Team Creation for Dummies

I’m a F2P member that has been here for about a month. Currently, I am at level 18 and have five 3* in all colors but green (I have 2* green heroes to help make the rainbow).

My teams for now are obvious. When it comes to building teams in the future, I’m lost. Not for the reason that I’m a dummie, but because he examples are all 4* and 5* heroes. In turn, it’s hard to understand a concept when the example is something that isn’t understandable when I don’t know the heroes in the examples…and that happens a lot.

Can someone dumb down how to build a team by using mainly 2* and some 3* heroes (I have Hawkmoon, Bane, Tyrum, Dawa, and Ulmer for 3* heroes)?

You should always use Hawkmoon for now. Better if you have a costume, then use costumed one.

Healers are really needed)

First: don’t spend time and resources on 2* if you have at least 5 3*. 1* and 2* heroes don’t worth ascension, they are just food for higher heroes.

It is commonly said on the forum that you can’t have too many healers. So, Hawkmoon is a very good acquisition. May be you’ll get Belith too. Without costume Hawkmoon is less functional than Beleath as she only heals but doesn’t remove buffs from enemies.

The sooner you reach stronghold and Training Camp 20 the better. At least you’ll get plenty of 3* and then 4* heroes.

So it would be better to get rid of all my green heroes and feed them into my 3* heroes?

Ehhhhh I would keep at least one 2* green, until you manage to pull a 3* green. No real good reason to level two 2* greens though. IIRC, I went with Needler until I was able to pull a 3* green.

Hawk is a great starter healer (Belith is probably slightly better, but you don’t have yet, so stick with Hawk for now).

Bench Dawa, Bane is better. By “bench”, I mean don’t use as primary, not get rid of her entirely. You’re not in a position yet to start feeding away 3* heroes (you’ll get there eventually, but for now 3* heroes are the best you’ve got).

So when it comes in general, what are good practices to build teams? Who goes where? So on and so forth.

Terms I usually hear are buffs, tanks, healers, etc. Can you give examples for more common heroes that fit those categories?

I do apologize for the mass questions. I really do enjoy this game and want to progress, learn, and do better.

Player Guide part of the Forum contains lots of useful information.

Very useful topic about raiding:


Yeah lot of reading also this

Also maybe just keep your training camps running and only level heros due to what you find on the map playing. Until you get a green 3* as leveling 2* ain’t worth your time

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My basic explanation of building a defence team:

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