Multiple Ascension Questions

Hello all. I have a few various hero ascension questions. Mostly, I’m looking for utility in wars vs. saving mats for possible other/better heroes.

The only 4*+ heroes I have are 2x Sonya. One is maxed, one is 3x60. I do have 8 capes but only 3 telescopes, so even if I do pull a 5* blue, it’d be a while before I maxed it. Should I use 4 capes to ascend a 2nd Sonya, or hold out for a different blue hero?

For 4*+, I currently have maxed Tiburtus and Merlin. I have 6 Trap Tools and 6 Tabards. Is Cyprian worth using 4 of the Trap Tools to ascend, or should I wait for a different 4*, or maybe even a 5* since I have all 6 Tabards?

For 4*+ Greens, I have Melendor maxed. At 3x60, I have 2 Kashhrek and 1 Skittleskull. At 2x60, I have Elkanen and Horghall. I have 4 Shields and 4 Tonics. Only being able to ascend 1 of those to the next level, I don’t have any idea which would be best overall.

Other Notable Heroes:

Wu Kong 4x70
Gretel 4x70
Hu Tao 3x60

Boldtusk 4x70
Gormek 4x70
Scarlett 4x70
Colen 3x60
Colen 3x60
Gormek 3x60
Kelile 3x60

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!

Edit - I also currently have 1 TC20 running.

Hate to give you this answer, but I’d say wait on all of them and hope you get better options from TC20/other pulls. The only exception might be Kashrek for your defense team.

Be on the lookout for: Kiril, Grimm, Rigard, Sabina(ish), Caedmon


If that is the general consensus, I have no issue waiting. I’d rather wait on different/better heroes than waste mats.

I would say wait as well although I hate to because it stunts your growth in the game a bit.

@hazard has put together a nice list to be on the lookout for. Along with 5* is they come.

With 8 capes it’s no problem to ascend a second Sonya imo, you can use the other 4 on the next 4*/5*. You need 30 heroes for war, a second Sonya is more useful both for stacking against titan and in war than Karil.

Is Cyprian already at 3/60? You could set up a cap for the waiting, for example when you get a 7th trap tool, then you ascend Cyprian if no better purple.

Kashrek is a useful tank.

I don’t know why, but it feels wasteful to ascend another Sonya, even though she’s a decent hero. But being my only other blue, I might just do that. Like you said, I’ll still have 4 capes for another 4*/5* hero just in case…

Cyprian is currently 1/1, just got her last week with a 10-pull. I’ll definitely get her to 3x60, but I’ll re-evaulate then I think.

As for Kash, I think I’ll hold off for now at least…

Sounds like a reasonable strategy. To the time Cyprian gets to 3/60, you might get another purple and would have more options to choose from.

We’ll have to see what TC20 blesses me with! So far, I got Colen and then about 6 3* in a row…

I agree with the overall consensus, since you’re currently running TC20 I’d wait in hopes that you draw a better 4* or 5*. For blue, Grimm would be a great addition to your team, and Kiril is also very nice with his built in dragon banner. For purple, I’d cross my fingers for Sartana, but since that might take some time you probably have a better shot at Rigard, and if you do pull him I’d go with him for his cleanse. For green, out of the regular 4* I’d maybe only do Caedmon, but even then you already have Sonya and Melendor so not as much of a priority to get another buff dispeller, but it’s always nice to have different choices (again, if you pull him). & Possibly Kashhrek, but only for your defensive tank, so not high priority either. Out of the 5* you have, I’d wait til you have 6 tonics and then decide, but even then I’d maybe hold out hope for a better green hero like Lianna or Evelyn if you get lucky pulling a HOTM in December. Regardless of what you decide to do, I wish you luck on your TC20 pulls.

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