Estimating next titan's HP / level

Hi everyone,

I searched in the forum but could find anything relevant to my concern. Although I know I’m certainly not the only or first one to want that. Is there a way to predict the next titan , especially after escape?

Here is the deal. I had a “fight” with a co-leader who wanted us to not hit the escaping titan at all. I didn’t like the idea as I know the food and iron of the reduced loot still helps. We hit a few at the last hours (titan fled with 87% HP) and had a serious decrease in HP(-500k).

Yesterday, we let them hit it soft (although some didn’t perfectly respect that) and the titan fled with around 75% HP left. Now the next is just 200k lower at the same level (11*). Is there a breaking point helping to drop the next titan better or something more accurate to have a better base for our decisions? Thank you


As far as I am aware, there isn’t really any statistical / empirical information or data set which has been gathered and presented on this subject.

There is a lot of “gut feel” and “observations” tho.

Essentially the things we KNOW:

  1. Titans of a given star have a couple options on HP that they can spawn with.
    E.g. a 1* titan can spawn with 88k, 110k or 130k HP

  2. Titan TYPE (i.e. a crystalline collossass or Onyx Dragon) have a range of Titan Stars that they appear at.

  3. Rare titans ONLY start appearing at 5-Stars (and higher)

  4. The Star Rating of the next titan to appear is governed by the alliances Titan Score; HOWEVER this just changes the CHANCE of what star titan appears next…

    • So a higher Titan Score gives a higher chance of a bigger star-titan appearing; and
    • vice-versa, a lower Titan Score gives a higher chance of a lower star titan appearing
    • Thus it is entirely possible that the titan following an escaped could be the same star-rating as the one that escaped.
  5. Defeating titans makes your Titan Score go UP; escaped titans makes your Titan Score go UP also but just less of an increase. Your score naturally decays bit-by-bit over time.

Stuff that we DON’T know for certain (but is commonly held as true):

  • The TIME remaining when a titan is defeated changes the score increase on your Titan Score

  • Health remaining on an escaped titan affects the the change in your Titan Score


Escaped titans do not lower your titan score.
Titan scores drop once a day by 5% regardless of how or when you kill titans.
Escaped titans increase your score, but by less than a killed one.
As to predicting the next one… good luck with that :grin:


That’s exactly the part I was struggling to understand but it’s not clear as you mentioned it then…

Thank you for that very nice summary. So it’s still have some randomness in it… Like everything in this game :sweat_smile:

Loooll I mean not precisely but if there was some break points I wasn’t aware of it would have helped :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. But that’s alright then. Thanks for the reply.

I spent over a year recording and studying titans with the goal of predicting what would come next.

There are some general rules that I have mostly forgotten now (these days I can be 100% sure that the next titan will be a 14* lol)

But I found no way to acurately predict the next beast :frowning:


I’ve just started (after the post) to pull out the records I had over the last 6 months. The pattern between next HP and %HP left on the escaped one is clearly positive but having a general rule is not reallly obvious…

Hi Guvnor, I have data set which has been gathered. Anyone can use them. Already now one can answer a lot of unanswered questions. Titan Score - A Data Farming Project!

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