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Looking for help to streamline my titan attack teams. I have been playing a few months and have a good collection of heroes. I’ve been able to figure some things out (like how amazing Wu Kong is for every titan team, except for the rare yellow reflect titans), but I want to streamline things even further.

I routinely get 20-30k on a hit with an occasional 40-60k intermixed, but I would like to get that average hit up a little more and raise my percentage of 40-80k hits. Been training my alliance with the information I’ve been able to figure out but now I thought it was time to ask the community.

Based on my hero selection, what would you suggest as optimal hero allocation per colour and why?

I’ve read some threads but they are a bit outdated (for instance nothing about new hero’s like Telluria, or stat changes based on costumes. Assuming Wu Kong is in all titan attacks, what should my other 4 look like. (I am working on leveling a Grimm and Tiberius. It looks like Boldtusk should be in all three raid options, but is that in original form or Costume?). Also with that in mind, could a costumed Rigard be a suitable substitution if the colours are advantageous.

Do Melia and Mist have a spot? My biggest hit so far is about 59k and it was against a purple titan with both of these? Melia is a light target but that 36% to crit has given me massive dividends. Probably would have been higher if I brought a hero with a defence debuff.

For instance, for purple titans, I was thinking:

WuKong, Boldtusk, Grimm, Mist, Melia.

Any help would be appreciated.

in my honest opinion, I would start off by maxing your 4 star heroes first. So from the roster that I can see
Rigard, Kiril, Little John, Grimm, Tiburtus, Gormek, Scarlett, Li Xiu
Once you have developed your roster I would attack the Titan colour stacking in the strong colour 4-1 and use Wu Kong.
Boldtusk is good against any Titan other than blue.
Wilbur for any Titan other than blue
Kiril for any Titan other than green
Grimm for any Titan other than green
Good luck

I am working on those slowly. Got Telluria and Ursena which slowed it down, but I’m maxing out a 4 star every week and a half or so. I have a max Little John with talent tree. Rigard is fully ascended as a regular, currently working on his costume.

I would try 5 of the same color it’s called mono but strong against Titan I’ve been playing for a year and some change and I just started to use mono. So if the color of the titan it’s blue I’ll use 5 green or use Wu and 4 of the same color

Purple titan – Wilbur, Mist, Melia, Bane, Wu Kong
Yellow titan – Ranger Rigard, Wilbur, Ursena, Proteus, Wu Kong
Blue titan – Brienne, Wilbur, Little John, Telluria, Wu Kong
Green titan – Fighter Boldtusk, Wilbur, Colen, Namahage, Wu kong
Red titan – Kiril, Valen, Isarnia, Boril, Wu Kong

Replace the 3*s with better 4*s as you train them up.

When you have more leveled 4* and 5* heroes, you’ll want to replace the ones with the lowest attack stats for the ones with better attack stats.

Preferably also try to bring defense droppers of the strong color against the titan. When you don’t have one of the strong color, bring Wilbur instead as he’s your best one currently.

Ranger Rigard and Fighter Boldtusk are specifically recommended because of their attack boosts.


@DaveCozy Assuming I had a maxed Tiberius and Grimm Would those load outs change at all? Old threads seem to value them high, but I don’t know if they factor in newer options.

Among other things, I’m trying to prioritize heroes to max out. I have such a backlog of 4 stars that I need to find a levelling focus. Like my poor Richard who has gotten no love.

Hello. I’ll write this with a “work in progress” mindset. However, what titan star level are you up against?

I would not use Boldtusk with costume, because his costume decreases the percentage of his attack boost. The higher the attack boost, the more damage your team delivers with tiles and special skills.

Ideally you want to use 4 heroes of the same colour (or 5, but you’ll need heroes like Tarlak) strong against the titan + Wu Kong. These 4 heroes, ideally, have the following mix of special skills:

  1. Attack boost
  2. Defense
  3. Elemental defense debuff (Evelyn, Guardian Falcon etc.)

Crit boost also helps increase your damage, but it’s a bit less relevant to me.

Have you noticed that Wilbur’s defense debuff is -44% as opposed to the -34% of the ramming pulveriser trio (Grimm, Tiburtus, Gormek) and Buddy? I would use Wilbur where you lack a defense debuffer

Yellow team: Boldtusk / Wilbur / Mist / Melia / Wu Kong

Li Xiu could replace Melia once she’s maxed. It might help you if I tell you that my current yellow team is Boldtusk / Wilbur / Guardian Jackal / Joon / Ranvir. It’s currently my best performing team with ~70/80k average and 120k top damage against purple 10* titans. So long for ideally going 4+1 or 5. :slight_smile:

Purple team: Cost. Rigard / Tiburtus / Ursena / Proteus / Wu Kong

Right now, I would replace Rigard with Sabina and Tiburtus with Wilbur until both purple heroes are maxed. You can use a bear banner for the attack boost until Cost. Rigard is maxed. It’s also possible that Boldtusk / Wilbur / Proteus / Sabina / Wu Kong could help you achieve more balanced hits, but it will affect your purple tiles damage negatively.

Red team: Boldtusk / Wilbur / Colen / Scarlett / Wu Kong

Scarlett has very high attack stats and will be a great addition to your red team. Right now I would replace her with Mist probably, so your yellow tiles will deal more damage.

Blue team: Kiril / Grimm / Isarnia / Boril / Wu Kong

This will be your blue team with most tile damage available soon. However, be careful not to overwrite Isarnia her defense debuff (-44%) with Grimm his weaker defense debuff (-34%). Grimm first, Isarnia second. I would max Kiril and Grimm first and give them emblems. After that it’s a decision between maxing Isarnia or Richard. With Grimm maxed, I would probably lean towards Richard and replace Isarnia with him on your blue titan team. His attack debuff comes in very useful.

Green team: Kiril / Grimm (Isarnia) Telluria / Little John / Wu Kong

You can try to max out two other green heroes (Skittleskull) and go 4+1, but I would stick to having an attack booster and defense debuffer in my team.

Hope this helps a bit. :+1:

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Yes, I’d add Tiburtus over Wilbur for your yellow titan team, and I’d add Grimm over Valen for your red titan team.

Always try to stay on the strong color as much as possible for best damage scores

@TomV93 we’re stuck in the 7-8 stars. I’m generally in the top 3 for dmg, but probably #1 considering I don’t have harpoons yet. I’ve been able to help other teammates see greater dmg from my daily observations, but I’ve been looking at a way to theorycraft a little better.

Grimm vs Isarnia. I was wondering about Grimm more due to speed. I know Isarnia has better stats but if I want to pop her before Wu, I need to bring super mana potions to guarantee she will keep up.

I’m a little wary about doing a 4/5 mono team. It can do massive amounts of dmg. But I just attacked with a purple team where I couldn’t get any purple tiles to cooperate and ended up with a measly 8k dmg. I mean bad luck with tiles just happens sometimes, but I find it’s more likely the more you colour stack. Maybe it’s a matter of high risk/high reward.

I take Wu and Wilbur against most titans. Wu for the chance at 185% attack and Wilbur for defense down but ultimately survivability against 14* titans. The other three are mono strong colour and highest attack stat against the titan.

Alright. Soon your 3* heroes won’t be of great effectiveness against the titans. Prioritizing to max out 4* heroes is a good idea.

Kiril, Cost. Rigard, Grimm, Tiburtus, Scarlett and Li Xiu will all add to increasing your titan damage and survivability.

No need for super mana potions. The tiny or average ones will do the job as well! Manipulating the board while firing 3/6/9 blue tiles to help gain mana is all part of the initial stages of the fight. Which leads to…

It happens rarely that you get very unlucky. Most of the times players tend to immediately use the strong colour tiles after they appear. I am not saying you do, because it’s very well possible you got unlucky.

The trick is to manipulate the board, keep your heroes alive and load up their mana before you have a nice cascade or diamond in the strong colour. There’s a reason why it’s highly recommended to go 4/1 or mono! :smile:

I understand that not having the necessary heroes (ready) makes 4/1 or mono sometimes a bit…risky and perhaps even “worse” (not to my own experience, but let’s not exclude the possibility). So, if that doesn’t work for you, you can set up your teams with a mix of heroes that other people and myself have mentioned so far in this thread. :+1:

Does Wu Kong affect Harpoon dmg?

Not a bad three shot on the Onyx Dragon. That 64 is a personal best. The 26k is an outlier. Wu got one-shot before I could use his special. Thought he was safe but hit an unexpected combo that set off the dragon’s special early.

No. Only HERO damage.

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