Rule for Titan strength

I’m not quiet sure If this thread is already alvailable somewere, so pleas shift over if so.

Question is, is there a rule known how the strength of a titan (I mean stars) is connected to something?!

I note since a wile now all Titans for my Alliance and its freaking me out now that there is no rule for it which I can grap and repeat.

We defead 3-4 12⭐️ Titans until a 13⭐️ Apears which we let flee to get drop back to a 12⭐️
But the curren scenario prooven hat after we let the 13​:star: Flee, there came an other 13​:star: Right after! And I can’t explain why :man_shrugging:

We are testing since 3 Month to do less dmg on the flee titans, not more than 2-3 dmg points per member and for the one we defeat, we kill em just in the last hour. This was recommended by lot of ally as a proven way to keep the stars at the same strength for as long as possible in a row. But this rule seems to me is not realy working.

In other alliances I have seen also jumps from a 7⭐️ To a 9⭐️ But never a two step drop down.

So what are the bits I need to turn, what are the actions I have to take in order to “control” the Titan in such a way to get as most as possible Titans in a row which we can deal with.

We had the same issue yesterday. We can not kill 10* Titans so we let them also go…the surprise is that the next one was also a 10* Titan which has never happened to us before, so this issue is kind of new for us too.

I believe the titan strength is linked to your alliance Titan Score.

The higher the score the more likely you are to get a higher titan.

It’s not a hard-and-fast thing tho… I believe its still RNG linked… Hence the statement of “More Likely”

I don’t know that anyone has really taken the time to work out a) how the titan score works/is calculated and b) what the scale/cut points is…

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We thought that too, a member kept an eye on it for a while and we came to know, It doesn’t! There is no link in between.
We had many cases were the score was less than before and a higher titan appeared :man_shrugging:

Thats what I was meaning with the likelihood. There isn’t a hard and fast rule cause it all is on a grading scale (the titan score) which seems to just alter the probability of various titan strengths…

Anyways, thats my thoughts :stuck_out_tongue: unless you get a Dev in here I don’t know if you’ll get more than peoples thoughts :stuck_out_tongue:

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There’s an RNG component, like everything else in this game:

Can than the „basis rules“ be noted down in a formula or best practice plan? A overall guideline outlining all possible bits?

We kill only in the las hour an get 3-4 12⭐️ In a row. If we kill fast, it jumps directly up.
What are the titan points for? What indications do they give and how to read it?

It’s probably possible to reverse engineer how it works if we had enough data. I’m not sure if anyone has ever done a data collection project for that.

Maybe @gregschen or @BarryWuzHere would be interested, or know someone who would be, or know someone who’s been collecting data about Titan Score and star levels.


Data collection can be started on provided, if you know what data are important.
It feels to me currently that there are so many factors which influence the result.

I can provide nearly 1 year data collection of titan 12 killend/flee but maybe important information like when the kill happened isn’t noted.

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It’s simple

Kill em all!

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Ideally, yes.
But 14* are to material consuming :sweat_smile:

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Hmm not too bad if players divvy up the weight, hit a common goal, figure out how to make the most of boards without expensive items, etc

Aim for averages and minimums and not flag to flag scores

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Hi zephyr1, I’m just trying. I will be happy in the future for any help with presenting the results that are clear from this. Titan Score - A Data Farming Project!

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