she charges very slow.

My Proteus was #1 for S2 hard, but seemed to be nothing against Ursl.


Is Elena your only riposter? (Obakan doesn’t count, he only ripostes by him self, not enough damage) I took her down with Cyprian, Boril and some healers, no trouble at all.


I have Cyprian and Boril but they are sitting at level 1. Have not done anything to them.

You could swap out Aegir for Rigard if you want the straight heal :slight_smile: I’d bring HP potions though cuz you’re still gonna need them without Aegirs protection. I would keep a dispeller though, you’re gonna want Sonya or Caedmon to get rid of the yellow reflect so you can hit her hard.

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Tough luck… riposters can save you lots of pain in this kind of situations… Boril is also a viable tank for diamond arena. Mine (+15), flanked by Elena and Azlar +7 keeps me around 2500 most of the time.



Revive scrolls
Mana pots
Hp pots
Hp pots

Yellow stacking isn’t perfect IMO (I killed her few times with: rainbow and red/green stacking)

You weak on healers, thats big problem. You must using skills in perfect time (when she just dispell or when you can charge Aegir in one move.


Thanks for the tips everyone.

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That’s good to know because I planned to use him.

What do you thin about including Wilbur and Ranvir (the former emblemed, the latter at least on final ascent)? Wilbur would help mitigate and spread some damage and Ranvir has that element link of his, so that should help.

Wilbur is tricky to time and useless, if she dispells him.

Imo the best way to kill her is a team of direct healers and maybe Wu or Ranvir to increase tile damage.

Take care of Ranvir, if Ursls yellow reflection will be activated. Fire a dispelling healer before Ranvir and you’re done.

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I beat her on hard with a combination of healers, defense buffers and attack debuffers - i needed both the defense buff and attack debuff active at the same time to survive her hits.
I had Sabina, Kiril, Triton, Aegir and Skittleskull. I had tried with Proteus, Li Xiu and Aeron instead of Aegir and Skittles but kept dying.

consider Boldtusk / Aegir / Kiril / Scarlett . don’t bring a yellow attacker as 5th because you don’t have a dispeller. Boldtusk and Kiril are redundant, so are Aegir and Kiril. but that’s fine because Ursena dispels. you would fire Kiril first, while charging Aegir and Boldtusk. when Ursena dispels, fire Boldtusk and Aegir. Vivica could also work as the 5th as Ursena won’t reflect her.

I have a Melendor at 2/15, should I try to work on him also? I felt like I had enough healers.
I can’t ascend vivica as I don’t have the materials.

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