Seshat Elemental Link

I was lucky enough to grab Seshat more than once. I was wondering if they both fired off would that double the elemental link mana regen bonus?

Element Links don’t stack with themselves, so no.

They can stack with a different Element Link, though.


Ok thnx. On that note who would pair best with Seshat? I have Guardian Panther & Sartana.

GP is generally better than Sartana, though since Seshat hits a little light for a sniper GP-> Sesh won’t cleanly kill normal 5* targets in one hit. Sesh → Sartana doesn’t either, however if you can let the dot tick a few turns without setting off a heal, cleanse, or that opponent’s special it does usually get the job done.

That said, if you’re choosing who to level between Sart and GP, go GP


depends on the emblems.

My Panther isn’t even fully levelled yet (4.25) and Panther + Seshat+9 kills a lot.

Panther + Seshat is far, far better than Sartana. And Panther is waaaaaaay better on titans than Sartana.

Not that I doubt what you’re saying, but my Sesh is currently only 30 atk lower, but by my math would be doing about 900 damage with a Panther. What kind of damage are you getting with the combo that you’re cleanly one shotting enemies? You could very well be correct, but I have a hard time imagining that you’re getting ~200 more damage out of it. For sure it should clear an enemy if they take even a tile or two of damage beforehand.

On offence - both. Tiles to charge them kill Guin or other yellow tank, then you can fire Panther at the most dangerous side, and use the Sniper Girls to kill one or both on that side. Boom - up 5:3 in heroes and on your way to a victory

Panther into either Sesh or Santana will have a hard time one-shotting some tougher enemies, but squishier ones (Yeah, Joon, I’m looking at you) can go down to the combo. I have Khiona levelled but gave up her spot on the main mono team to bring in Victor so he can set up someone to die fast, which either eliminates the tank or makes one the two heroes on my ‘kill side’ in great jeapardy to his DoT and Seshat’s minion, while the Sniper girls kill off the other hero.

After Victor/Panther/Sesh/Sartana charge, I should be up either 5:3 with one of those 3 severely weakened and near death, or outright up 5:2.

Yeah seems to be between 850 and 1100 depending on their defense atm

Oh man the +10 node for Seshat is pretty bomb, I’m real close.

827 ATT is gonna be spicy