🏯 Ninja Hero Thoughts & Discussion Thread

Purpose of this thread is to provide a general discussion place for discussing the new Ninja Heroes which have been added to the game as part of the Ninja Tower Event.

IF YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT THE TOWER GO HERE: 🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

:man_superhero: New Heroes:

Click to View Artwork

Click to enlarge.

Summary All-In-One cards by @Lumi

Credit for these goes to @Lumi who made them for Jeeves, the discord bot. Find out more about Jeeves here: Jeeves - EP Discord Bot

Click for 5* Heroes (All-in-one)

Click for 4* Heroes (All-in-one)

Summary Cards by @M0M

Credit for these goes to @M0M who made them for her “Mombot”.

Click for 5* Heroes (Summary Infographics)

Click for 4* Heroes (Summary Infographics)

:test_tube: Beta Information

:fast_forward: Mana Speed: “Charge”…?

The exact wording on the hero cards is:

  • Special Skill has different effect if charged with 100% / 200% / 300% mana.

Cross-posting from the #beta-beat thread for visibility:

:shield: Ninja Heroes on Defence:

:fast_forward::fast_forward: Rush Attack Tournaments / Fast Mana Wars

Because this has been asked a bunch of times I’ll add it to the OP for visibility.

Question: “What happens to the ninjas in Rush Attack Tournaments / Fast Mana Wars?”

The wording of the Tournament & War is:

“All hero special skills are set to Very Fast Mana.”

So what it means is that the Ninjas have their normal “charge” mana speed replaced with “Very Fast” (same as “Very Slow” heroes are replaced with “Very Fast”).

Thus, Ninjas get a “downgrade” in Rush Attack Tournaments as each +100% mana requires 6.5 tiles (un-mana-broken). So 6.5 for 1x, 13 for 2x and 19.5 for 3x (Mana broken becomes 6, 12 & 18 for 1,2&3x).

:thinking: Discussion Points

Some popular discussion points you may have:

  • How effective you think the heroes are?
  • Where do you think the heroes will be best used?
  • Where will they be least useful?
  • What do you think of the new “Charge” mechanism for their mana?
  • Do you think they are too stron? too weak?
  • Do you think they are worth summoning for?
  • How do they compare generally to other heroes in game?
  • What do you think of their artwork?
  • etc…


As is the case for all discussion threads, all #forum-rules apply. Please be civil and polite with all other forum members… Remember that no amount of badgering will make someone change their mind… You’ll just disrupt the thread and make the Forum Experience crappy for other readers.

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Yes. This thread is locked… And will remain so until the heroes are released… :stuck_out_tongue:


Bad RNG then? LOL. That’s the result of chasing heroes. Better use free coins in the next Ninja portal.


There appear to have been no changes to any of the ninja heroes from their last beta appearance.

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I don’t think ninja heroes will be any of use.

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I picked up a yellow ninja troop with some saved troop tokens and landed a Jade on a 10-pull. Not sure what to think about her…was she decent in beta?


Jade’s attack went down to 692…or am I reading the last beta thread wrong?

Ah! Congrats on Jade! She’s my fave looking one of this event :slight_smile:

As for myself, i doubt I’ll summon much? The ninja heroes dont particularly interest me. I’m just gonna use the offers and that’s it, summoning today already netted me a zulag so i am definitely cool with whatever i get out of this event :slight_smile:

I am most of all very disappointed in the rewards and way they are determined.
Again in favor for the big whales and players that are already having a ton of hero’s to chose from.
A little bit better would be tiers in % instead of just the first player having the loot decent.
The first 1.000 ranked players get 1 extra pull from tokens… 1…

It seems to be (so similar to events) very much dependant on the option to use as many as possible items to have a fast time. I don’t know how you could make enough items to be able to compete at this and all the times events we have.
For me it will be a side project and will not be using any items at all. Not worth it at all.

Second thing is the pulls. Not even able to make a single pull after completing all floors? Really SGG is too much asked to make it 100 tokens when somebody had played 5 days and completed all floors? That can be done by passing all levels without failing once or having to spend on rebuy…

Again too much money grab imo and shows again that making cash is the only thing they are looking for.


I have bought an offer for one pull to try my luck and…yayks :smile:
Now, I am going to buy a lottery ticket :slight_smile:


I do not think than I will pull here using crystals (for me, Lianna and Vivica in featured costumes is much more attractive target to use a crystals + 100% chance to non-S1).

My thoughts on heroes:

  1. Garnet is a better Grazul (on first charge she exactly like Grazul, but boosts health instead). I would be happy, if I will summon her.
  2. Shale is a cleanser, but honestly I prefer heal-all for 9 tiles (BT).
  3. Onyx is a 5* Mist. Good, I pretty like her.
  4. Sapphire has a good pairing with Grimm at charge 2 and can finish at charge 1. She is decent, but in 4* I will prefer Sonya instead.
  5. Ametrine is a 4* Kage and can easily send Sabina to the bench (until costume). Very good,I want her.
  6. Mica is Aegir-like, but more powerful, I think. Decent, but I have too much support in yellow. I want even Bai Yeong more, because my best yellow sniper is Jackal. But he is a very good support anyway.
  7. Jade is a LiXiu-Margaret hybrid. I think she will be a very good tank (maybe a new best tank). But I do not need another non-damaging tank hero (have Telly).
  8. Cobalt - I prefer my Master Lepus due to better synergy for C. Magni. But good hero overall.

If I would summon here, my desired heroes will be Ametrine, Garnet, Onyx and at less extend other 5*. Chance is 2.6%. Not going to spend my crystals here.


Did a 3 pull and got Onyx. Did some quick testing on the gem quest and he seems very strong. Charges very fast and on 3 charges wipes out the board. Combined with an attack booster/def down he will be offensive overkill and surely nerfed after enough people bought him. Until then I will max him ASAP as he is what I needed for my quite weak purple team

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Is nobody going to address the white elephant that is no 4* material rewards in this event?


Not worth either a cent or a potion. I will use the energy provided, get the bottom reward and summon when I have enough ninja coins (some time next year, by the looks of it). The Ninja tower can go down the drain, it’s about as much fun and use as the goblin balloon.


Doesn’t seem beneficial to waste or spend any additional resources for the offerings. All in all its not a particularly fun experience, would have been much better suited to team efforts to work your way up as an alliance chipping away at mini titans along the way before you can all progress up. (Initially everyone has the same ease / difficulty which over time changed depending on the strength of your alliance. At the end of it you all get a bunch of summon tokens or emblems or gems etc.

I’ll play the free levels but, sorry… its just not an exciting feature


I enjoyed the event mechanics, just ignored the offers. It´s an extra way of filling monster chest. Since they don´t use WE it´s nice.

Of course it´s a concept spending oriented. But heroes doesn´t seem extremely op. And the troops are stronger, but It will take time till we see them at their peak.l


SGG I’m gonna spend some gems to catch ninjas. SO WILL THERE BE A NINJA NERF??? :wink: Or I can get my ninjas and sleep well?


Don’t ask IF… Ask WHEN :wink:


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