Telluria/Vela nerfed! Ok, where do we go from here? Part 1 (Tanks)

Well, that’s my point: “for now” it’s a loooong way.

Why? the devs have been plain deaf to listen Telluria/Vela real issue: their mana speed simply doesn’t match their stats/special skill, specially Telluria (Vela is collateral damage simply because she’s a natural flank to green, but my guess is that she was specifically designed as an attack hero, specially for titans).

Telluria is still Santa sturdy, more crippling than Guin, paladin talent + direct & indirect healing, packed in an average mana speed… it’s going to be really hard to beat her as top tank for a while, moreso now that SGG experienced what happens when they release such an OP hero.

Right now we should expect to decrease her presence only in raid tournaments, but for me that’s enough; people forget that in high diamond, specially top 100, everybody has the same tank.

About other tanks… well, in my quest for Guin I got BK, I’m a purple hero magnet so I have Ursena, my tank before Telluria was Onatel, who held up diamond without a problem, and have a cBoril maxed too, he was my war tank when we used blue, and did an excellent job.

So I think I’m covered for tanks in case we change color for wars, but I really doubt we will do.

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@Sernarok You’re in great shape! You have multiple options with at least one solid tank option per element. Great job! I Guinevere, but I don’t have BK or Ursena. I wish I had both! :wink:

Day 10 Raids - Observations are

  • My raid defense is back to losing again!
  • Attacks on my raid defense is down again during the Ninja Tower tournament.
  • Telluria still the most popular tank (7).
  • Kunchen prominent today! (5)

I went 16-1 attacking and 6-7 defending (back to under 50%). Of the 30 raid battles today (both attacking and defending), 23 were non-Telluria tanks. Here is the list of tanks I ran into:

  • Telluria - 7x
  • Kunchen - 5x
  • Anzogh - 2x
  • cRichard - 2x
  • Elena - 2x
  • Heimdall - 2x
  • Wu Kong - 2x
  • cElena - 1x
  • Clarissa - 1x
  • Elkanen - 1x
  • Isarnia - 1x
  • Joon - 1x
  • Ranzir - 1x
  • Neith - 1x
  • Tyr - 1x
  • Ursena - 1x
  • Richard - 1x
  • Wu Kong - 1x

Today, the Ninja Tower event had most folks busy again. I suspect it will be that way until the event is over.

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Day 11 Raids - Observations are

  • My raid defense above 50% for a 2nd time this week!
  • Attacks on my raid defense more than doubled as folks have started to complete the Ninja Tower tournament.
  • Telluria was around 1/3 of all tanks I battled today! (15).
  • Vela, Seshat, Justice and Atmos were prominent today! (5)

I went 16-0 attacking and 17-15 defending (winning record). Of the 48 raid battles today (both attacking and defending), 33 were non-Telluria tanks. Here is the list of tanks I ran into:

  • Telluria - 15
  • Vela - 4x
  • Atmos - 3x
  • Justice - 3x
  • Seshat - 3x
  • Ares - 2x
  • Grazul - 2x
  • QOH - 2x
  • Aegir - 1x
  • BT - 1x
  • cElena - 1x
  • cElkanen - 1x
  • cRichard - 1x
  • Cyprian - 1x
  • Evelyn - 1x
  • Frida - 1x
  • Guinevere - 1x
  • Joon - 1x
  • Kunchen - 1x
  • Magni - 1x
  • Marjana - 1x
  • Mitsuko - 1x

Today, Telluria was prominent, but was not a challenge. Frida, Mitsuko and Guinevere were the biggest pains.


Day 12 Raids - Observations are

  • My raid defense below 50%!
  • Ran into my 1st 5* Ninja tank (Garnet)!
  • Telluria was around 1/3 of all tanks I battled today! (15).
  • Vela, Heimdall and Okaban were prominent today! (5)

I went 15-3 attacking and 1-6 defending (terrible!). Of the 24 raid battles today (both attacking and defending), 20 were non-Telluria tanks. Here is the list of tanks I ran into:

  • Telluria - 5x
  • Heimdall - 2x
  • Okaban - 2x
  • Vela - 2x
  • Boril - 1x
  • BT - 1x
  • Caedmon - 1x
  • Elena - 1x
  • Frigg - 1x
  • Garnet - 1x
  • GM - 1x
  • Gullinbursti - 1x
  • Jean-Francois - 1x
  • Magni - 1x
  • Sif - 1x
  • Thorne - 1x
  • Ursena - 1x

Yesterday, I ran into my 1st Ninja lead team using Garnet at tank. Not a challenging team, but worth seeing how the new Ninjas performed. Here is the team

Considering her skill sets, I’m not sure I would use her at tank. She only provides 180hp and the AI will not let her hold to a 2nd or 3rd charge where the HP is higher. I think GM or even Myztero would have been better, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to play around.

Not quite true; see below exert from a different thread on the Ninjas.

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Thank you @Guvnor for correcting me. I missed that post in the Ninja threads over the weekend. :wink:

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Day 13 Raids - Observations are

  • My raid defense below 50% again!
  • Attacks on my defense has doubled from the day before. (Post-Ninja Tower event)
  • Telluria still heavily used!
  • Vela, Heimdall, Kunchen and Poseidon were prominent today!

I went 16-0 attacking and 10-16 defending. Of the 42 raid battles today (both attacking and defending), 32 were non-Telluria tanks. Here is the list of tanks I ran into:

  • Telluria - 10x
  • Kunchen - 4x
  • Heimdall - 3x
  • Poseidon - 3x
  • Vela - 3x
  • Boril - 3x
  • Elena - 2x
  • Evelyn - 2x
  • Jean-Francois - 2x
  • Khagan - 2x
  • Thorne - 2x
  • Anzogh - 1x
  • cTiburtus - 1x
  • Delilah - 1x
  • Frigg - 1x
  • Justice - 1x
  • Kadilen - 1x

I’ll do a summary of the last 2 weeks tomorrow.


Anecdotal but I too have noticed my defense (Jabber-cRichard-Tell-GM-Lepus) has been attacked a lot more often now, and while it’s still holding a roughly 60-70% win rate, I can definitely notice the drop. Win rate is higher than yours because I don’t care to/can’t stay in diamond. so hanging out at between 2000-2300 cups.

I think people are starting to figure out Telly (or maybe they just mono red and hope to get lucky…), and tbh I’m also getting a bit sick of her. The latest nerfs made her a pretty bad healer on offense - usable, but just not great at all. I’m also starting to find that centers that do a ■■■■ ton of damage upfront tend to really punish bad boards and fast. Telly as tank is really just there to stall you out while the flanks and wings kill you, so if you don’t have those A+ heroes, you’re probably better off not trying to imitate the top 100.

I think once I have Lianna+costume maxed and emblemed, I may just strip all her emblems and run Richard as tank instead. I have enough paladin emblems to bring him to +16, and with costume bonus focusing on the def/HP path on the paladin side, he’ll come out with 929 def and 1494 HP, or basically just as tanky as Telluria. At +18 he’ll pick up two more defense nodes for a total of 965 defense.

Obviously he doesn’t heal or spam minions or slow your mana and there are many green snipers to counter him, but his costume does hit pretty hard, and that attack debuff is just as bad if you can’t cleanse it in time. GM would hopefully help slow down a heavy green stack, and Lianna+CB to one shot their heroes if they get a bad board. If I do make the switch my defense will probably end up something like Joon-GM-©Richard-Lianna-Jabber

Btw the ©Richard tanks you’ve faced, do you remember what the rest of the team was and what cup level they’re at?


Overall the Ursena team has been holding me in the low 2600s with the lowest drop to about 2497 and a high that bummed me up almost to 2997, but that was lucky timing when I logged on. 10 mins later back to 26XX. To me I am facing 80%-90% Telluria tanks and I have filling 2-3 raid chests a day. It gets to a point it can be repetitive. But there are far less velas…

@rho I agree with you. At this point, Telluria is shadow of her original self. She does virtually no damage and her healing does nothing to help the rest of the team survive. I will eventually move away from Telluria as my tank as it can’t hold Diamond level in its current state unless I do a ton of raids each day to offset all the loses my defense sustains on a daily basis.

Richard is ok, but the teams I have seen have had issues staying in Diamond as most were just at or below 2400. cRichard performs better, but still is not going to turn any heads. It should allow you to hold Diamond, but you will have to work at it. Here are the Richard lead teams I faced in the last 24hrs:

Some of the new heros coming out may be worth looking at or if you get Frigg, Ursena, or some of the other traditional tanks used before Telluria came out like Guinevere, BK, Kunchen, Heimdall, etc. Save your Epic tokens for the Halloween and Christmas events and your costume token for Nov/Dec costume events.

@Darkness11 Ursena appears to be the best tank currently in my opinion until we see more of how Frigg holds up. I fear we will see another nerf for Telluria because of the overwhelming number of teams that are still using her as tank. Of the 519 tanks I faced over the past 2 weeks, 113 were Telluria tanks. That’s around 20% usage. I’m sure it’s much higher in the Top 100. All other tanks were between 1% and 5% usage. This is still unbalanced. The future looks even more bleak for Telluria. :sob:

Yeah, I am hovering currently around 2500-2600 with my team of C-Vivica+20, QoH 4/80, Heimdall+20, Vela+19 and Kage+7. Though my Heimdall holds well with his 1003 defense :upside_down_face:. Otherwise ton of Telluria tanks who I welcome since I got Skadi last Valhalla, and with two healers she’s almost a win button even against GTV teams.

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Totally agree @Jaws ! If they nerf her again, I’ll reset her emblems. Right now we are still green war tanks. I would have to go alby +20 or frigg +8 if I did that if we kept green war tanks. Emblems would Prob go to Clarissa. Not sure I would put any on Frida, Arthur or Richard with costume. . Frida didn’t improve that much when I had her +15. I reset her and put on Telly. The other two I never use. Than I could test Guin vs Ursena better as I would have a better purple flank.

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Agreed with you on all points regarding Telluria. That said she is still a huge PITA for war, especially when you’re down to your last two flags and you either have to get creative, or risk it with mono, or idek. So while we may see her less and less in raids, I predict she’s still gonna be the top war tank for a long long time until she gets absolutely smashed into the ground like what happened to Vela.

Thanks for all that extra detail on the Richard tanks. So for those three teams, I immediately see the problem of them doing nothing at all to punish green stacks. Even worse, all three of them have average speed heroes for the center three.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all the raids and wars, it’s that if you’re gonna use an average speed tank, your flanks damn well better be (very) fast to compensate. Also the one with Guin on flank is a head scratcher; I mean I kind of understand what they’re trying to do, but at the same time Guin is a pretty terrible flank, and slow Azlar on wing?! Mon dieu that’s like a cardinal sin lol. The only slow heroes that go on wings are the three revivers (MoNo, Alby, Heimdall), and even then they go on left wing and left wing only. Plus with two blues you’re just begging to get killed by a green stack.

Anyways I’m babbling, if I were to run ©Richard as tank, this is what I’d use (assume cRichard would be at +16 and Lianna would be +10 and have max CB):

Gravy helps counter a green stack somewhat, and once I get that green mana troop to lv 17 (or take the mana node at +8), Lianna+CB now charges in 7 tiles, so if you don’t take out cRichard ASAP you’re gonna have a very bad time. Obviously can’t defend against a good board or a mono green team with 3x Kingstons lol (I salute your wallet), but I feel like it’s fast enough, and can output an enormous amount of damage fairly quickly if you don’t watch where you send those tiles. Would love to hear any thoughts you have.

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Ladies and gents,

I bring you the new meta setup :


You wish to go BLUE vs red right? WRONG : Marjana and Francine bring bonus dmg vs blue, and attack down

You wish to go YELLOW? Ursena with extra dmg, yellow reflect and yellow Leonidas on flank!

Ok ok, what about DARK? Leonidas def down vs dark and attack down and dark Ursena on flank!

Okay, I will go GREEN : fine go GREEN and bring your weak element vs red splash sniper at fast speed

Hmpff, I guess I will go red : You can try. You will deal normal dmg to center and flank, but dont let Athena blast you with extra dmg to RED

My suggestion : Go rainbow to mitigate bonus dmg vs stacking and bring 2 healers, atleast 1 cleanser, and 3 of 5 have to have solid dmg. Since enemy doesnt have healers, you basicaly need to outlast them, even if you are just chipping away at them slowly.

Example : C. Rigard (or Freya at fast speed+ def up), Lady Woolerton, Frigg, Zimkitha, Master Lepus ( or C. RIchard to survive better vs bonus blue dmg). :slight_smile:

Your thoughts and lineups?

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@Darkness11 I’ll probably do the same. I was going to pull emblems off Telluria and put on Frida once I completed leveling her, but now after reading the various threads about Frida I’ll wait and put them on Clarissa. I also just finished Marjana and I was going to put my Rogue emblems on her. But now, I’ll wait until I have Frigg leveled and I put them on Frigg. I might even pull emblems off PiB and Domitia, so I can max Frigg. I figure unless I luck out and pull Ursena in the near future, Frigg will be my tank down the road.

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@rho I recently faced a very similar team with +23 and higher troops. It was a PITA, but don’t remember the outcome. Jabber is the unknown. If you get average or bad boards, Jabber can go off and the battle is over. If you can overcome an average board, the attacker can win if they take the tank and damage the flanks before Jabber starts firing. With your fast flanks, it punishes the attacker if he can’t get a quick kill on Richard. Nice!

Plus, I don’t see myself trying to get into the Top 100 and staying there. I want to hover around 2500 to 2600 cups. I would be happy with that.

@Cerevan_the_Omni I like the lineup! I’m assuming you are referring to costume Leonidas. Correct? The new costumes coming out for Marjana and Leonidas will be huge and definitely change the landscape. The other new heros will be great additions. Thus, we will need to wait and see what state the heros are in when they finally get out of beta and make the Live game. I’m saving all my costume tokens for the costume event right after they are released. I’m hoping to get one or both since I have both leveled in my roster.

Day 14 Raids - Observations are

  • My raid defense held up surprisingly!
  • Telluria still heavily used! (11)
  • Grimble and Magni were prominent today!

I went 19-3 attacking and 7-7 defending. Of the 36 raid battles today (both attacking and defending), 25 were non-Telluria tanks. Here is the list of tanks I ran into:

  • Telluria - 11x
  • Grimble - 4x
  • Magni - 3x
  • cElena - 2x
  • Richard - 2x
  • Aegir - 1x
  • cRichard - 1x
  • Elena - 1x
  • Guinevere - 1x
  • Heimdall - 1x
  • Joon - 1x
  • Kadilen - 1x
  • Kunchen - 1x
  • LOTL - 1x
  • Ranvir - 1x
  • Seshat - 1x
  • Vela - 1x
  • Vivica - 1x

2 week summary in next post!

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