Sheshat or Guardian Panther?

Guys now I am in big dilemma…to whom max up 1st …Sheshat or Guardian Panther or Myztero?

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Panther because she’s the crème de la crème of all purples


Panther is one of the best as is Seshat and Myztero is all kinds of fun with his ability.

As to the order it depends on your roster. For me due to having plenty of fast snipers and dark heroes I would go Myztero (very fast is just awesome!) then Seshat then Panther, but if I can could max all of these at the same time that would be perfect :smile:

All the best.

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You should max two priscas and give panther to me. :rofl:

But seriously… i think sesh makes a better option for a defense but I think panther is more beneficial everywhere else. Both will get maxed, just prioritize based on where you want to see the biggest improvement imo.

And congrats!


Only dark i would ever consider maxing first over panther is hel personally

Any other dark can wait.


As already mentioned: It depends on your roster.

If you wanna have a hero you could also put on defence, then Seshat. Same when you lack snipers.
If you want an overall awesome support hero for your purple team and make insane high titan scores, go for Panther.

If you like extraordinary niche hero with uncommon special skills that require more strategical thinking, but can be incredibly powerful if used right… Myztero would be your choice.


Panther’s elemental defense debuff on enemies is something any other Purple can exploit. Even your Purple healers and support heroes will benefit - their slash attacks/tile damage will be stronger. That’s grade-A synergy right there.


Go for Panther … she is so unique


If you don’t have any purple sniper or still a small roaster, go Seshat first. She’s very versatile and help you in all parts of the game. Otherwise, Panther.

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I’m torn on this one. Panther is an assassin on yellow titans, damn good in attacks too. Seshat is good everywhere, especially on the wing in defense. So I’d say Panther UNLESS you plan on heavily embleming Seshat and using her on defense.

I have both. I went Seshat as first 5* and Panther after. I’d do it that way again, too. Together they kill anyone. Even Telly. Add C.Rigard and they kill everyone.

Sesh is just TOO useful everywhere. Panther is awesome in attacks and titans…defense not as much.

I’ve also never seen a lone Panther survive a fight in Field Aid war. Sesh does it regularly.

Panther is the second most impactful purple in the game (behind Hel). Easy choice for me.

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@zephyr1 @littleKAF

Thoughts on this decision?

You guys know more about this stuff than i do

Wow. You’d put hel over panther huh? … even with panther as fast and hel as average speed? … most wars hel sits the bench for me.

An idea for the OP… just wait until you get 12 tabards and can max both at the same time. :blush:… I’m always full of good ideas.


For the OP, definitely Panther first. I think improving daily titan scores is one of the cornerstones of quickly building a formidable roster.

As to the side question of Panther vs. Hel: That actually pretty tough. Hel makes almost every part of the game easier while Panther’s scope is not quite as large. I’d probably lean toward Hel first.


If u could get by with an emblemed proteus for a bit would that lean more towards panther?

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Yeah, I would say so. I’d still want to max Hel, but she could wait until after Panther if you have an +18 or higher Proteus.

But I do love the Panther-Hel combo. :yum:
Rigard+20 - Hel+18 is my main 2 stack for most 3-2 raids (and a Proteus+18 would replace Hel just fine there)

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Also like panther + clarissa too


It depends on what stage of the game you are currently at and what level of titans you are hitting. If you are hitting somewhere around 7-9 star titans, then imho bring Panther to 3.70 and max Seshat. Panther is great even at 3.70 as she still serves as debuffer and purple defense down, which will also allow your Seshat to go for the kill during raids/war. But if you are hitting anything above 10 star titans, Panther takes priority, especially if you already have some purple 4/5 star hitters maxed.


From what I remember, 9* titans were already a bit too strong for a 3.70 Panther…

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