Titans - what is your strategy, heros to always bring/avoid

I thought it might be interesting to talk about titan strategy. Mainly, what is your color stack, what heros are must haves, what heros to avoid, etc.

As for me, I tend to go with a 4-1 color stack, sometimes mono depending on color. My 1 is either Miki (vs red, blue or yellow) or Ranvir (green and purple) for their specials. I don’t have Tarlak, but I’d have to imagine he’d be in this group as well.

To add on to the damage boosters listed above, defense down heros also tend to be my must brings. Athena, Kunchen etc combined with the damage boosters above definitely inflate the amount of damage you can deal.

For heros I avoid, Red Hood is one because of the animation of her minions. Alby is a close 2nd because the animation of his heal takes a while, especially when combined with Evelyn’s heal. Alby’s resurrect keeps me adding him to the lineup though. Delilah’s minions have been sped up so I believe she’s viable vs titans. Any other animations that make them too painful to bring to a titan fight?

Here’s my top tip.

Check the colour of the titan.

Check the colour of your team

DOUBLE CHECK the colour of the titan!


I bring Isarnia for all non-Green Titans. Once I get Miki leveled up a bit more he will be an auto-include as well. I’m in the minority of players who think Wu Kong is overrated but I bring him against purples. Other than that, I just bring whatever 5* and 4* heroes match the Titan’s weak color. I don’t usually bother with a healer, although I bring Ariel against red Titans.

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The only time I do not bring Proteus or any of my heavy hitters is when their appropriate element is being reflected. I always bounce between a 3-2 and a 4-1. I like having Proteus around because of the mana stall and it gives me time to set up the board and hopefully cascade combos into the weak spot.

I use Wilbur in my yellow, purple and red team.
We are fighting 12* continuously and he helps my Teams to survive longer


For me it is as follows:

  • either Mono team, or 4:1 or 3:2:

  • Miki for blue, red, purple and yellow Titan, Wu Kong for green (Ranvir ist not yet adequately leveled, no Tarlak)

  • one Defense Down Hero (Grimm, Wilbur, Tiburtur, or Gormek)

  • one Elemental defence down Hero, in case I have (unfortunately, only have Jackal, Arthur and Falcon)

  • rest with high tile damage and / or attack up hero

  • tiny Mana pots, medium mana pots, arrows, potions

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Who ever got the most tile damage! Stick them in there! some arrows few banners and sml mana or anti
And hope for the best! :laughing:

I always bring mid or large health (not the giant one), minor mana, and either Bear & turtle banners OR Dragon and antidotes. Rares I bring in the big items (tornado, time stop, etc).

Wu is on every team. Ares on 4/5 (gregorian on blue) sandwiched between the two highest attack stats in strong color. Elemental debuffer (all except Panther), normal defense down hero, and then usually the highest remaining attack stat.

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Depends on the Titan, of course. Some of the animation, as you said, is just horrible. But I’ve learned to ignore all that. Here is who I’m bringing right now:

Red - Wu, Aegir, Frida, Isarnia, Misandra
Green - Wu, Wilbur, Ares, Zimkitha, Marjana
Blue - Wu, Wilbur, Evelyn, Lianna, Albie (oddly with this group, Blue titans are my best scores)
Yellow - Wu, Wilbur, Kunch, Sartana, Proteus
Purple - Wu, Wilbur, Jackal, Joon, Leonidas (or Vivica)

This is all until I get around to leveling and maxing Ranvir and Miki. Then Wu goes bye bye.

I generally bring small mana potions and charge up Wilbur/Aegir right away. Then I get to combos. Always bring small antidotes too. The other two spots I mix up but rarely use. After spending lots of resources in an attempt to get HUGE titan hits, I’ve found a comfort zone of consistent hits this way instead. Still come out near the top of my alliance when all is said and done.

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So so true - if only this could be pinned to the titan BEFORE you use your first titan flag :thinking:.


I got my highest titan hit 91275 the other day used wilbur and wu

My titan strategy:

Wu Kong.

That is all. :grin:

(will maybe change to Miki once leveled)

Important when setting tourney defence at 345 am too… :wink:

Ohh, I don’t do raid tournaments anymore, but something I remembered from when I did them… PSA: when it’s a “no heal” tournament, maybe don’t put 2-3 healers on your team. :grin: Those were easy wins for me but I kind of felt bad about taking the points.

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If you are starting out: top 5 attackers (couple attck+ and defense-)
Playing for a little bit: try to get 5 same strong against the Titan color.
Upper end: always take Ravnir(1)or Wu Kong (2) and then 4same strong color.
I feel I’m in the last group. I’m not quite in the top end yet. Blue 5* Titan I did single hit Max of 46660+ and 3hits at 135000+

I see a lot of recommendations for Wu / Ranvir / Miki, but few for defense debuffers as well. Just curious, why not a combination? doesn’t the damage formula show that defense reduction is more important?

damage formula

Green: BT, Wilbur, Falcon, Scarlett, Wu, big mana pots, 5k damage on the weak spot, 87k damage overall…impressing.

For the rest: 4-1 with Wu.

And double check colors, this morning I went with purple against purple :confused:

My teams are constrained by which heroes I do have. I have no Wu, Miki, Ranvir or Tarlak.

Grimm and Gormek are my only defense debuffers, so they always feature in my teams. I use Dragon/Bear banners where I don’t have an attack buffer in that color, as I prefer to fill the rest of my team with strong color. I do either mono or a 4/1 stack. I prefer Grimm > Gormek so the initial pulverizer hit does more damage (I can keep Grimm alive fairly easily with minor healing potions). Also bring minor mana potions so I can ensure Grimm / Gormek activate.

Vs. Red Titans (mono): Kiril, Grimm, Lepus, Sonya, Triton; attack buffer + defense debuffer + my other 3 Blues with the highest attack stats

Vs. Green Titans (mono): Gormek, Boldtusk, Lancelot, Scarlett, Namahage. defense debuffer + attack buffer all + 3 highest attack stats. If I can, I fire Boldy/Lance first before Nama, as Nama’s skill has a higher attack buff. Nama is a bit frail, but Boldy and Scarlett help keep him alive.

Vs. Blue Titans (4/1): Grimm, Margaret, Skittles, Jack, Gregorion 3/70. Defense debuff + critical hit chance + 3 other highest attack Greens. Greg over Mel, as the critical hit chance makes up for Greg’s lower tile damage. I used to have Brienne in, but without a healer she dies too easily / I spend too much time using potions on her. I might swap Gadeirus in for Skittles after I max Gad, but Gad is waiting on Fine Gloves. Dragon/bear banners for attack boost.

Vs. Yellow Titans (4/1): Grimm, Seshat, Proteus, Sabina, Aeron. Defense debuff + my only 4* and 5* Purples. Very happy with their tile damage though. Dragon/bear banners again.

Vs. Purple Titans (4/1): Grimm, Rana, Inari, Li Xiu, Chao. Defense debuff + my only 4* and 5* Yellows. Also very happy with tile damage. Dragon/bear banners again.

Have thought about always including Gregorion for the critical hit chance, but I don’t like the idea of going 3/1/1 against Titans. For Yellow, thought of Melia - but like Brienne she is too frail and I don’t have a Yellow healer.

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I bring Wu always (this annoying monkey lord gives high points as much as he gives low), after that, a random choice of who I think will do the most damage.