Titans - Best formation for maximum damage potential

There are a heap of good information graphics etc… on the best team set-up for titans:

To answer your question; for 13*+ titans most people use a team consisting of:
1x Attack Booster (miki, Tarlak, Ranvir, Wu, G. Gazelle)
1x Elemental Defence Down (Panther, Jackal, Falcon, frida/arthur & Evelyn)
1x Defence Down (Wilbur is most common as he has the defence buff & damage share) - Note that a Harpoon does this for you…
2x On Colour Damage Dealers (bonus if they have a secondary affect like attack down etc…)

Popular items are ones like:

  • Mana pots (to get your specials firing from the start, particularly Wilbur)
  • Tornadoes/ Time stops
  • Attack banners
  • Harpoons/ Axe Attack/ Turtle banner
  • Scroll of Alteration

Personally, I run 4-1 with the 1 being miki (purple titans excepted where I use Wu)
The 4 are on-colour strong and I try to maximise the aspects outlined above… I use 4x on colour strong to maximise the colour stacking damage… downside is that I sometimes miss some of the other aspects like the damage share or normal defence down… But thats me…