Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You

And a B on a 9* titan can give you(not my loot, I got only 2* crap)


I’m not 100% sure why you’re replying to that particular post, but yes, loot tier 10 gets 3 AM roll slots. So that definitely is a possible outcome.

Your alliance mate should really savor that one. I doubt he or she will see another set of titan drops like that for a long, long time :slight_smile:

Is this becoming a bragging thread? then I can confirm that loot tier 14 gives 4 ascension mats


Good items: clothes to fight the cold, a book to fight the boredom and a drink to enjoy better your free time :slight_smile:


What witchcraft is this? Everyone knows A gets crap loot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi i’ve just done this GSheet about all information i’ve found so far to resume the titans grades, loot tiers and all.
Hope it’ll help some people
TITANS : Grades, Loot Tiers, Minimal Dmg dealt to Grades
Let me know if there is mistakes or comment to improve this little chart.


Thank you for pulling this together!

There’s actually an error in the OP of this thread vs. the current loot tiers though, which seems to be replicated in your chart.

For escaped titans, the rounding is now down, not up. So, for instance, an A on an escaped 9* is loot tier V, not VI.


Hey guys quick question.

My alliance battles 10* on a daily basis. Based on this info, seems regardless of my score I’m getting 3 rolls of mats. I keep using items to always be near the top. What is the incentive to have loot tier 13 vs. 9 if the mat loot is the same? Do the percentage for the rolls go higher with the loot tier?


Yup! At least, that’s what I’ve seen the devs say on the topic in the past. I’ll be damned if I know where to find those comments though, sorry. For whatever it’s worth, my own personal data tracking seems to confirm the same.

But yeah, to get that 4th mat roll, you’ll need the A+ grade on an 11* (or rare 10*), an A or A+ grade on a 12* (or rare 11*), or B or higher on a rare 12*.

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Cool. That makes me happy.

I’m relentless on my titan hits and go through a lot of items to always try to be top 5. I would lose my drive if there wasn’t any benefit.

If the roll percentage goes up a couple points by loot tier, that’s enough incentive for me.

Not getting my 4th roll anytime soon… LOL. The best I ever did was score A on a rare 10*…

Well, uh, if you wanna join an alliance fighting 11* and 12* titans, let me know. >:)

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Thanks it’s corrected !


Ok I understand what you’re saying but my husband and I play side by side. He consistently gets A or A+ where as I consistently get B-C on titan loot. I get better loot than him most of the time, in fact almost every time. How do you explain that? I’m not a horde. He should be getting better loot. I don’t think he’s gotten anything he can’t make or farm on low levels in well over a month. He has 6 or 7 4* and 2 or 3 5* he can’t level because he can’t get the ascension items.

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Rngesus is kinder to you than him.


Higher loot tier doesn’t necessarily mean more ascension materials rolls, in fact these rolls go from a minimum of 1 if you score D against a 1* titan to 4 if you score A+ on a rare 12* (see table in OP). So if you and your husband, despite the different loot tiers, have the same number of ascension materials rolls, than it’s just a matter of luck who gets more unfarmable ones. On the contrary, if you start fighting titans that give 3 rolls to A/A+ score, and only 2 to B/C scores (that is 7* titans or 6* rares), than luck won’t be enough to keep you getting more unfarmable mats than him. If you 2 start taking note of how many unfarmables you get on the long run (2 months at least), rather than comparing single loots, I’m sure you’ll get even more convinced that you’re just lucking out, or maybe that he even gets better loot you and you 2 are just “confirmation biased”

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Can some please confirm what positions equal what grade. I was 6th in our recent titan and got a B.

I thought, 1 was A+
2-6 A
7-15 B
Rest C.

1 = A+
2-5 = A
More than 3.3% damage = B
More than 1% damage = C


So, can we update the OP to reflect Tiers 13-16? Do we know what # of rolls we get from them?

We just inherited a 12* Rare Alpha Gryphon, so if we’re able to kill it (pretty big IF) then our A+ should have Loot tier 16, our As - 15, our Bs - 14.

As I understand it there’s 4 ascension mat rolls for Tier 14+ (but I had to make it through a lot of posts to find that). Would be awesome if that was included in the OP. Any idea on other food/ingredient rolls? We’ll take screenshots to help add data if that’s helpful.

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Tier XVI gets a 5th ascension mat roll. Tiers XIV and XV get six crafting mats, and tier XVI gets seven crafting mats.

ETA: @Garanwyn @zephyr1 @Rook
Seems like a good idea to update the OP with this info. Not sure if that’s within your powers though? =-]


Yes, it is. I’ve added up through loot tier 15 since I’ve got a pic in my archive.

Do you have a pic for loot tier 16?


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