Hero Ascension Priorities

I could use some advice, I have built quite an extensive team and its time to ascend a few heroes so would like some advice on who to ascend


Proteus: Final ascend final tier 4
Kunchen: Ascend to tier 3
Tiburtus: Ascend to final tier 4


Kashrek: Ascend to final tier 4
Little John: Ascend to final tier 4
Atomos: Ascend to tier 3


Boldtusk: Ascend to final tier 4
Ares: Ascend to final tier 4 (Need one more mystic rings)
Colen: Ascend to final tier 4

Out of all of those, to me seems like Boldtusk might be a no brainer but Ares is my main tank and I am one set of mystic rings from final ascension with him.

Proteus is likely the best option as well since Rigard has been my main healer forever and is maxed out and on level 4 of the talent tree.


Here are just some of my current heroes that I have leveled and use alot

Chao - Talent Tree Lvl 6
Caedmon - Talent tree lvl 4
Sartana - 4/60 then have lots of emblems to fill her tree in
Sonya - Talent tree lvl 4
Wilbur - Talent tree lvl 3
Justice - 2/60
LiXiu - Talent tree lvl 2
Wu - 4/65
Grimm - 4/52
Boril - 4/55
Melendor - 4/53
Kiril - 3/11 (just got him finally)

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Given you are fairly mid game in your development, I would probably go Boldtusk over Ares. You will use him a lot forever, and you might wait til next Mount Umber for more rings for Ares. I have a few ascended fives now, but my BT is at 80+12, and he is still on my defense

Proteus without a doubt . Massive game changer in events and hard boss stages when fully ascended . Just feed him mana and your opponents slowly melt, just make sure you keep him alive with slash attacks

Green options aren’t great. You’re probably just getting to the end of Kashrek’s usefulness as a tank, or will do by the time he is fully ascended. Not sure any of your green options would be getting shields from me right now, but Little John can be handy for events with his big mana control, and with the weekly tournaments if he goes to very fast he is very very handy

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Agree on BT, I knew he would be the smart option! I’ll ascend him for sure!

I’ve got many 5* just waiting and waiting for Mats

Master Lepus (got him last week)
Sartana (my 2nd Sartana, not leveled at all)

Of those I would probably prioritise Sartana and Lepus. Fast five star snipers are very handy

Just grabbed Lepus myself, and am now saving my scopes for him. Cannot seem to get Magni from TC20 so need a big fast hitter, and nobody hits harder than Lepus

Justice is not a bad tank, but not that great in other aspects of the game. I would probably bench Atomos and Obakan for a while.

I have not leveled Obakan in awhile, I still need some better 5* I think so I am focusing on maximizing my 4* teams with random 5* support (Sartana, Ares).

I’ve gone ahead and ascended Proteus and Boldtusk to final tiers. Btw I like Kashrek because I hate him so much after facing him, he is annoying AF. I got him recently too and quickly leveled him up.

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Well if you like Kash go for it. I just think he has a limited lifespan in the game. He is however the only classic four star I don’t possess . I certainly would love to raid more teams in diamond with Kash tanks

BT and Proteus will serve you well, no regrets there

Focus on maxing heroes that will make you win all rare quests, seasonal and monthly events. Such as Wilbur, boldtusk, proteus, boril, kiril, melendor etc. They will make you obtain more ascension items in the long run. A maxed 4-star is better than 3/70 5 star. Don’t focus too much on cups as long as you can get to diamond. But focus on able to win every quest easily.


When I first started I pulled a 5* quite quickly and wasted a ton of time and AM’s on him to get him to 3/70 which in the grand scheme of things was entirely useless.

I’m now working on a few solid 4*, with some 3* mixed in, squads. These allow me much better choices for events and AW. So that’s very sound advice IMO

Proteus, Kashrek, Tiburtus, Melendor, Grimm

BT > Ares

Do not up your 5* until you have at least 4-5 of the required 4* mats.
Max out your Sartana. Lepus at a later stage, you can try using him at 3.70 as he still hits fairly hard.

Kiril is also one of those long lasting 4* that you should max out.
Colen is good for events and challenges.

Forget Atomos.
Up Kashrek if you need a true tank. Ares @ 3/70 aint gonna cut it.
Get Proteus up as your other purple hitter is only Sartana.
Use Rigard/Mel depending on your opponent.

You would certainly love me whenever I put Kash in as tank. :rofl:

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I couldn’t help myself, I did another 10 pull this morning. Nothing but duplicate Boril, Sonya, Ulmer and then…

Bonus Draw: Anzogh! BOOOOOOM!

Some recent additions and changes, I really need to figure out my priorities now

5* Status

Sartana 4/80 - Finally!
Ares - 3/70
Justice 3/70 - Have mats to ascend, not enough ham!
Kunchen - 2/60
Obakan - 1/38
Master Lepus - 2/12
Atomos - 2/35
Insarnia - 1/13
Mitsuko - 1/26
Margaret - 1/1
Anzogh - 1/9
Richard - From TC20 yesterday! Yay! 1/1

I want to finish Justice because I have the mats! Richard seems strong as well, any tips on who to prioritize from my 5* list?

All 4* below are maxed out and some are 7 deep in their talent trees:

Wu Kong

It’s time to learn how to play this game, I should have enough heroes to cause some havoc out there in Raids, Defense, War!

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You have a good selection of heroes.

For 5*, what is your focus?

Titans or raids or the one-team-for-all?

I’m looking to develop enough heroes for all situations

Defense - Would prioritize this
Titans - I do well on Titans, sometimes I stack, sometimes not so much.

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Kunchen - one of the best tanks currently
Mitsuko - better than Ares and Anzogh on defense (good def stats and high HP stats)
Richard - one of the toughest Paladins around
Margaret - can be surprisingly good but may not synergize with your current heroes that well

Justice is good but a little old school and doesn’t punch as hard. I would probably hold out for a little while longer for a better yellow.


Richard - Margaret - Kunchen - Mitsuko - Sartana

If Kunchen doesn’t die and Margaret gets to launch, then it would be nice to say goodbye to those that raid you. :wink:

Dont worry about doing a rainbow defense. Main thing is that your team has synergy with each other.

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I think I will do Kunchen and Mitzuko next. Justice is now at 4/55

I need trap tools for Kunchen and Mitzuko is like 1/22 or something so can start on her after Justice hits 4/80

I’ll balance between Mitzuko and Richard

Justice is maxed at 4/80 now…moving on to Mitsuko and she is 2/16 now.

Did a single pull this morning and scored Azlar and even better Mystic Vision gave me Mystic Rings so I have all the mats to ascend Ares!

So the question is, who to focus on?

Ares - Been waiting forever for 1 mystics rings. Got them this morning, he’s ready

Mitsuko - Focusing on her right now, can ascend her to tier 3 but will take my hidden blades so wouldn’t be able to ascend Ares

Azlar - Is he still valid? That’s what I am trying to determine so I know how to prioritize him.

Lots of 5* in the queue

Kunchen - Need trap tools to ascend to tier 3
Master Lepus

Sartana - Maxed
Justice - Maxed

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Depends on your focus.

Offense, defense or titan

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Well, a little of everything really. Defense team needs to be solid, need ability to raid and of course Titan.

Mitsuko is more dynamic, better on offense. Ares is better on defense and his buff is great. Two different approaches really. I have Mitsuko 2/51 already, sitting tight on ascending anyone until I decide which option is best.

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