The game CHANGED! Did no one NOTICE?!... or did no one CARE?!

The game CHANGED! Did no one NOTICE?!.. or no did one CARE?!


Event heroes: as much as the 20% would help, I don’t have all of the event heroes. And then I don’t have them all with emblems. And they haven’t been my limit breaking priority. So the boost really only made them similar to other heroes.
Treevil was a solid addition and helped improve scores on Saturday after I leveled him.
I used Bauchan because I already have him highly leveled. But I generally stuck with the normal heroes I’d use.

Mono: It made me do less mono attacks, but I’m not competing for top 100. From what I’ve seen and heard from this and towers where we have a similar rule many still prefer mono. This rule probably makes non mono teams more possible to place highly, but doesn’t necessarily make mono a bad idea.

I think we’ve noticed. I don’t think it’s big enough to force a different style of play and/or care. I think you’ll be the one to tell us if we should care. If you find it easier to place in top 10 with non mono teams and everyone else seems to still run mono, that will answer the question.


Bout time they did something about these people running mono. They are almost as bad a cancer as the summon gates. Very liked change that should be implemented throughout.


So with a disclaimer that I haven’t watched the video as of yet, due to time of year with work and spending family time YouTube watching for E&P vids is on the back-burner just now where as forum reading I can do whilst on the bus or making dinner etc. I think what would help with thumbnail YouTube posts is possibly a few sentences giving an overview of the thoughts to incorporate more discussion on the forum.

However going by Ruskins comments on the video a few thoughts. I don’t think changes which make us reconsider how we play is a bad thing. I enjoy when my normal techniques and thought processes are challenged and not being able to play everything in the same way.


I agree 100 %


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The changes that they introduced for this particular challenge (who knows if they’ll apply it to others) didn’t make a difference for me. I stack 4-1 usually and didn’t find it any easier or harder than the others.

TBH, I did better in Legendary Tier than I normally do.


Do believe this is just for this event… Not every one… They calmed it down from original beta…


This 20% bonus is there for all new challenge events (Villians, Starfall, Slayers) since they are added, and you can also bypass elemental barriers with them. So that you do not to care about the reflected element.

This mono punishment is just added to the towers impossible questline and this event.


Added to that the magic heroes also have that passive secondary effect on full charge that requires a different element… I think the game is trying to shift a bit away from color stacking being the go-to, I’m for variety so if color stacking is still effective AND multi color is getting improved that is like a win-win in a way.


Oh ■■■■ actually didn’t know that… Do recall the 20% wasn’t recvied well in beta threads…
Of cause it wouldn’t… Haha :joy:

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100% agreed. I do appreciate these changes, not so much on the tower changes.

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In Beta earlier there was a stage score bonus too for bringing event heroes for League of Villians event.
That was removed by Staff but they left the event hero stat bonus.


The stat curve is not linear


The mono punishment is to prevent runaway Event Hero mono teams

Click for Simplified Damage math

Until the soft cap is reached, using the simplified damage model,

Event hero mono =

1.279 x non event mono damage

Using simplified Sturdiness model everything cancels back down to x1.2 Sturdiness ( not actual number in game )

1.279 x 1.2 = 1.5348x Total Damage Output for Event mono team versus non event mono team

I do not know how the stacking penalty works

Does each hero get -10% Attack stack ( 0% to -40% )

Assuming -40% mono penalty

0.92088 TDO for Event mono team or -8% effectively versus a non event mono team ( when non event mono team is fighting a non event enemy like a titan )


Click for notes

Before soft cap

Non event mono

(5*1)^1.35= 8.78

Event mono

(5*1.2)^1.35= 11.23

Event mono 11.23 / Non event mono 8.78 = 1.279 x non event mono

Simplified Sturdiness

( DEF * 2 ) + HP

Since everything multiples by 1.2 for event heroes

( ( 1.2 * DEF * 2 ) + 1.2 * HP ) / ( ( DEF * 2 ) + HP ) = 1.2



I think people with weaker mono teams/limited rosters are most affected by this. I just made sure to bring a regular and elemental def. down hero if I had one for a particular color and most times that mitigated quite a bit of the attack reduction.

A slight shift in strategy but it can be overcome if you have the right heroes when color stacking.

I didn’t mind the change for this event, made things a little more interesting. If they were to try and institute this game wide, then there’d be a litany of complaints because color stacking has been a part of the game since day one and is a core mechanic.

Color stacking 3 or more should have been punished long ago. The fact that that it is a staple in the game is a bigger problem as it lead to nothing but very poor gaming habits and speaks of just lazy employees and players all the way around. With the game being set up the way it is with 5 colors, there are many things they could have implemented way earlier such as heroes that give certain color shields bonuses and debuffs leading to a more lucrative game play then what we have been dealing with for years.

I give no respect of skill to anyone running mono 24/7 especially people spending tens of thousands of dollars to do so.


If this relates to the last Challenge event I ran mono in every level and finished inside the Top 500 in each section.

I noticed it so little I thought it wasn’t even working tbh. Just ended up like a normal event with the added fun of switching the strongest mono out for the slightly less strong one twice


why? color stacking is legitimate strategy in the game with certain trade-offs.

a lot of players i’ve talked to in and out of game have talked about changing strategies around, and they discovered something they settled into and have fun playing. a few don’t commit to any particular strategy and decide on how to approach an opponent pretty much on the fly, but i don’t see how that’s lazy or poor gaming habits on the parts of the players. i hate playing rainbow, e.g., because i don’t really have the roster for it and the non-existent tile damage makes for awkward end-game strategies if i’m trying to win with some heroes down.

i play mono because when i first started using that strategy, it helped spread the depth of my roster a bit since i wasn’t using all my best heroes on one war hit. i kept playing mono because my eyes just see tile play much better that way, even on trash boards. i’ve gotten trash boards playing every strategy (yes, even rainbow), and it’s just more my style to have that potential of tiles killing a hero that is charged because it took me a while to get my matches.

basically me, except i didn’t compete much this go around because i’ve run out of weapons from the volume of events happening.

imo, unless they completely nuke mono tile and special skill damage, there’s little SG can do about the strategies employed in getting top scores. so long as the scoring algorithm remains the way it is, players will continue to maximize the combo bonus and time bonus (with chest farming), and mono event teams (or 4-1 with the 1 being a big attack boost) will continue to dominate most events.

the towers are a different story just because once you get to the highest impossible stages, it becomes less about time and more about just finishing, and because of the mana bonuses from the (rare) blessings, a team of multiple Xnolphods and off-color heavy hitters just makes more sense in that context. it also helps save on premium battle items.


Everyone entitled to their own opinion but as i stated anyone spending tens of thousands of dollars to run a single color just to take the top spot because SG allows it shows the laziness of the staff, the design of events, and the community.

Everyone knows how those people get top scores and it’s defnitely not by using their full roster to their advantage. They take these terrible tactics into other parts of the game where this style of play is literally pay and spray versus actually learned playstyles. At no point did I say stacking colors at all was not a good strategy but i did say running full mono is the lamest strategy ever allowed in this game and tons of players agree with this sentiment.

There is nothing a mono only player will ever say to me to agree with them and I hope vice versa. I took a year and a half away from the game and come back and with my bow outdated roster still perform better than half of the alliance I am in. I dontnhave a single hero with 20 emblems, none crafting material but still getting 73k and higher hits on titans, still finishing top 5 in war scores, so with actual real data ima continue to stick to my guns and say anything over 3-2 stack is pathetic and to be laughed at.

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Lets just say that mono is definitely an optimal strategy when facing enemies that charge per tile. It is generally true that particular SS will dominate a battle (and that, my friends, is because of power creep and the fact that rather than make all heros of a particular rarity about equal, SG has put together novel SS’s in later season to keep ppl spending money to get them). So as an attacker, the critical thing is damage -to-charge ratio per tile. A mono team doex 5x the damage, so the ratio shifts favorably. At the risk that you have to send off-color tiles for a damage-to-charge that is basically nil. And I can tell you that many many times all of us who use mono have had ridiculous boards where by some little conincidence, there are maybe 3 tiles on-color, and each match gets replaced with more off-color tiles. Anyway, it doesn’t seem that folks have notices, but I seem to notice that one thing SG has done to correct that is to give defending hero a charge-per-damage rather than charge per tile. I am talking about charge that happens from DD. No tile hits, but you will see the enemy mana bar jump when they take direct damage.

So basically SG is monkeying around in ways that are apparent (e.g., the damage hit for multi-color heros in events) but also ways that are not being disclosed IMHO. As for the damage reduction, I think it’s ridiculous to penalize the second color matched hero even if you are going to penalize the defense by reducing charge for each hero of the same color. I have no problem with a reduction in attack that happens for the 4th or 5th on-color hero. But balance between offense and defense is key so then you need to NOT go bumping up defensive mana generation rates at the same time. Finally, the consensus in my alliance is that the event mono teams that dominate every event are doing so by using color change scrolls. Trust me, I run some events mono and I never get even close to the scores on the top board. In some events with mono, I can clear a quest level in <45 seconds with mono and it’s not even close to what those guys must be scoring. So again, look at how SG has made scroll / mat buying central to the success strategy. If they eliminate color change scrolls I suspect that would restore the balance in the force.

The game changed in another way as well… when you fight a Titan, the countdown used to be a real countdown and you could fire a special or make a match any time during the “3-2-1”. Now, you get locked out as soon as “1” is on the screen. Also you get locked out longer during the animations… which is really annoying. This has caused my average Titan score to suffer hugely.

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:rofl: ok buddy, have your cake and eat it too.