Fight Telluria after nerf


I am somewhat at a loss about Telluria. What teams do you use against her and the terrible combination with Vela, Gravemaker and others?

I hoped that the nerf would help somewhat but it did not really. I lose ca. 50% of the fights against Telluria. Which is a quote by far worst than against any other tank or team.

And the worst is, it is almost impossible to avoid her, even more as you need fights for PoV.

In my mind Telluria is still overpowered and inbalanced. SG destroyed this wonderfull game by releasing that monster much stronger than any other hero. That makes me sad, because I really like to play. But much fun is gone with Telluri. And the nerf did not change anything. Especially the manacut is killing all my teams. If you don’t get at least 6 tiles on startboard hitting Telluria, the chance to win is not more than 10%. Becaus the other heroes in defence team kill my team.

I tryed mono in all colors, but than the dependence to tiles is 100%. A 4-1 (fire plus Rigard) is the most usefull I figuered out so far. The 3-2 I normally (successful) use against other teams doesn’t work, because then the team has not enough power to bring Telluria down with tiles fast enough.

So if you have better ideas, let me know.

And SG: you made a terrible job with Telluria. It is a bunch of sh… Even in comparison to the best so far tanks she is completly out of range. To much defence, manacut, minios etc. is still to much.


Personally I have a few core line ups I use to beat her raiding
Evelyn, lianna, elkanen, magni and vela.
Zimkitha, elena ,Mariana evelyn, lianna
Evelyn Lianna elkanen zimkitha Marjana

I’ve also had luck in wars with jackal, joon, viv and 2 dark heroes.

I find a debuff to remove the HoT and a cleanse for any Dot is handy to use.

Best thing to do is to post your roster so we can help build a couple of options for you.

What lineups are you using?

I’m lucky enough to have Grazul with a mana troop 11 so after only 6 tiles matched I can fire grazul and dump tiles on Telluria as she won’t affect me. Still the top tank in the game by a mile but nowhere near as devastating as she was before the nerf. Now, even if I don’t get Grazul to fire before her I have a chance to recover, before it was game set and match.

Full on red mono.
I use BT+5, Khagan+5, Elena+7, Mitsu+10 and JF+2.
Target Telluria and Vela first and the rest crumble…


I go mono red.

Boldtusk Gormek Tyr Marjana Jean-Francois.

Not the best combo, but they get the job done… unless the red tiles are too afraid to show up, which happens too often, unfortunately.

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Grazul (4), Wilbur (16), Elena, Rigard (19) and Joan Francois

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You should be able to do good with that lineup.

Do you have a mana troop level 11? If so, give it to Grazul so you can fire her early and feed tiles into Telluria to improve your board. She becomes quite harmless after Grazul is on. Just need to time it right. Even if you don’t there’s always the chance she activates Manashield and you can fire her after and build your board by dumping tiles into her.

When no Vela flank I use my mono red

BT Wilbur Falcon Anzogh Red Hood

When Vela flank I use my mono yellow

Jackal Musashi Joon Malosi Gretel

Have a good winning record (about 70% to 80%)

Problem is on Wars… when I need to use 4 more different teams…

I call this combo “Velluria” :grin:

This is my most common setup against them (this screenshot is old and I’ve since leveled up my troops / emblems on heroes):

Mitsuko kills both Telluria (with matches) and Vela with her reflect.

Wilbur + Khiona is amazing as the damage share + berserk attack buff increases the buff with every hit to your team.

Rigard charges in 9 tiles with costume and mana troop. Note that now I have Rigard at +19 and I purposely took the mana nodes on both cleric and ranger paths – that way I can give him my other mana troop which is at level 3 and still charge him like a fast hero.

Finally Red Hood plays an important part in providing minion meatshields + additional HoT which stacks with Rigard.

Of course, it all depends on your heroes available. The above is my absolute best team against her + fast DoT flanks.

Here are some other setups I use against her in wars:

This team uses my 2nd Rigard (and I really recommend you max another regardless of whether you have his costume or not).

Neith is in the middle when I fight against Hel or Onatel flanks – though not as common as the DoT flanks Telluria usually has, those can still be annoying. She has proved very valuable for her element link, as it can help cancel out her mana delay on Joon and Leonidas. Her blind to all can also save me from getting hammered by multiple skills.

The rest of the team is to maximize power and take advantage of Rigard’s attack buff.

Though blue is traditionally not a good idea, I have costume Sonya and with mana troop + costume bonus, she will always charge in 3 matches provided I’ve done two blue matches already before Telluria fired. She’s there for the cleanse, which is what you need against DoT.

I bring Thorne over Magni because he’s more sturdy and still hits pretty had – really that’s what I need against Telluria. The other 4*s are squishy xcept Boldtusk who’s there to overwrite the attack drop from Vela should she fire.

My Scarlett +20 has nearly 900 attack before troops BTW, which is why I bring her against Telluria with a crit troop. I just can’t bring myself to de-emblem her cuz she’s the best I’ve got for tile damage in red, and likely will be for a long time.

You might note that I forego bringing a dispeller against Telluria tank teams, and that’s because I really would rather ignore the HoT she brings to her team. Still potent, but it’s not something that I feel you should focus on clearing away. You can still bust through her while she heals, provided you bring raw power heroes like I have above.

The real threat to your team is the mana delay followed by DoT flanks or other nasty ailments. Those you absolutely need to dispel, and hence why I have Sonya and Rigard in those teams.

I’m currently working on a 2nd Sonya for that reason.

For me, to suceed against Telluria you need: 3 reds + fast cleanser + fast dispeller. I’ve been using this setup even before the nerf with a great winning rate. I usually run:

Costumed BT+8 - Zeline+9 - Mitsuko+11 - Costumed Rigard+17 with a lvl 11 mana troop - Marj+6 → this team allows me to beat those 15+ emblems teams.

When the opposing team is under 4400 TP, I take one of the healers out for another damage dealer. Usually 4.70 GM in BT’s place or Costumed Caedmon+7 in Rigard’s place.

  1. If the board is good, I go all in for an early Telluria kill and jump to step 2. If the board starts bad, my strategy is to have Rigard ready to fire asap (9 tiles) and have Telluria fire early so I can cleanse the mana reduction off. If the board is really bad, I might decide to hold on the cleanse and throw some tiles at Vela so I can also use my cleanse on her dot.

  2. Once my team is cleansed, healing and with the attack buffed, my priority is to get Marj and Mits ready, specially Mits, so I can reflect Vela’s first or second special, depending on boards. Marj will either finish Telluria off or hit the other flank in case Telluria is already dead. BT is my insurance. If things go ugly, his heal puts me back in the game. Zeline is there to dispell a second special from Telluria or even a first one, if the board gives me too purple and green but no red tiles. Her attack debuff helps a lot with the wings.

  3. Once Telluria and Vela are dead, it’s usually a win.

You’ve been given some good advice on constructing a team capable of beating the TellyVellyHotDog combo.

Another option is to intentionally nerf your own defense team, so that it holds closer to 2350-2400 cups. You’ll still be able to finish out your raid chest in Diamond, and the raids at that level are less saturated with Telly. A few rerolls, and you have a good target.

To add to the rest, my own antiTelly team is

Finley Vela C.Boldtusk Grazul Natalya

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Kunchen, sheshat, Bruce Lee, Jackal, CT vivica so far successful for me. :grin::grin::grin:.
Kunchen, sheshat, Frida, Finley, master as well :grin:

This could be a way to avoid her. But I’m not playing to avoid a certain team or hero and therefore I’m looking for another solution.

But obviously my red heroes ond / or troops are to weak or I simply do not have the necessary heroes.

In the pre-Telluria era I once made it to 1st place in local German ranking and certain times to top10 in global. But since Telluria came up, I not even come close to the top100. And when looking in the ranking I see all the time Telluria only a few Heimdall or other tanks.

I’ve got 4 (!) Telluria by myself and I have maxed one. But I don’t use her in my defence bause I don’t feel good with it. It simply sucks, that everybody has the same Velluria-combination.

And I’m very very very unhappy, that a single hero changed the face of that game so dramatically. It’s not only having Telluria or not. It’s also having the right heros to fight her. And as it seems I’m a loser of that change.


Thank you all for your comments and hints! :grinning:

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It’s not just you - the whole community is sick of seeing Telly. So many, in fact, that there’s a popular thread around here promoting ‘Bench Telly,’ to make raids more fun for everyone.

I don’t have Telly, but I’ve taken that to heart - my raid defense is not as good as it could be, because I want it to be a FUN (yet challenging) battle for others.

Nop telluria is a peace of cake now, vela or not.

I don’t understand people who cries while facing telluria/vela +20 and troops level 20+ with unemblemed hereos and low level troops. It’s just out of their leagues and they cannot except to win more than 50% of the time!!!

Only finley/GM/jabber remain extremely OP in defense…

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I hope you enjoy your cake.

But why us it possible to win against a Kunchen, Heimdall, Black Night, etc.? It is only Telluria, who is overpowered.

And sorry, if I bored you.

I would reckon that an issue you might have is that this lineup is a bit too defensive and probably takes a bit too long to get going. You said that you don’t like how mono relies on tiles, but I don’t see how this lineup kills without tiles either. I’d maybe think about Boldtusk over Rigard and add another hard direct damage dealer in that will help you put on the gas and clear out the middle after the initial wave.

Maybe because you fight against telluria as if she was the other tanks you mentioned?

What you need against telluria is speed and cleanse. If you don’t have that on your bench then you are just relying on a good board. Therefore most of the time you will loose…

Thank you. I am working on Marjana right now. And I’ve got 700 emblems for her. I hope that will help but I need a couple more days

If it works I let you know :wink: