To ascend or not to ascend

So I’m F2P, about 3 months into the game. Have a good mix of maxed 3* heroes in every color, but only five 4*…
Boldtusk maxed
Gormek waiting on blades
Sabina waiting on trap tools
Boril chillin at 3.60 probably won’t ascend him but even if I do he’s waiting on capes
Then I have Kashhrek. Thing is I just got a 4th shield and am debating whether or not to wait for a better green 4
I have two TC13s running and am working up to TC20, but for now that plus occasional tokens and the occasional saved up gem pull are the only ways I get new heroes.
I guess I’m leaning towards waiting for a better green 4 since I don’t have any full on damage doers. I mean Gormek does with his special but is weak on tiles and Sabina’s great on tiles but not an attacking special. I don’t have a hero with both. I’ve been able to squeeze by with a maxed BT buffing my stable of attacking 3’s.
Anyway wanted to hear other thoughts

Tl;dr: Use shields on Kashhrek or wait possibly a long time for better green?

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Kashhrek is the best green 4* on defense, but probably the worst for anything else. If you’re having trouble with getting raided then he’s worth ascending. Otherwise I’d leave him at 3-60 and hold out for a different 4* green.


Yeah, kashhrek is an obvious choice

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I would go with kashrek. Hes become a thorn in peoples sides since the wars started, hes great on raid defence


Since your 4* hero drop rate is probably low, go with what you have right now.

Healers are really good for AW, and he probably can help you in the last stage of rare quest too.

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He may not be the most beloved 4* green, but you have Sabina (so you don’t need Melendor per se and she also limits the debuff value of Caedmon), Skittle is fine, LJ has the mana skill so that’s unique but I don’t see a super compelling reason to wait for another 4* green when they all kind of have special roles to play, like Kashrek does.

So yeah, I’d use them since it pays dividends in AW and raid defense.

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My first favorite green 4* is Melendor.

That said, 1) I’ve only got him once in a year, and 2) is leveling two Kashreks for AW right now.

A (good) hero in the hand is worth two in the Summons thingee. :wink:


I’d say wait for a better green, like Caedmon. Kashrek is a one trick pony you don’t need, but nevertheless a hero you want to hold onto for later use (aw, events etc). You have Sabina and Boldtusk and are good on healing through them.

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Just to go against the flow, I say you should wait. You dont have a single attacker (at least a respectable one)!! Kashrek, Boril, BT, Sabina, dont hit! Gormek hits, but not amazingly. You need a more powerful hitter, so I think you should look for caedmon / sonya. Their specials are the same, even if you have debuff already with Sabina, at least they can make some damage pos-Gormek. 4* hitters are two kinds: 3-foes hitter with defense debuff (Tibertus, Gormek and Grimm) and single hitter debuffer / burn (sonya, caedmon, kelile, Scarlet). It seems you shouldnt focus on red now, so go for Caedmon and Sonya.
In the meantime you may run across a 5*, hope for a hitter


Why is Caedmon a better green? He’s a mediocre tile hitter (Sabina is better), his special does good, not killer, damage, and debuffs (Sabina does as well).

I’m mostly playing devil’s advocate, but where they are in the game I think Kashrek is a fine choice to ascend, especially being F2P and not having TC20 to crank 4*.


The old guy is as good a green as they come in four stars. He’s sturdy, has a decent special hit and debuffs. Kashrek is only good as a raid tank at lower cups. Which shouldn’t be a priority for anyone tbh. And of course for later use in aw etc. :slight_smile:

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… said the higher-level player :wink: (don’t worry, I get what you’re saying, it’s just that OP has to get through those levels to the point where it isn’t a priority!)

I agree that Kash is a fine ascention candidate at your level, but Squall makes a REALLY good point about not having any hard hitters. For green, Caed (preferred), or LJ would make for a good punch, especially when paired with BT to boost attack, and both BT and Sabina to heal. Add Boril to the mix and you already have your tank spot pretty locked down.

I realize you’re talking about shields and that implies a green hero, but there’s nothing that says you need to use a green hero. Your priority ought to be getting some offense, whatever color pops out of the TC13’s.


Thanks for the responses everyone, appreciate all the thought processes.

Opinions seem pretty split on the question, as is mine. Haha. And it’s interesting that most of the votes for yes cite alliance wars so I guess SG’s plan to make more heroes more viable is working, at least to a degree

I have a ton of 3/60 4* duplicates thanks to AW :slight_smile:

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Not counting things like Fast or slow, Special or other stats, just looking at attack stats for tile hits for Green 4*:

Jack o’Hare: 743 Atk
Little John: 741
Skittleskull: 728
Melendor: 714
Caedmon: 635
Kashrek: 548

This does NOT give you any idea of defense or how any of these would work with your line up, just a quickie look at their attack (Kashrek is pretty darn awesome on defense and HP, while Little John is rather bleah on DEF/HP)…

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I found 3 Melendors in 4 months and he is still the only green hero i have that is higher than 3*. Would you like a trade? I won’t take Kashrek though.

Alliance wars has made heroes like Kashrek and Horghall more attractive to ascend but they are still mainly used on defense.

Are you spending most of your time on this game attacking or defending?

It seems you need heroes that deal a lot of damage. You already have enough healing and spending your shields on Kash will just give you healing again and low tile damage.

Caedmon and LJ are a much better fit for your team. Don’t worry that Caedmon and Sabina will both remove buffs. They have different mana speeds and enemy team buffs don’t usually go off at the same time.

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Hey I like Gandalf, I’ll happily receive whatever I can get! :grin:

For a different perspective, here is the overall score of 4* greens from 7DD’s Anchor’s Hero Guide:

More here:

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Appreciate your input. Those thoughts are mostly why I’ve held off to this point. Agree that I badly need offense but I don’t get new heroes too often so if it goes on a while and I pile up more shields (already got a 5th) I may ascend Kash. For now I’m going to wait and see and hope for some offense to fall in my lap. At the mercy of the game for heroes since I don’t spend

Thank you for all the data and input! Much appreciated

You are welcome. I was F2P too until they put out the VIP pass. Hu Tao was my first yellow 4 from TC13, got him to 3/60 and he is still at 3/60 almost 4 months later and still no plans to ascend him. I still use him as a 2nd yellow when hitting titans. Such is the life of F2P-ish players but that just emphasizes the need for us to be smart with the limited resources of the game.


Are you at TC20 yet? I got several 4* from TC13 (including Melendor), but many more and a 5* from my brief playtime with TC20 :grin:

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