Color Stacking: The Odds

You’re welcome! Glad you found it interesting.

Put in this way, it is just a myth. But there really is a big advantage to color stacking on tile damage, and it comes from the way the damage equation works (sorry if you already know this; but it may be new info to some people).

  • Average Tile Damage = 33*(Attack/Defense)^1.35

When you stack colors, the attack stats of all of the attackers of the same color get added together to come up with that “Attack” number. The exponential in that equation is huge in it’s effect when you significantly increase the damage.

Let’s say you stack 3 of the same hero as your color stack. Then the tile damage for that color would be:

Average Tile Damage = 33*(3*Single_Attack/Defense)^1.35

We can actually factor the 3x out if the equation like so:

Average Tile Damage = 33*(Single_Attack/Defense)^1.35 * 3^1.35

Now, 3^1.35 = 4.4

So instead of your 3-stacked tile attack being 3x as powerful as a single-hero tile attack, it’s 4.4x as powerful. That’s huge.