New defense due to telluria nerf

I used to run CostumeJoon, Ursena,Telluria,Magni,Marjana.
I’m still holding 2500:2600 trophies.
With my current heroes what do you think is my best defense?

I can ascend one more per colour

Was thinking something like Gkong,Magni, Frigg,Ursena,cJoon

Honestly i wouldnt change it


In my honest opinion, I would leave your defence team as is for a little while longer to see how things settle.
My view is that Telluria is still a good green tank. We just need to wait to see how things go over the next couple of weeks
Good luck


Most will probably say to stand pat. Telluria is still your best tank even with the latest nerf.

That being said…I just changed mine up just for the hell of it. I’m resting comfortably in diamond so I thought I would use some heroes that I LIKE using over the ones I was using just because everyone else was using them. I had previously been going with Misandra^20, GM^20, Telly^20, Drake^19 and Seshat^20. For the past couple of days I’ve been going with Drake^20, Ariel, Brynhild^20 (!!!), GM^20 and Killhare. Frankly I’m not seeing much of a difference in being raided. Just got bored with the new normal (or my version of it). So I say yeah, mix it up!

I like your idea about building around a Frigg tank. But I’d also be intrigued in Alfrike. I know the Very Slow mana is painful, but damn…she could be fun. If you decide to go that route you could swap in Kingston for your nature hero if intending to stay rainbow. Whatever you do, have fun with it. Raid defense isn’t the end all and be all of this game. Just a part of it.


I think Fenrir would be the better Fighter over Magni for your defense but that’d be all I would change personally.

If you want to try another tank, you could do Ursena and put either Alberich or Lianna in. I don’t think you’d see much of a difference in cups though.

EDIT: I just noted you have Frigg. I think she’s a great tank too, but she’d need to be ascended, emblemed and maxed first.


I could do that but i would have to remove emblems from marjana…
The idea was gkong.magni.frigg.ursena.cjoon

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That’s another good possibility, but you’d have to level her first :+1:

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She s 3/70…was waiting to ascend her.
Ty pal

Do u guys think frigg is a better tank or flank?
Ursena tank and frigg flank or frigg tank and ursena flank???

I find Ursena more frightening on flank. Frigg is a great tank, would definitely build your def team around her


I think malosi,gretel,hansel,proteus,hel (less likely), hel and even sif,elena etc make easy alfrike counters.
Especially malosi needs only 6 tiles in yellow stack

@AnRui I’m finding Frigg is more and more a force at tank when I face her. Problem is I don’t have enough samples to really get a feel for her weakness to assess the extent of her weakness in wars and raid. Now, she is Rogue class. Since you are using Marjana and have her emblemed, you will need to either move emblems around or share emblems to beef up Frigg via her talent grid. Most of the other popular tanks have been around long enough that most folks know how to counter them. Frigg is still quite rare across the community and will be an unknown for most who face her just because of her rarity.

I have a separate thread talking about tanks post-Telluria nerf here

Telluria/Vela nerfed! Ok, where do we go from here? Part 1 (Tanks)

I’m tracking tank frequency to see where things are trending.


you only need 1 change my friend… swap out Telluria for Frigg and you are good to go


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