(Guide) Anchor's Complete Guide to Hero Grades


(Update Note: As of February 21, 2019, various members of the 7d family have taken over maintaining this wonderful sheet Anchor created.)

Seven Days Departed Leader, @Anchor, crunches insane amount of data to give us full hero grades for raid offense, defense, and Titans in Empires and Puzzles:

Special thanks to @ScndStar (Who organized and built the whole spreadsheet), @Xero786, @Arien , and @Boarasaurus (Provided much needed content for specific heroes) and all the input of the Seven Days community.

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Been reading the forum for months but actually signed up to the forum purely to post a comment to say thanks! Serious effort went into this! I’ll def be using the spreadsheet.

At the same time…in true forum style…how could I not moan about something…

I think Thoth deserves an A for defensive raids (I very obviously have him) :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the effort folks :wink:

What's better 4* 70/4 or 5* 60/3

Thanks for all the effort that went into this. You did a great job. Unfortunately, for most of us, we are stuck with whatever random hero that shows up on our doorstep. Picking and choosing isn’t possible. Still, hope is nice.


This is great!

One minor correction - tile damage for Vivica is B (attack power 714) and Leonidas is C (attack power 731). I know poor Leonidas gets a lot of hate but I like him :slight_smile:

This may be beyond the scope of the spreadsheet, but it would help to have a grade for how useful the hero is at level 70, since many 5* stay un-ascended for many months


Woohoo! Wonderful!!
Thank you very much! Also in the name of our alliance!

Yes, we will name the source. Honor where honor is due.



Very interesting purple ranks. I’ve never had the chance to play with Hel, but I’ve always ranked her as the best purple and sad to see Panther wasn’t an A+ (mah favorite). All and all very in depth and we’ll done. Keep the good stuff coming and I’m sure this is gonna help lots of newbies and vets for a long time to come.

What is best 4* and 3* hero to pull up

Very clear and easy to understand, a great work that probably all people must read at least once.
New players can benefit the most out of this, and i really wished that was something like this some months ago.

I only see a defect: it not gives rating from events.
Some heroes probably get a better score (like Grimm, Little John or Quintus) taking that in consideration.


Updated :slight_smile:


Suggestion: lock the first column (where the names are) so those of us playing on phones can easily see what data pertains to which hero. :wink:


the names are on both sides of the spreadsheet. and the first column is locked. hmmm

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When I scroll to the right, the names disappear on the left:

I’m using an iPhone 5s, if it matters. :wink:


Panther is very good but we were very scarce on the A+ rating

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@ScndStar is this something that we can do?

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I’ll keep this in mind if there’s future demand specific for event hero grades.

I appreciate the feedback

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So… uhm… now everybody will start using the same heroes?

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Obtaining all the heroes is a very difficult process. And if you invest that kind of money into this game than you deserve to know which ones to level


Hm I assumed Google Spreadsheets would be built-in responsive design Rook, but I did freeze that first column on the left which could be causing the issue. They are repeated on the far right as well, so hopefully that helps a little bit - I can’t really change the underlying mechanics of the thing unfortunately


Well I’m beyond impressed with the sheet. Thanks for all your hard work!


Tremendous work here; many thanks! It confirms my thinking that my Peters needs to get underway, and that Merlin was a keeper out of this event (particularly with an eye towards the rerun of Guardians of Telok).

I agree with an earlier point that an assessment of event effectiveness would be a useful dimension. The mana control heroes, e.g. LJ, LX and Chao, shine brighter (if perhaps still not brightly) in dealing with the event bosses. Mana speed is less important because of the charge time with the minions.

I appreciate that there is some subjectivity here, but I do think you could have used some more pluses and minuses to add some texture. For example, you give a well-deserved C to both Elkanen and Kadilen, but looking across the detailed ratings, perhaps Elkanen merits a C+?

This should go without saying, but players need to consider the team interactions when assembling a good team, not just the individual scores of their heroes.


Great work. Thanks for sharing.