Player to ascend

Well i have all the requirement to ascend a green hero to the next level. Little john kashrek or Lianna. Actually my tank for my team defense is kashrek so i think it would be wise to ascend him to the last level. That said Lianna is in waiting.

Who do you think it is better?


I would go for Kash since you probabely dont have the mats to take Lianna to her 4th ascencion and Kash is a great tank for you right now.

Kasshrek imo since he’s your current tank. Long-term he’ll be a useful tank for raid tournaments.

Another vote for Kasshrek. I was hesitant to level him up, but after some recommendations, he became my first maxed 4*. He’s good at keeping me easily in the platinum range without any 5* in my team.

I could make an argument for Lianna. She hits hard. You have 4 star troops for both Grim and Kiril combo. Move Kiril to tank and upgrade Lianna. I might be saying that because I have Boldtusk and Wilbur, both with 4 star troops, that destroy fully leveled Kashreks pretty easily and my best green attacker is Berden.

I agree Kash is the one

Thanks for the answers guys

KASHREK forever!

He will hold you well in platinum with your roster.
I also see a baby GM around which should get some priority and flank Kash with him.

Recommended lineup with what you have assuming the 5* are at least 3/70.

Kiril - GM - Kash - Elena - Sabina

Riposte works great on heroes with low defense and rather high HP.
LJ also works in the right wing.

Thanks yeah i have GM. I just wish to push Elena and Khagan to 3.70 before to level up Gm :slight_smile:

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