Ascend or leave at 3/60

New player 6 weeks in.
Currently invested 4* team. Also finishing rainbow 3*s
Kelile 3/60
Li Xui 3/60
Kashrek 3/52
Kiril 3/50
Proteus 2/11

Thoughts on ascending any of these to 4/70?
Don’t want to waste mats if not worth it.

Proteus i would say I think I will push to 70, I love messing up with him., but others not sure. Kash is a good tank,. Esp with Kiril and li flanking. But are they worth the mats, looking at longer term strategies.


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6 weeks in I would say all these are worth the Mats at this point for growth. They are all pretty useful heros at your point.

All of them could be useful in the future as well depending on the type of player you are (F2P, C2P, P2W) and what you draw in the future.

Thanks for the advice , mostly f2p but don’t mind paying to do do a 10x pull on events /Atlantis.

I do have the mats to ascend Kash, just missing 1 orb for Li. And 1 of something for Kelile

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Kelile is the hidden blade.

I used Kelile and Li for quite a while myself. I don’t use either much now except in wars. But that will always happen. At your stage you will benefit from them for a while.

Kash I pulled really late and haven’t even ascended him. Kiril I got later too but now have him maxed. Proteus I am maxing now but he wasn’t out during my beginning stages.

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At this stage of the game I’d probably do them all. All have their place. Kiril and Proteus will be the ones you use for a long, long time.


Kiril and Proteus are safe investments :slight_smile:


Only one out of that bunch i never maxed and never will is kashrek. Mainly due to caedmon, melendor, littlejohn, skittleskull, cabin boy pete, and hansel having more uses than just a tank for such a short time.

Same could be said for li xiu but I’ve heard some finding her useful for quests and challenge events, especially f2p who have a bit harder time getting event or season 2 heros

Kelile i wouldn’t max until you have boldtusk and gormek or wilbur maxed. Then if you cant get scarlett and have extra blades, kelile would be next to max on the list. Bit more useful than colen in my opinion. So puts her at #3 as far as f2p season 1 red 4* go


Whatever @FraVit93 said.

Kashrek is a good tank for the most part so if you like raids, you should up him. I used him for the longest time before I had my 5* heroes at the tank spot.

Kelile is still at 1/1 and Li is at 2/60 which tells you how much I value them.

Proteus and Kiril are awesome. Even very advanced players with several fully leveled 5* heroes still use them a lot (unless they have Hel which is more or less a 5* version of Proteus)

Li Xiu is also great and I still use her a lot, in particular against teams with a healer tank to keep the mana of the other opponents low while I fire tons of tiles against the healer in the middle. Not an absolute must have like Wu Kong, but slightly better than Chao and far better than that 4* panda.

Kelile is a good sniper in the early and mid stage of the game - however, there are much better red 4* heroes (Boldtusk in my opinion the best of the trainable ones). In later stages of the game, when you have 5* heroes and the materials to pay for the last ascension level, Kelile will be replaced by much stronger snipers.
I would leave her at 3/60 and wait for a really great red 4*.

Kasshrek, however, is only a decent tank but neither very useful nor fun to play in PvP offense or map levels. I even regret having him brought to 3/60 - should have worked on my second Caedmon before :confused:


Kelile got a nice buff recently that went largely unnoticed, moving her DoT up to 360 over 6 rounds. My alt used her very happily until Marjana happened along (and finally got leveled). She adds a sniper to @EMTBear’s lineup, which is an important role. The other 4*s are soft hitters; someone is needed for the kill shots.

@EMTBear do you have any other 4* on the bench?


See attached for current roster if that helps.
Currently building Wilbur in red but appreciate I need snipers

Hope this helps you help me :grin:

Oo, lucky you with Mitsuko, Zimkitha and Azlar on the bench! That will be a tough choice eventually.

Where did your Kelile go? And Kiril? I looks like there’s a missing screen shot.

i would level wilbur before any of your other reds except maybe BT. When you’re accumulating 3 star mats adding to your team damage will help a lot more than anything else, assuming you’re in a properly fitted alliance.

Like others mentioned Kiril and Proteus you will use forever so yes to both.

I wouldn’t bother with Li xiu. i find her awful and wish i had 4 orbs back. I would level Chao in a heartbeat over Li (and in fact that’s what i did on 2 accounts and on the third hat only had Li for a log time, as soon as I got Chao he was much more effective).

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You are right. Well spotted :slight_smile:

I find the opposite. Li is a pretty great tank deep into platinum. Chao is almost worthless.

Chao is still a good hitter useful in raiding offense and wars. Li Xiu becomes a speed bump very quickly. as your team grows you’ll still find a use for chao by Li goes into the wastebin.

for a long term player i’ll stand by my statement - Li Xiu is a waste of Orbs.

For a FTP player with no better options, Li isn’t the worst choice possible to ascend. The problem with her is not that she isn’t a decent 4* hero, it’s that she isn’t terribly effective once you get past that bracket of only having 4* options and start competing in tiers with 5* opposition.
Unlike Boldtusk, Proteus or Kiril, she’s an effective mid-game hero only, and doesn’t scale very well into later stage gameplay.


Dante, you made a passing mention of a “properly fitted alliance” which I believe is the most necessary topic never discussed.

Please, start a thread with your thoughts on alliance forming.

Happy holidays,

Looking at your full roster, it’s pretty clear Kelilei and Kashrek should get move down the priority list.

Melendor, Wilbur, Boldtusk would all be more valuable long term. The Li vs Chao is pretty interesting. I seen a number of these debates and there’s always an interesting divide in that people really favor one or the other. As ftp, you’re likely going to be stuck with one of the other. I’d personally wait until I’ve 8 orbs before I ascend either of these just so you’ll have the mats for wu whenever he shows up. Neither li or chao are game changing so you aren’t missing out on much if you left them at 3/60 for a month or so.

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thanks all for the replies.

Advise taken on board.

Currently levelling Wilbur (2-32) - Kelile can sit @ 3/60
Then onto BT once i’m done with Fishman.

Was going to start Melendor, but then got Buddy, so kinda torn here, but currently Buddy is getting my stuff, i’ve heard he is strong on titans and wars, but I still really want Melendor for the debuff. :frowning:

Li Xui is going to stay 3-60 for now
Currently finishing Bane and then not sure how i will go after that.

Finishing Kiril to 4-70
And then thinking Triton will get fed.

Finishing Proteus to 4-70
Then going to start Tibertus.

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