OMG! Just so OP!

So I think most of us are a bit sick of the negativity around just now.

So for a bit of fun and hopefully some discussion…

What hero did you always struggle against, but learned how to deal with and now aren’t afraid to face?

What did you do to overcome it?

Or on the flip side:

What hero are you struggling with?

What have you tried different to improve your chances? What are you considering trying next?


Treevil. I’ve faced a lot of him in this current tournament. I decided the only way to deal with him is go mono holy. It eliminates the biggest threat.

Comparatively if I face alfrike in regular war I can bring c.vanda and generally get six red tiles before alfrike fires.

I’m not sure who gave me the most trouble back in the day. Knights of Avalon legendary 10 lady of the lake stands out more than anyone else.

With power creep most problems can go away with time as you get better counters.


All new very strong hero’s present 1 problem or another. Some are status effects, some are buffs, and some are just raw power at high speed.

That is what I like most about this game, figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Pure power is the toughest thing to overcome in my opinion. The game would be so boring if everything stayed the same and hero’s didn’t get stronger and different.

IMO there are just too many players that lose a couple of raids and come here to vent instead of trying something different. Yelling for nerfs. I think the better option is to yell for a counter hero, or dig into your roster and find the solution.


I’m not saying the boards aren’t random but seemingly every time I faced a Boss Wolf it did not go well…and I’m not just talking about Rush.


Great thread Kilt! I’ll go by levels.

3 Star - Kvasir I like using my Kvasir but that dude always seems to fire first making it so I can’t produce minions like for the whole match!

4 star - Li Xui She’s a brutal tank and always seems to fire when my heroes are ready to use their special skill, ruining all my plans.

5 Star Anozgh Yeah I know, he’s certainly not the toughest or even close to the most powerful. But this hero always gives me fits. Maybe he’s not great for attacking but when I see him on defense which is rare now, something always goes awry!


My holy team wasn’t very good way back when… So kunchen gave me a ton of trouble… But i was patient and good a few good pulls and things work themselves out.

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I’ll just be lurking around here hoping to learn a few tricks, as I haven’t mastered the most feared heroes yet :smile: I just need the board to be on my side!

Does that rare Tiger Titan count? I remember the first time I faced it, hoping I would one day get Sonya. :sweat_smile:


Nice to see some traction. Hoping this keeps it up and doesn’t devolve to just use xyz.

@Gwniver my go to for that titan used to be the caltrops from the hunters lodge


Oh yeah I can do that now, good thinking! Just started researching the next tier in it :blush:


I was strugling against c.Kadilen a lot, now I just ignore her dodge. 45% isn’t that high tbh, I have better results against team with her when I don’t wait for dodge to expire.


I used to haaaate Kashwreck! then my roster got beefier and he wasn’t a problem no more but when I started playing initially he was a pain in my butt!


@Ruskin505 I found Faiez to be an excellent counter to Treevil during this week’s tournament. If you can get him off first, Treevil becomes highly ineffective. Of course in Rush tournaments, it might not be as easy to fire Faiez first because Faiez won’t have that slight mana speed advantage anymore. Anyways, Treevil was also a pain in my side and I resorted to a yellow mono just like you. With Faiez, it is much easier to neutralize him (or multiple ones).


Krampus Costume, Milena


Totally agree :slight_smile:

Now if only I could pull some season 5 heroes.


To be honest, when I look on the battlefield and see Mother North in a team …. I still think - No look for another team. It never seems to end well for me.

For a 4* I used to hate a maxed out Sonya, Caedmon and that crocodile Kashhrek…

And for 3* - never really bothered by them until Treevil came along lol

But currently I still feel like I need to avoid MN


Nice thread @Kilted

@JGE im the same with mother north - resurrector whose talents (in and out of costume) help her resist mana control. So I’ve learned to just take some heavy duty snipers and def debuff/attack boost and take her out fast!


Back when I was hitting my stride and starting to face 5* defenses, my bane was Kunchen or Aegir. This was mid 2019. Now they are overshadowed by so many more powerful defensive healers and rarely seen. Mana block or dispel from any of a number of sources will deal with them.

Today it’s most of the OP heroes that litter diamond defenses – Ludwig, Octros, whoever has been released in the last 6 months that I have no time or interest in learning and differentiating. And since I don’t vary my raid or war teams much, i just take the lumps or luck and move on, mostly relying on my trusty LotL to keep them at bay if possible.


Until I leveled troops to a decent level Raffaele seemed to always go off at tank and couldn’t recover. My greens were too passive also. These days the magic heroes. With 3 ot them at once I usually bring Lepiota and mana control but it can be tough!


Ugh yeah. Milena is the worst but the Purple and Red ones are also pretty bad!


And I will add Ruby. In my opinion she just has to be killed first, or else hope she goes off at first mana charge only