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Before emblems and costumes, I had a good beginner team and was focused on improving. I had 2300-2400 trophies with a 4* team and just one 5* Aeron. Now, I have a rainbow team of 4 5* and one 4* and yet my trophies have dropped to 2100. The boards I get in wars are also terrible. Sometimes I don’t even get to fire off my hereos specials b4 the team is annihilated!

On the flip side, I can now complete events without too much difficulty even on the challenging levels.

Anyone else experience this? Perhaps I need to revisit my defense… dunno. Thoughts?

One thing I noticed is before emblems, the top of the leader board was getting stagnant. A lot of players had “caught up” and you weren’t seeing much separation. This is no longer the case as some with more powerful and emblemed heroes are rising up. There are still lower teams that make the trek, but separation exists.

I haven’t noticed much difference with costumes.


Hiya :slight_smile:

The game has progressed a little bit with the addition of emblems in that the typical TP to stay in Diamond (2400 trophies) has risen a bit. I would say that an average TP to maintain Diamond raid tier is about 4100 - 4200 TP.

Platinum a bit less, proabably 3900-4000 region.

Boards are as random as ever for me… Many threads complaining about boards but… no evidence that they are better or worse

With regards to raiding & wars, its hard to make recommendations/ suggestions and offer help without knowing how you raid. Do you colour stack? mono? rainbow? In wars whats your depth? are you shooting out of your league? etc…

Revisiting defence teams for me is a constant thing. I don’t usually have the same defence team set for more than 2 weeks before I tweak it a little to see if it helps/ makes things worse :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m staying in the low end of Platinum with a 3700 team. No 5*, but three 4* with costume.

No way! I’ll try using more of my 4* hereos & see what happens! Thnkx

Wow I usually don’t change my team unless I decide to raid. I have Elena and Miki which I haven’t found useful in raiding because my other 5* hereos are Aeron & Delilah. My fifth hereo I use is Caedmon. He’s good.

I have Natalya as well but she dies as quick as Elena in raids. I don’t quite understand her.

Hmm that could be the issue then in terms of the raid losses etc…

Personally I raid 3-2 stacks with the 3 as a strong colour against the tank.

For example, if I am facing a Yellow Tank I raid with:
3x Purples
2x others

If I am raiding a Blue tank, I raid with:
3x Greens
2x others

The other colour I tend to pick based on synergy… of the hero skills.

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I just had one opponent in Platinum with a defense team of 3 green 5*, a red, and a blue. Beat him with 3 reds, a blue, and a green. One red was maxed Wilbur.

My defence team is more or less settled… although I change a bit for field aid in wars. But I always colour stack for raids titans and war hits. Try that for a while.
Start 3/2 if you don’t want to be too drastic and use 4/1 or mono if you have the depth.

Makes a big difference as long as you can live with occasional shocker of a board


Or even start off with 2/2/1

I will try that and see what happens. Thank you very much for your advice! I’ll let you know how it went! Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow seems like stacking works for raiding. I only stacked for titians and if I had mana potions to spend lol

Interesting. Yes emblems have been a major game changer :slightly_smiling_face:

Stacking works, thanks mates :slight_smile:
Whoot whOot😁


I run stacks only in raids. It’s the only way I beat teams well over my weight class like those 4500+ teams. My stacks consist of 4* heroes, and an occasional 5* and my defense team is rainbow. I find it kinda surprising that my rainbow team with under 4100 tp wins as often as it does.

Stack! Win! Repeat! Just need the tiles to be in your favor.

For wars. I never run a rainbow team on offense. I usually run 3-2, 3-1-1, 2-2-1, or 2-1-1-1.

I was only playing for a few months when emblems were introduced, playing catch up was a pain in the butt. I had over a dozen fully leveled heroes at that time. On my alt, which came later, I had emblems from the beginning, so when heroes were maxed, I could/can throw emblems at them. That proved easier.

I have TP 4162, and I don’t stay in Diamond. usually between 2200-2300 cups. Sometime I gain + cups but, if I have worked on diamond, usually lots of - cups.

Leo, Ursena +3, Ares +9, Frida, Lianna +9

after name + means emblems…

Near future, maybe month or two, Poseidon will replace Leo…

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Personally I think Ares is your problem there :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d personally be tanking Ursena but that’s me…

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