Intermediate Titan Strategy

Trying to improve my titan hits. Most people like to take a mono team. I get that, but boy it sucks when you don’t get any board love, but the focus here is to see what i can do about the things I control, which is the heroes I take and the items I bring.

FYI, my alliance is usually hitting 10-12 star titans. I’m def on the low end of progress in the game, compared to them.

Heroes: (Candidates to take on most or all titan teams)
*Wu Kong: haven’t leveled him much. I don’t like his low accuracy. I think people still use him. should I reconsider?
*Bertulf: Love him. I have him at 55+20 and he is awesome. If I use an axe and a turtle banner, he can take at least one slash and will hopefully fire before he dies.
*Franz: I have him at 70+15. Just gave him LB mats, but not leveled him to 75 yet, but he’s next. He’s just so slowwwwww. He’s DEF worth bringing on Green teams against blue titans, but I hear some bring him on ALL titan teams.

I don’t have Tarlak, Miki, Ranvir, or others. I have some solid 4* heroes, but Xnolphod is the only 5* I have started leveling, so that’s where I’m at.

I usually take mana pots, antidotes, axes, and turtle banners. (Trying to keep the item usage under control for long term sustainability, but open to suggestions).

Sometimes, I can get some great hits, but usually average out to around 15k - 30k. I know I can do better. maybe just need stronger teams?

I take bertulf on almost every team. Would love to replace with a beefier hero who can take more than 1 hit. Maybe him AND Franz, but then I only have 3 slots for color stacking and after some initial testing, i see that I’m not doing the damage I was hoping for.

All titan strategy really comes down to the following:

Massive attack boost: In your case Bertulf which is fine.

Defence down: Not sure you have for this

Additional attack up: the likes of CRigard, Boldtusk etc. If none just use bear banner.

Tile booster: Not many so don’t worry if don’t have.

Crit attack up: A number of HotM have this as element link

High attack value

Using as many in strong colour as you can

Items wise the good value ones are mini mana, arrows, turtle and bear banners. Switch in others as needed depending on type of titan faced.

If you are lacking the heroes try to take advantage of throwing as many flags as possible to increase your score.Not using flasks of course unless alliance has to.


Bring Franz and bertulf on every titan. Replace Bertulf with Wu when you have him maxed.
Bring 3 heroes of the strong colour.
1 should have defense down
1 should have elemental defense down (if you have), for example Nordri, Falcon, Jackal, Almur, Sergei (those are the 3 and 4 star options).
1 should have attack boost. this one can easily be replaced by using a banner item instead.
If you don´t have all 3 in the strong colour, either skip the ability and go for the highest attack value hero you have in the strong colour or chose a hero with the ability, but in a different colour.

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My “model” titan team (for purple titans):

  • Heimdall - Attack up (+overheal for better survivability)
  • Jackal - Elemental defence down + high attack stat
  • Zekena - general defence down + high attack stat + high direct damage
  • Poseidon - high attack stat + high direct damage
  • Wu Kong - large attack up
    Artifacts: Dragon flags, small antidotes (purple dragons drop poison), Harpoons and tornadoes
    With good board it can make >100k result from one attack
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These are awesome heroes to use against titans! Most are 5*s, but it’s all about what they bring to fights which is elemental defense down, attack up, critical rates up, etc.

I read this excellent post on this topic just this morning. Specific hero list for 3*, 4* and 5* vs any colour. Some people won’t need it, but apparently, I did. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Edit: thanks @Nimppy for your work.


High attack is great but keeping heroes alive also has value.

For titans that the alliance is confident to beat it may be worth fielding whichever color heroes with a mind on those with decent defence and health. With strong titans that you are gunning for it may be worth using strored tornados and timestops etc to make sure you can stun titans or deplete their mana. Attack down items are also useful. In these cases you may find it easier to bring in high attack colour matching heroes.

If your heroes don’t have great expected lifespans with titans then sure take your time with small mana potions. Otherwise, I’d go with super mana potions for titans to give some starter steriods to your main buffer/debuffer.

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Sorry but this is verging almost on bad advice. Titans are all about tile damage. Even if a hero dies during the time the benefit of the high attack stack will still come in.

Survivability can be added in from battle items such as arrows for misses and turtle banners to increase Def. Plugging in extra healers to the detriment of either colour stacking or lower average attack stat will not help the OP with getting better titan scores. If it’s the case that none of your heroes survive a minute and a half battle it’s more likely the case that you are taking on too high level titans for strength of team.

Using high cost items such as nadoes, time stops and super mana potions is also inefficient for lower level players. The items I mentioned before are more viable from a cost/ reward scenario leaving the higher cost items available for completing content such as aether quests, masquerade, ToL, getting to floor 25 in towers etc where you can get better impact to help your roster. Using a bunch of high value items to move to B instead of C on a titan is far less worthwhile.


I have Bertulf, Ranvir and WuKong all maxed out. I have no idea who is better for titan teams between Ranvir and Bertulf?

Any ideas?

Bertulf 100%, the miss factor is awful.


I used Bertulf in nearly every single titan battle for a lonnng time, but he can’t really take more than one slash from a 10* titan, so I eventually swapped him out.

Another hero i CONTINUE to use on every titan team is Franz… dude is a beast.

Keep in mind that Ranvir has fast mana speed, plus his element link will give your team defense up against dark. The negative accuracy sucks, but he’d also be able to withstand a bit more damage. Bertulf is by far one of the best 3* heroes, but not if he’s dead.

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Thanks Milkbone! Yeah through trial and error I think I arrived at Ranvir being my best choice for the moment, mostly due to fast speed