Color stacking titans

Is it always best to color stack when fighting the Titan? I’ve had mixed results? Thought maybe there are specific heroes to use for specific colors and/or titans? What’s the best color stack to kill a 4* Green Emerald Dragon? I have 6 strong teams,4 of them over 3,000. Have alot of 4* copies of heroes, doubles, & triples, too. Any advice would be appreciated. :upside_down_face:

Green: bring red, Boldtusk, Wilbur, Falcon…and some hard hitters.

Titans in general:

  • attack boost: Wu Kong, Miki, Ranvir, Gazelle etc. - if possible, according to color
  • elemental def down (Guardians, Evelyn…)
  • def down (Grimm, Gormek, …)
  • attack up (Boldtusk, Kiril, even Brienne can be helpful…)
  • tile damage (that’s what counts)

Ursena is very nice against yellow titans with her reflect, but she’s one of the rare heroes…

Most of the time I go 4-1, because of Wu Kong - exception is yellow :smiley: and I try to bring some heroes with synergies, Gretel with Chao or Li Xiu is useless and there are some others that aren’t so good together…

I personally bring arrows and/or harpoons, antidotes when needed (our purple doesn’t deal blindness or DoT, no antidotes needed) and sometimes big mana (use them at the start when I have a good board) or time stops or tornadoes (mostly for rare titans)…

Further readings:


Was about to include the same links :wink:.

There is so much great information on titan attacks - happy reading the above @TheeUnburnt. I also hope you are getting advice from alliance mates too. GL.


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